Warm Condoms

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Warming Condoms

If you are looking to bring a refreshing change to your sex routine, then you have a special condom variant that can help you bring back that lost energy and help you both enjoy your time with renewed passion. To help couples enjoy the exchange of heat and feel warm during penetrative sex, WARMING condoms are introduced. This condom helps couple feel the heat and enjoy a warm session together. Warming condoms can provide you a fun twist to your otherwise, a monotonous bedroom story. Trying something new is always a sure fire way to bring excitement into your sex life.

While natural skinny dipping is always pleasurable it always comes with the risk of unwanted pregnancy and infections. Couples need not worry that condoms, though offer protection, can deprive them of from feeling the body heat, particularly the heat generated in genitals.

Sex is all about igniting each other's passion and indulging in steamy action leading to explosive orgasm. It is actually a release which makes both men and women feel good. More the intense action, more the heat is generated and more it is for the strength of the bond between the partners involved.

Warming condoms are made using thinner latex allowing couples to enjoy heightened sensation. The gentle, warm sensation generated as a result of penetrative sex can lead to enhanced pleasure for both partners involved.

How warming condoms work?

Warming condoms are lubricated with a special warming lubricant that gets activated during physical contact. The lubricant mildly warms due to natural body moisture and gets heated up during sexual intercourse and provides a new sensation for both partners. The mild warmth generated at the genitals can increase intimacy and bring a new and never-before sensation under the sheets. In addition to enhanced sensation, warming condoms provide all necessary comfort and protection that you would expect with any other condom.

Sexologists opine that warming condoms are particularly useful for couples who are on a monogamous relationship that seem to get boring in the bedroom. For couples who are on a long term relationship, warming condoms can provide the surprise element and allow them to enjoy their sexual life with renewed energy.

How safe it is?

Warming condoms are absolutely safe and it contains approved lubricants. The condom offers a safe and practical solution for couples to enjoy their time in bed. Couples can get both pleasure and protection and it can provide the much needed surprise twist.

Which are the brands currently offer warming condoms?

Currently the following warming condoms are available to choose from.

- KS Warm Intimacy Condoms

- Moods Silver Blaze - Warming and Multi Textured Condoms

- Skore Warm Condoms

You now have an opportunity to ignite her passion with your joy stick and give her an exquisite orgasm during your next session by choosing any of the above condoms. You know she is already hot, give her something too hot for her to handle and make your time in bed wonderfully hot and steamy. Give your sex life a hot head start and make her beg for more.