Vivid Tadpole - Mobile App Controlled Intimate Massager - Rechargeable

Vivid Tadpole - Mobile App Controlled Intimate Massager - Rechargeable

Dreaming of Dolphins - Mobile App Controlled Intimate Massager - Rechargeable

Dreaming of Dolphins - Mobile App Controlled Intimate Massager - Rechargeable

Vivid Tadpole - Mobile App Controlled Intimate Massager - Rechargeable

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Vivid Tadpole - Mobile App Controlled Intimate Massager - Rechargeable - Product Description

Intimate massagers have already found a way into countless women’s life in India. As it gives them an easy and convenient opportunity to satiate their sexual urges and give themselves the much needed pleasure in the most comfortable way, increasingly women in India are going for that.

While various types of dildos and massagers are available already for women to choose from. But now there is a new intimate massager that allows women to control the vibration and other aspects using their mobile.

Yes, the vibrator comes with a mobile app which can be used to set the massager according to one’s own preferences. This can be used by single woman and can also be used by couples during foreplay or during intimate lovemaking.

Salient Features

Hands-free discreet vibrations – You can set the vibrations according to your individual preferences, create your own list and choose the ones that can give you amazing orgasms

Solo & partner control – The app allows single and both partners to control the vibrations. Thus it allows one partner to tease the other partner during lovemaking.

Wireless blue-tooth control – This allows both partners to enjoy sexy mornings or sensational evenings. Thus the male partner can control the intensity, speed and high and lows not even in the bedroom, but discreetly in movies theatres or in restaurants, beach etc.,

Quiet and strong vibrations – The vibrator works silently and thus it can be used by women living with their families or in hostel or other setting where others won’t be able to know that she is enjoying self-pleasure.

Unlimited Customizations - The app lets you create your own vibration patterns in the app and save them for later. Run them every time without any hassle and enjoy unlimited pleasure. Try new combinations and find what you like the most and use it as and when you want.

Music Sync – The app allows you to sync the vibrator with your favorite music and enjoy a session of slow build up with a tantalizing climax while you indulge in self-pleasure or being with your partner, enjoy the music. This creates a new sensation leading to a new level of orgasmic experience.

Hit the spot consistently – The vibrator comes with an ergonomic design, and perfectly curved to allow you to hit your g-spot effortlessly. So, every time you insert it, you can be sure of hitting it high and experience explosive orgasm.

Body safe material – The vibrator is made using high quality silicone material that is safe for women of all skin types, including sensitive skin.

More additions – The app not only allows woman to control the vibrator, but also has provisions for intimate private shows, tips on love making, make your fans know your preferred settings, you can share your pleasure details etc.,

Biggest advantage

Many of the bullet vibrators that are available online have weak vibrations, are noisy and uncomfortable to many because of bad shape and poor control levels. Whereas this vibrator is technologically superior, perfectly designed with woman’s sexual needs in mind, it comes with powerful vibrations to experience intense pleasure. It operates quietly and are durable as high quality material is used to long lasting performance.


Vivid Tadpole


Medical silicone


APP remote control


Rose ,Purple



Net Weight 



Li-ion Rechargealbe

Working Voltage 


Use time 

120 Mintues

Charging time :90 Mintues 


IPX 7waterproof

Working Voice:

less than 50 dB

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