Skore OH! Pleasure Gel for Women 15 mL BIG OH!

Skore OH! Pleasure Gel for Women 15 mL BIG OH!

Skore Pheromone Activating Deodorant Spray for Men -150 ml

Skore Pheromone Activating Deodorant Spray for Men -150 ml

Skore OH! Pleasure Gel for Women 15 mL BIG OH!

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Skore OH! Pleasure Gel for Women - Product Description

Though there are variety of pleasure gels available in the market, Skore Oh Pleasure Gel is exclusively created for women to give themselves some intense pleasure under the sheet.

Skore OH Pleasure Gel is an exclusive gel that is meant to give her that big ‘O’ experience easily. This specially formulated gel gives her a sensual experience when it is applied over her intimate areas.

The gel can give her an intensified climax every time as it increases her sensitivity in her intimate areas by giving cool and tingling sensations. The gel contains 15 Big O experience in one bottle.

How Skore OH! Pleasure Gel  works?

Using Skore OH Pleasure Gel to get highly pleasurable experience is quite simple. You need to push the pump to get a small quantity of gel and you can apply it over your intimate areas with your hand and wait for 3-4minutes.

Soon you will feel a tingling and cooling sensation. You need to wait for a while, and don’t worry if you don’t’ feel any sensation immediately, as sensitivity levels and time duration to feel it may vary from woman to woman.

After a while you will feel a sudden rush of heightened sensation and you can experience that big O, which you rightly deserve. You can use more, if required and there is no restriction on that. You can use Skore Oh gel multiple times if you are eager about experiencing multiple orgasms.

How to use Skore OH! Pleasure Gel ?

Once you purchase SKORE OH, do not get unnerved on how to use it. It is a very simple process and let us run you through it.

  • Twist the bottle cap anti-clockwise. First times can be little difficult.
  • Turn the bottle sideways
  • Press the pump a few times to release the gel. You may need to press 6-8 times during the first use to get the gel out of the bottle.
  • Apply the gel onto your intimate area (not inside, if you know what we mean)
  • You may need to wait for 3-4 minutes* for the effect to set in
  • Get ready to OH, again and again

* Time duration may vary from woman to woman as sensitivity in intimate areas are different for everyone. Do not fret if you don't get that tingling, cool feeling within the time frame mentioned above.

Have patience and maybe indulge in some foreplay in the time being. Once the effect sets in, you can go through a truly hair-raising experience which will certainly make you feel that Big OH!

What are the special features of Skore OH! Pleasure Gel?

-          Female stimulating gel and personal lubricant

-          It can be used before and during lovemaking, either on its own or with condom

-          Can also be used for extra slippery sensation and greater comfort during lovemaking

-          Smooth like gel texture that spreads evenly when applied

-          Water-soluble formula safe to use with condom

-          Non-staining gel and hence can be washed off after use

-          Skin-friendly formulation (contains aloe vera) and hence can be safe for use in intimate areas

What are the precautions to be followed while using Skore OH! Pleasure Gel ?

Skore Oh is not advisable to use if you are

-          Pregnant

-          Breast feeding

-          Trying to conceive

Avoid contact with eyes. And if you experience irritation stop using this product. If irritation continues consult your physician.

More Information
Brand Skore
GTIN 8906007133913
Color Transparent
Marketed By TTK Healthcare Limited-Protective Devices Division, No.6 Cathedral Road, Chennai - 600 086
Customer Care 044-28115800
Customer Care Email
Country of Origin India
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