Tips to make your own dental dam using a condom

Dental dam is being increasingly used to enjoy safe oral sex and rimming. Dental dam acts as a barrier and prevents germs from vagina or anus getting into the mouth causing diseases. Though dental dam is gaining prominence, its availability in India is still at scarce. You don't find that in counters where you buy your condom. Though dental dams can be bought online, it is expensive.

But there is a cheaper and effective solution. You can make your own dental dam using your condom. Yes! It is possible. Though the dental dam making process is simple, there are many things that you need to be careful about. All you need is a pair of scissors and a condom to make your dental dam instantly.

The condom that you choose should be without any lubrication or flavor. Make sure the condom is damage-free by blowing air inside it.

Once you remove the condom from the pack, unroll it completely. Chop off the head and tail of it using scissors. Run the scissors along one side of the cylindrical portion to get a flat rectangular piece of latex. That is your dental dam. 

Cut it to the size that you think is just perfect to use.

You can make dental dam even using latex glove. There, you have to chop off the finger portion and then slit it down the side of the glove to make your dental dam out of it.

You can store the dental dams prepared in a clean place to make sure it remains dust-free. Keep it away from sharp objects or other places that can potentially cause damage.Then you can use it as and when you want.

One cardinal rule that you have to remember while making dental dam out of a condom is, you should never use a condom lubricated with spermicide, which is likely to make your tongue go numb. Most lubricants have a bad taste. Thus, it is better to avoid condoms with lubricants for making a dental dam out of it.

Some condom brands make flavoured condoms specially designed to enjoy oral sex. You may try those condoms for making dental dams. Even then, it is advisable to see if you like the taste of that particular flavor before placing it on to your partner's private parts.

It is suggested that you use a lubricant on the side of the dental dam that rubs against your partner's skin. Lubricant can prevent the dam from sticking and give an exciting sensation closer to unprotected oral sex for her when you indulge in oral sex. She is likely to feel excited when you go on to her with a lubricated dental dam when the lubricant can make the whole act easy.

Some plastic wraps are also used as dams instead of latex. But the effectiveness of it is not been proved. Nothing can be better than latex made dental dam because of its nature and suitability for the oral sex.