Durex Love Pack FGP

Durex Love Pack FGP

Durex Love Pack FYE

Durex Love Pack FYE

Durex Love Pack FYEx

Durex Love Pack FYEx

Durex Love Pack FGP

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Product Description:

How good you will feel when I give you 20 Durex condoms and a Durex massage gel? You both are going to love it right? Yes.

Durex Love Pack is introduced for passionate lovers like you both to carry on with your love life comfortably without having to stop the fun for not having a condom. You don't need to buy smaller packs or place an order online regularly.

The Durex Love Pack is good enough to last for a week or a little longer allowing you both to indulge in the game as soon as you feel the urge. Durex Love Pack is intended to make your physical intimacy as exciting as possible.

The massage gel can be used to have an exciting foreplay session as it can be applied all over her flawless body and have some fun. The gel is safe to consume.

The gel can also be used to make your skinny dipping a smoothest experience possible.

Durex Love Pack Content:

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  • kadar
    What are the condom sizes available in India?

    In India, there are two condom sizes available as per Drugs and Cosmetic Act.   Standard Size Length - 180 mm (minimum)  Flat width - 53 ± 2 mm  Smaller Size Length - 170 mm (minimum)  Flat width - 49 ± 2 mm More on How to determine your condom size? ...
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  • Admin
    How effective are synthetic condoms in preventing HIV and STDs?

    Yes. Plastic condoms are as effective as latex condoms when it comes to protection against STDs and HIV infections. These condoms are meant for those men and women who are allergic to latex condoms. Thou FDA (US) approved plastic condoms, the effectiven...
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