Bleu Natural Latex Paraben-Free Non-Toxic Ultra-Thin Condom (Pack of 8)

Bleu Natural Latex Paraben-Free Non-Toxic Ultra-Thin Condom (Pack of 8)

Bleu Natural Latex Paraben-Free Non-Toxic Dotted Condom (Pack of 8)

Bleu Natural Latex Paraben-Free Non-Toxic Dotted Condom (Pack of 8)

Bleu Natural Latex Paraben-Free Non-Toxic Ultra-Thin Condom (Pack of 8)

100% of 100

    No Rashes, Irritation and Itching.

    Made with Natural Rubber Latex free from any detected carcinogenic (cancer)agents.

      100% electronically tested for safety and made in factory approved for FDA 510(k), CE & ISO13485.

      • Material  - Non-Allergic natural rubber latex
      • Texture -  Ultra Thin condom
      • Colour - Transparent
      • Lubrication - Silicone oil Lubricated
      • Shape - Straight Walled condom
      • Length 180 mm Width 53 ±2 mm
      • 100% electronically tested | For single use only.
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      Bleu Ultra Thin Condoms - Product Description 

      When you want to enjoy near natural lovemaking, without having to worry about harmful chemicals and harmful skin reactions to condoms, but you still want uncompromising safety from conception, then trying Bleu natural latex paraben-free, non-toxic ultrathin condom is the best bet.

      The premium range of Bleu condoms are known for its organic and harmful chemical-free condoms that provide heightened pleasure to both partners. The ultrathin variant is meant to allow couples to enjoy near natural skinny dipping sensation and ultimate orgasm during lovemaking.

      Made using medicated lubricants and natural latex, bleu condoms are suitable for all skin types including those with sensitive skin. Bleu Paraben-free Ultrathin condom allows couples to feel each other’s heat down under and enjoy extra stimulation because of natural penetration feeling.

      It is one of the most natural feel inducing condoms ever made and it has become the preferred choice of young men and women in India.

      From the Manufacturer

      Bleu condoms is as always thinner as well a healthier choice for your intimate moments. Bleu condoms are made from Natural Latex procured from a sustainable forest plantation. However, while making sure the best condoms we have also made sure that pleasure remains as the utmost point for our user experience. While we made sure to remove the toxin chemicals like Parabens, Glycerin and Benzocaine from your favourite condoms to give you a Non Toxic Love Making times , we have certainly retained the good experience.

      Our Condom is a favourite choice of women for Bleu doesn’t leave behind any after effects like itching, irritations and burning sensation in the intimate body parts. Bleu condoms are made in our state of art facility factory which is approved by FDA, CE, ISO and other international recognitions.

      All the Bleu condoms are passed through stringent test to make sure they meet all the international standards for safety and toxicity.

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