Drinking from the source - Sex Position 45

Drinking for the Source - Sex Position

Nothing can give her more sensation than sucking her Jighana with your tongue and rolling your tongue over her pleasure hole up and down. When you position your face right in front of her pleasure hole and swirl your tongue along the contours of her pleasure button and run your tongue along her lips down under, she will go over moon and either she will hold your head hard as an indication that she wants more or roll over in pleasure.

When she goes on top, you can still hold her buttock and make her press her pleasure button right over your face and you can simply drink the nectar from the source.  You play with your tongue and set her high in erotic journey by swirling your tongue at the maximum speed and giving her quivering pleasure.

You can see her going wild as you increase the intensity of your tongue job.

Divine moment: Just roll over your tongue and maximize the area of contact all over her pleasure button

Pure nirvana: Suck the nectar as it drips and don't waste even a drop