Cobra Condoms

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Anondita Healthcare is a leading condom and surgical gloves manufacturing company based in India. The company has manufacturing facility with an installed capacity to produce 550 million condoms per annum. It has steadily gained recognition as India’s leading anti-AIDS crusader through consistent bulk supplies of quality condoms to the Govt. of India’s family planning and AIDS control programmes. Alongside, it has grown in stature as an international player in the global condoms market as well with significant presence across several continents.

The company currently produces and markets famed COBRA and MIDNIGHT brands of condoms. Each condom is electronically tested for performance and quality. Currently COBRA branded condoms are available in 5 variants such as

- Mint Flavoured and Dotted Condom

- Coffee Flavoured and Dotted Condom

- Bubblegum Flavoured and Dotted Condom

- Butterscotch Flavoured and Dotted Condom

- Strawberry Flavoured and Dotted Condom

Let us see the reason behind the introduction of condoms with specific flavours:

Mint Flavour - The flavor provides a zingy and peppy sensation when partners indulge in oral. This variant is meant for those partners who are adventurous and love to indulge in something exciting during every encounter

Coffee Flavour - Coffee revitalizes our senses and gives us a refreshing sensation. Coffee flavoured condoms are meant for partners to revitalizes their sexual habituation and break free from mundane indulgence and achieve new sexual peaks during the love making.

Bubblegum Flavour - Not many brands offer this flavor. Bubblegums are generally regarded as stress busters and keep us active. This variant is meant for those partners who bring in lot of love, energy and passion during their love making.

Butter Scotch Flavour - This condom variant offers pure ecstasy and a refreshing change to their oral sexual regime. The exciting flavor is sure to add spice to your session and provide loads of sensual energy to both the partners.

Strawberry Flavour - A flavor that is favourite among women across all ages and ethnicity. The condom with strawberry flavor is meant for both partners to indulge in oral for an elongated time and move towards an exciting climax.

Dotted Condoms - All the 5 variants of Cobra condoms come in dotted patterns. Dots are tiny projections present along the circumference of the condom. The tiny protrusions are soft that it will not cause any irritation but are rigid enough to rub the vaginal walls and give quivering pleasure to the woman during love making.

The Cobra condoms are meant for habituating safe sexual practices and also for deriving maximum pleasure during sexual intercourse. The flavoured condoms are meant to give excitement to partners as they can feel the flavor during oral sex instead of mundane rubber feeling. Further, the flavors allow partners to try and indulge in oral sex comfortably without having to worry about unpleasant odour and taste. All the condoms come in dots to ensure partners enjoy an exploding sex every time.

Cobra condoms have already carved a niche for itself in the market and has fast becoming the preferred choice for young couples across the country.