Invigra Delay Spray

Invigra Delay Spray

Manforce StayLong Gel - 8g

Manforce StayLong Gel - 8g

Super Dragon 6000 Delay Spray - Climax Delay Spray for Men

Super Dragon 6000 Delay Spray - Climax Delay Spray for Men

Invigra Delay Spray

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Invigra Delay Spray - Product Description

Delay sprays are useful to two kinds of couples. The ones who want to enjoy prolonged encounter and they prefer delay sprays because, they don't prefer delay condoms, as they don't like the rubber coming in between.

The second set belongs to those in which men are known to pour down juices too early leading to dissatisfaction and frustration. Invigra Delay Spray is preferred by both types of couples as it gives them prolonged enjoyment and they end up enjoying a thoroughly fulfilling sex.

And there is no need for them to feel lesser sensation due to condom. Invigra Spray is enriched with Lidocaine, a commonly used compound that is known to offer an effective treatment for premature ejaculation and / or to increase the sensitivity threshold.

Invigra Spray is a highly trusted delay spray that is known to help couples have total pleasure and brings that scintillating experience of indulging in prolonged coital time and experiencing an explosive orgasm in the end.

Take the pride of your manhood and deliver a long lasting performance with INVIGRA SPRAY.

Why should one use Invigra delay spray?

A delay spray is usually used to tackle the problem of premature ejaculation. Though the usage of a delay spray might be a temporary solution to premature ejaculation, it cannot be assumed to be a permanent solution for it. A delay spray can be used by partners to delay the ejaculation time.

Invigra Delay Spray works fast to delay ejaculation by temporarily desensitizing the penis allowing men men to take their time before reaching climax. This promotes a longer and better sexual experience for both women and men.

What are the directions for use Invigra Delay Spray?

Invigra Delay spray is very easy and very simple to use. Following are the steps to use Invigra delay spray.

· Shake the can well before every usage

· While keeping the can at a suitable distance of 5cm, take 2-3 sprays to apply to the desired area.

· Repeat the entire process till the entire area is covered

- Spray atleast 10 minutes prior to your penetrative sex

- Always hold the can upright as indicated

- Do not use more than 5 sprays of one second duration each time.

What are the Side Effects Invigra Delay Spray?

No, there is absolutely no side effects of using this Invigra delay spray. It is totally safe to use for both the partners.

As a word of caution, never attempt to make more than recommended number of sprays. Over spraying is dangerous and it may numb your organ requiring medical treatment. Never ever over spray.

What are the advantages of Invigra Delay Spray?

-          Enables delay in male orgasm

-          Gives maximum fun and satisfaction

-          Can stand for longer hours without fall

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