Stad 14000 Delay Spray

Stad 14000 Delay Spray

Steylong Delay Spray

Steylong Delay Spray

Stud 2000 Delay Spray

Stud 2000 Delay Spray

Stad 14000 Delay Spray

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Stad 14000 Delay Spray with Orange Flavour - Product Description :

When you are having difficulty in retaining your juices for required time, then we have a solution at hand.

STAD14000 is a delay spray that can help you prolong your coital time to a great extent and allow you to perform longer and longer in bed. You can achieve total satisfaction and give your girl friend a mind blowing orgasm as the spray can effectively numb the tip of your penis.

Knowing very well that you can last longer, you can try various positions, try variations and indulge in all your fantasies comfortably. She is sure going to be delighted as you can give her almost endless banging and give her a memorable orgasm, which may not be possible under normal circumstances.

STAD14000 is a topical preparation that is commonly used for the treatment of ejaculation disorder. It comes as an easy-to-spray format requiring you to just make few sprays 5 minutes before the start of your game of penetration.  This comes with an orange flavor so spice up your oral time.

What is the working mechanism of STAD 14000? 

STAD14000 contains Lidocaine as the main active ingredient. It boosts the threshold of sexual feeling and enhancing the erotic pleasure to delay the ejaculation process.STAD14000 has proven to be a successful medication in treating premature ejaculation among scores of men in India.

What are the contraindications of Stad 14000 Delay Spray with Orange Flavour?

  • You should not use this delay spray if you are sensitive to any constituent of STAD14000 as it can worsen your condition.
  • You should not use this spray if you are suffering from bleeding, liver, kidney, heart, or blood pressure.

What is the dosing schedule of Stad 14000 Delay Spray with Orange Flavour delay Spray?

- Shake the bottle before use and then spray at the tip of your male organ by maintaining a distance of 5 to 10 cm.

- When you use STAD spray, you have to be sexually aroused for attaining the full response of the medication.

- The maximum permitted dose is 5 sprays and the minimum dose is 3 sprays.

- You have to wash the genital part and your hands before and after the intercourse.

What are the Side effects of STAD 14000 delay Spray?

      Few men may face the following symptoms while using this spray such as dizziness, redness or rashes on the skin, twitching, burning sensation in the applied area, irritation, itching, and headache.

      Immediate medical attention is required if you happen to receive the above mentioned side effects.

What are the Preventive measures while using STAD 14000 delay Sprays?

  • Do not over spray or use it on a daily basis continuously. Repeated use can numb your genitals.
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MRP (inclusive of all taxes) ₹ 189
Net Quantity 20 g
Name of Commodity Aerosol
Mfg by Accra Pac India Pvt Ltd, Plot - 1105, Phase III, G.I.D.C, Vapi - 396196
MKTD by Medi Surge Impex, Mumbai - 400 002
Customer care Phone 01262 280919
Customer care email
Seller Crestica Life Sciences Pvt Ltd., 258 J, Arapalayam Kanmai Extn, 3rd Floor, By-Pass Road, Bethaniapuram, Madurai -
Country of Origin India
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