Magic Massager Vibrating Wand

Magic Massager Vibrating Wand

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Pretty Love Intimate Massager for Women - Wearable on Finger – Steward

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Baile Mark Stick G Spot and Clitoral Massager

Magic Massager Vibrating Wand

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Magic Massager Vibrating Wand - Product Description

Magic Massager Vibrating Wand is ideal for enjoy your time either alone or with your partner. The little purple coloured magic vibrating wand is a premium quality brand designed in Germany. It comes with a convenient handle and wide domed head for broad area stimulation.

It is an exciting massager that can help you enjoy your masturbation and experience explosive orgasms as the wand is fitted with unique hi-torque motor that can provide terrific vibrations.

The massager comes in invigorating purple colour and is made ofABSmaterial that is rigid enough to give you pleasure while soft enough to make it a pleasurable experience and there won't be any discomfort.

The battery operated vibrator comes with multi-frequency vibration options allowing you to set the speed as per your requirements and the massager can be used at any location.

It comes with subdued sound levels for discreet enjoyment. You can masturbate in your room without your parents knowing that you are enjoying yourself.

Key Features

  • Premium Quality International Brand DND designed in Germany
  • Convenient handle and wide domed head for broad area stimulation.
  • Unique Hi-Torque motor for explosive vibrations.
  • Intensely pleasurable massager for multipurpose usages.
  • Multi-frequency vibrations for exciting variety.
  • Easy-to-use one-finger control dial provides hassle-free stimulation.
  • Flexible bending neck for your convenience.
  • Subdued sound levels for discreet pleasure.
  • Soft massage head for total comfort.
  • Perfect first toy for solo and couples' play.
  • USB rechargeable for handy charging.
  • Excellent for beginners and advanced pleasure enthusiasts.

Product Details-

Material - ABS plastic body, silicone head

Length - 12.20 inches

Diameter (Head)- 1.57 inches

No. of modes- 8 vibrating modes

Running time- Approximately 40 minutes

Charging time- 2-3 hours (Full charge indication- when red light on the panel turns green)

Voltage: 230V~ 50Hz

Weight: 360g

Cable length: 1.8M

How to Use?

  1. Charge the wand completely using the USB cable before using it
  2. Switch on the wand vibrator by pressing the power on/off button on the panel once.
  3. This will switch on a red light on the panel.
  4. The vibrations will not start just yet
  5. To start the vibrations, you need to press the button above that which has a wave sign on it
  6. Apply some water -based lubricant to your clitoris
  7. Place the soft massage head over your clitoris
  8. Turn on the vibrator to the lowest setting so that you can build up the intensity later
  9. Keep pressing the wave button to increase the intensity
  10. Relax back and enjoy the pleasurable sensations flowing through your sensitive regions. 

Please Note- The wand won’t operate while it is charging. There won’t be any vibrations while the charging is on. So kindly remove the wand from charging when you want to use it.

Product care-

  • Kindly keep the wand away from water at all times
  • Please use a sex toy cleaner to keep your massager clean and hygienic
  • Store it in a dry, hygenic and ventilated area to prevent infections.
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