Teasing the Jade stem - Sex Position 49

There are numerous ways couples can enjoy their oral session. There are countless positions for couples to enjoy their oral sex and one such position involves a back door entry to ultimate oral fun.

You pull her back, make her sliding on her back while you hold her legs firmly. She would be in such a position that her face is near your back door. She would lean down and stroke your back with her tongue giving you an unexplainable fun and enjoyment.

With every swirl and lick of her tongue on your sensitive rear entry, you can experience heightened arousal and you can make her feel how wild you have become and how much you appreciated her tongue job at your back entrance. Slowly allow her to get down from your back and you can return the favour by doing a amazing tongue job on her rear entry as well.

She is sure to go wild and enjoy every bit of your tonguey swirls.

Divine moment: Tease her back with one of your hand.

Pure Nirvana: Talk dirty and take her to bedroom to give her an exploding orgasm.