Saheli - The non Hormonal Contraceptive Pill - 10 strips of 8 tablets each

Saheli - The non Hormonal Contraceptive Pill - 10 strips of 8 tablets each

Unwanted 21 Daily Contraceptive Pill

Unwanted 21 Daily Contraceptive Pill

Saheli - The non Hormonal Contraceptive Pill - 10 strips of 8 tablets each

95% of 100

Saheli has the sole merit of being the world's first Non-steroidal oral contraceptive pills.

It is also unique since it is an innate developed drug - the first of its kind. For being non -steroidal, Saheli does not have   side effects like nausea, vomiting, obesity etc. which are commonly found with the other oral contraceptive pills. Free from side-effects, these pills are useful in birth-control and preventing unplanned pregnancy.

Dosage: Twice a week for the first three months subsequently only once a week. It does not have the side effects normally associated with traditional steroid based pills.

Note: It is recommended to use Condoms along with Saheli Pill in the first three months to get the maximum benefits. It takes three months for Saheli pill to extend it's full contraceptive benefits.

Alternative Brand for Saheli - NOVEX

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What is Saheli?

To dispel myth about contraceptive Saheli was launched in 1991. Saheli is the world's only non-steroidal oral contraceptive pill that is completely free of hormonal side-effects. It guides a couple in their sex life. Saheli has the power to space out child birth. Saheli empowers women to be in control.  That is why millions of Indian women trust and use Saheli to plan their families.

To constantly live with numb headaches, dizziness, weight gain and even nausea is very troublesome.  That's why Saheli ensures that such side effects will never occur.

How does Saheli work?

Saheli is different from other birth control pills because it does not contain any hormones. Instead of using the hormone estrogen to prevent pregnancy, it contains a drug that blocks estrogen.

Usually, increased doses of estrogen stop a woman's ovaries from releasing an egg. However, by blocking estrogen in the uterus, Saheli alters the uterus lining, which prevents a fertilized egg from implanting.

Saheli is free from side effects

Blocking estrogen in the uterus is extra beneficial - it has no hormonal side effects. Women who take Saheli do not experience nausea, headaches, or changes in weight. They also find that their periods are lighter.

Good effects of Saheli

Saheli is almost as effective as the normal birth control pill. If it is  taken consistently  without break fewer than 2 in 100 women get pregnant within the first year, compared to fewer than 1 in 100 women with hormonal pills. By comparison, your chances of getting pregnant without using any birth control method are 85 in 100.

Bi-weekly to weekly dose

You should take Saheli twice a week for the first three months. But after that you take just one pill a week.

What this means practically is that if your period starts on Monday, you take the pill every Monday and Thursday for the first three months. Starting on the fourth month, you only take it once a week every Monday.

All the benefits minus the side effects

Not surprisingly, Saheli is advertised as comparable to the pill with all the effectiveness of hormonal birth control   without   its side effects. With all these benefits, one has to wonder why it' is only available in India.  

FAQs on Saheli

I have delivered a baby ten days ago and am breast-feeding. Can I take Saheli?

Saheli is secreted in breast milk in minimal quantities and is unlikely to cause harm as the contraceptive dose. So it is not contra-indicated in lactating mothers. It is safe to feed babies.

Will Saheli affect my sex life?

Saheli has no such side-effects and also has no effect on mood or libido. It will not surely affect your sex life in any way.

I did not get my period. Why is this? How can this be good?

Because of the way Saheli acts, it is a common factor to get delayed and lighter period. If the tablets have not been missed, there is no cause to worry. Do a pregnancy test only if your periods are delayed by more than 15 days from your dates. Understand that lighter periods are not harmful. Because you lose less blood every month with Saheli, you lose less hemoglobin and iron stores from your body. Thus, you have very light chances of suffering from anemia.

I became pregnant when on Saheli. Will it harm my baby?

Missing a Saheli pill can result in pregnancy. Be sure that Saheli is consumed at proper dosage. However, Saheli has been well researched and has been found to be safe for the unborn baby and does not cause adverse physical or mental effects. Once you become pregnant, Saheli cannot act; so you need to stop using the pill. It is a safe pill and does not affect the child.

I am taking Saheli. What if I wish to have another baby?

Saheli acts as a contraceptive only if it is taken regularly. If you stop taking Saheli, you can return to your natural fertility within six months. You can become pregnant then.

Can I take Saheli with other medicines?

Saheli has a low effect for harmful interactions with other medicines. The co-administration of Ibuprofen, Rifampicin, Salbutamol, Diazepam, Paracetamol and Haloperidol do not affect the pharmacokinetics or efficacy of Saheli. Tetracycline and Amoxycilin may lower the bio-availability of Saheli. During treatment with these antibiotics, it is advisable to use backup protection like condoms till you get your next period.

I have missed a Saheli pill, what should I do?

Missing a pill can cause pregnancy.  Be sure that you consume Saheli at the prescribed period. If it is less than two days after missing the pill, take Saheli immediately and also continue with the next dose as previously due. If it is more than two days, continue taking the Saheli pill as planned, but use additional contraception like condoms till your next period. If it is more than a week of forgetting the pill, it is necessary to start from the beginning - take a tablet on the first day of your next period, twice a week for three months and then once a week. You have to use condoms till your next period.

I suffer from diarrhea and vomiting. Will it have any effect on Saheli?

Saheli is absorbed after being taken orally. Like any oral medication, Saheli might not work well when you suffer from diarrhea and vomiting.  You will have to continue using condoms till your next period.

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