Skore VYBES rechargeable vibrating penis ring

Skore VYBES rechargeable vibrating penis ring

Skore SHIVER Vibrating Penis Ring

Skore SHIVER Vibrating Penis Ring

Skore VYBES rechargeable vibrating penis ring

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Skore VYBES rechargeable vibrating Penis Ring - Product Description :

Vybes Vibrating Penis ring can help you experience out of the world pleasure. When you are used to the pleasures of vibrating penis ring, then Skore Vybes can help you experience wild and exotic pleasure with your partner.

When you are trying it for the first time, you can experience unmatched erotic stimulation.

Skore Vybes Rechargeable Vibrating Penis ring can add new feel and ultimate sensation to your love making. You can give your partner an overwhelming pleasure with your Skore penis rings on. You can experiment and try multiple vibration modes to receive different vibes of pleasure under the sheet.

How to enjoy pleasure using Skore VYBES rechargeable vibrating Penis Ring?

Skore Vybes is India's first rechargeable vibrating ring designed to provide quivering pleasure to both you and your partner. It can give you wild and exciting arousal that may not be possible under normal circumstances.

The 7 vibrating modes can give you intense stimulation and quivering pleasure. The quivering vibes enhances the sensations especially when Skore Vybes makes contact with your partner's clitoris or erogenous spot.

It can be used to enjoy maximum spot-on pleasure. When it is ON the throbbing shivers can drive her crazy.

SKORE VYBES can be used to have some fun alone, whether a man or a woman. It can be used for experiencing masturbation pleasure and also for couples to enjoy intense pleasure during love making.

While you can experience intense pleasure, you can also stimulate her clitoris. That ways your partner can get both vaginal and clitoral stimulation during love making.

What are the Salient Features of Skore VYBES rechargeable vibrating Penis Ring?

7 different vibration modes to experiment with varied pleasure levels.

- Easy to wear.

- Easy to turn ON and OFF.

- Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery with a USB cable.

- Lasts upto 90 minutes for extended pleasure.

- Completely waterproof. That means it can be conveniently used under shower, bath tub, swimming pool etc.,

- Powerful motor to give you intense vibratory pleasure.

- Low noise for undisturbed pleasure.

- Ergonomic design for convenient handling.

- Compact design and easy to carry.

- Made using high quality material and durable.

- Best bedtime companion for experiencing great pleasure.

How to use Skore VYBES rechargeable vibrating Penis Ring?

- Remove the ring from the packet.

- Slide it to the base of your penis.

- To turn it ON, long press the button for 3 seconds.

- Press the power button to change the modes.

- You can feel the 7 different variation modes by pressing the power button ON.

Skore Vybes Rechargeable Vibrating Ring is an ideal erotic companion, which can be used to give and receive intense sexual pleasure. You can experience different sensation using different vibration function and also allow her to experience different pleasure.

The vibrating ring allows you to experiment and try something new every time. Made using high quality material, it is compact in size and hence can be carried during travel and holiday trips.

Skore Vybes vibrating ring can be used over bare skin or with condom for experiencing intense and safe pleasure.

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GTIN 8906007132459
Country of Origin China
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