STUZ 10000 Delay Spray

STUZ 10000 Delay Spray

Super Dragon 6000 Delay Spray - Climax Delay Spray for Men

Super Dragon 6000 Delay Spray - Climax Delay Spray for Men

Long Drive Delay Spray

Long Drive Delay Spray

STUZ 10000 Delay Spray

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 Stuz 10000 Delay Spray - Product Description

When your sex is not good, life becomes a hell. For couples whose sex life is not healthy, there is little chance that they can lead a happy and contented life. On the other hand, good sex binds relationships and allows couple to enjoy each other's company to a great extent, leading to a happy and satisfying life. But due to erratic work timings, long travel and stressful life, most of the men and women across India have some issues with regard to their sex life.

While some have premature ejaculation while some couldn't hold their erection for long. Thanks to explosion of internet and free availability of sexual content, women expect their men to give them highly satisfying sex life and expect them to perform longer in bed.

To help men to perform longer and give their partners a satisfying sex, we now have a wonderful product called 'Stuz 10000 Delay Spray'. The product can help men prolong their penetration time and enjoy a full blown sex.

What it contains?

Stuz 10000 contains approved dose of Lidocaine, which is 10%. Lidocaine is known to desensitize men's organ allowing them to bang longer and longer.

How to use Stuz 10000 Delay Spray?

-          Shake the container well before use, every time

-          When you are first-timer, it is recommended to do a test spray on your arm and leave it for 5 minutes to see if your skin reacts to Stuz 10000 spray. When there is no adverse reaction, then you can are ready for a fulfilling sex with your partner.

-          For best results, spray Stuz 10000 at least 5 to 10 minutes before your intercourse. It is recommended to spray 3-4 times over the tip of the penis. Make sure the entire head of the penis is covered. 

-          Do not overspray thinking that you can stay longer. Over spraying is  harmful. With practice you will come to know how many sprays you may need. 

-          Indulge in penetrative sex with your partner.

-          After intercourse wash your organ with warm water or wipe it off with a wet cloth. Also wash your hands thoroughly.

What are the benefits of using Stuz 10000 Delay?

Stuz 10000 Spray is an external application spray. When sprayed over the tip of the penis, it desensitizes the organ and allows the user to have better control over his ejaculation and thus help him to prolong his coital time. The other benefits include

-          Guaranteed delay in ejaculation to a great extent leading to greater sexual pleasure.

-          For men with premature ejaculation issue, Stuz 10000 offers a great opportunity to enjoy sex to the fullest.

-          Enhances the ability to hold an erection for a longer duration effortlessly.

-          Allow your partner to enjoy a fulfilling sex as you are able to perform longer and longer.

-          The spray can indeed help in avoiding break-ups and divorces as it removes the dissatisfaction factor in sex.

-          You can give your partner a mind blowing orgasm.

-          Enjoy exploding release and greater sense of satisfaction.

-          Time tested product and proven results. Available in India for the past 25 years.

What are the side effects of Stuz 10000 Delay Spray?

-          Stuz 10000 is generally safe and without any contra indications under normal circumstances

-          Ensure you spray only the minimum amount required to cover the top of your penis. Over spraying is not recommended as it is harmful. Excessive spraying may cause numbness of your penis and in such cases, immediate medical attention is recommended.

-          Those who are already suffering from myasthenic gravis, epilepsy, impaired cardiac condition or liver damage should not use this spray at all.

-          If you are suffering from some chronic illness and on regular medication, It is recommended to consult your physician before using this spray

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