G-Spot and C-Spot Dual Tickler - Intimate Vibrating Massager

G-Spot and C-Spot Dual Tickler - Intimate Vibrating Massager

Sexy Baby - Strawberry Intimate Massager

Sexy Baby - Strawberry Intimate Massager

G-Spot and C-Spot Dual Tickler- Intimate Rabbit Massager

G-Spot and C-Spot Dual Tickler- Intimate Rabbit Massager

G-Spot and C-Spot Dual Tickler - Intimate Vibrating Massager

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G-Spot and C-Spot Dual Tickler - Intimate Vibrating Massager - Product Description :

This exciting dual tickling vibrating massager allows women to get c-spot and g-spot stimulation simultaneously. It comes in three exciting colours viz black, pink and purple. The vibrating massager is uniquely shaped that allows a woman to effortlessly reach and stroke her g-spot anytime and every time.

Being a dual tickler, while stroking her g-spot, she can also experience clitoral stimulation while enjoying g-spot stimulation. Practically she can enjoy dual stimulations simultaneously and enjoy heightened arousal, which may not be possible using any of the manual stimulations. The massager comes with adjustable vibration modes so that user can set the vibration mode according to her own preferences. It is shaped like a male organ that allows the user to live her fantasy and enjoy varied sensations.

It is made using skin-friendly material that it is safe for use for women of all skin types including sensitive skin. It is rugged and long lasting. The massager can be used for self-pleasure or with partner.

Advantages :

- Perfectly designed for easy access and stimulation of g-spot.

- Comes with 10 different vibration modes.

- Super soft, smooth and extremely flexible so that you can experience intense stimulation in your vagina and clitoris simultaneously.

- Fully water proof, so that you can enjoy self-pleasure in shower, pool, bath tub or anywhere you wish.

- Made using medical-grade silicone which is soft, flexible and skin-friendly.

- It is odourless and non-toxic and comes in purple and rose red colours.

- Quick charging can be done via USB (cable included).

- Provides strong and intense vibrations, helping you to experience highly sensual clitoral and vaginal stimulation experience.

- Compact design so that it can be carried safely in your handbag.

- Can experience orgasm in less than 5 minutes because of intense stimulation.

- Quiet operation so that you can enjoy sensual time without any distraction.

- Delivered in discreet packaging.The default name on the package is ‘flash light’ so that only you will know what is inside.

- With bubble bag and opaque shipping bag with no retail display of box for privacy protection.

Caution :

- Vibrator should be cleaned thoroughly with water before and after every use to avoid infections.

- Use only a good quality lubricant that is compatible with the vibrator, if required.

- Stop using the vibrator if you don’t feel comfortable.

- Use 2 AAA batteries and always remove the battery before cleaning and keep the battery case dry. Load battery only before using it.

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