Beboy PlayLong Jasmine Delay Spray

Beboy PlayLong Jasmine Delay Spray

Beboy PlayLong Delay Spray - Rose

Beboy PlayLong Delay Spray - Rose

Beboy United Climax Mango Flavored - Delay Condoms - 6's Pack

Beboy United Climax Mango Flavored - Delay Condoms - 6's Pack

Beboy PlayLong Jasmine Delay Spray

94% of 100

Recharge More to Last More

12% Lidocaine (Active Ingredient) Vs 10% in other Delay Sprays

Jasmine Scented

 Over 300 Sprays Vs 200 Sprays in other products

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Beboy Play Long Jasmine Delay Spray - Product Descriptions

Ever wondered how it would be have a delay spray with mesmerizing jasmine fragrance. Jasmine is somehow directly linked to physical intimacy thanks to media.

Whether it is true or not, men believe that going to bedroom with jasmine can invoke erotic feelings in their partners and they can enjoy a passionate indulgence.

Yes! Beboy Play Long Jasmine Delay Spray is meant not only to help you prolong your coital time, but also allow you to enjoy your time with her in the most fragrant way possible. The spray is meant for those passionate couples who want to prolong their coital time to maximum possible so that they can explore the realms of erotic journey that is riddled with exotic enjoyment and sensually stimulating milestones. 

You can take her along the crests of the erotic journey and make her receive multiple orgasms, which she might not be able to achieve under normal circumstances. The delay spray desensitizes your organ allowing you to go on and on and on… practically upto 10 times your usual time. The spray is a blessing in disguise for those suffering silently with premature ejaculation.

All you need to do is to spray over the tip and shaft of your organ 5 minutes before your penetrative sex and then indulge.

What are the ingredients of Beboy Play Long Jasmine Delay Spray?

BeBoy Play Long Jasmine Delay Spray contains 12% Lidocaine, an active ingredient that is widely used to treat premature ejaculation. While most of the delay sprays in the market contain 10% Lidocaine, Beboy comes with 2% more. Which means you can stay even longer.

Approved Jasmine Flavour is added to allow couples to indulge in a fragrant environment.

How to use Beboy Play Long Jasmine Delay Spray?

-          Shake the can well before every use

-          While using it for the first time, make a test spray over your hand to see if your skin is reacting to it. If you don't find any itching or pain or discomfort, then you  are ready to go

-          Make 2 or 3 sprays covering the entire head of your penis. Do not over spray.

-          Spray atleast 5 minutes before your coitus. See if the spray gets completely absorbed in to your skin

-          The jasmine fragrance will allow her to indulge in oral for an extended time.

-          Wash your organ and your hands thoroughly after your intimacy.

What are the advantages of Beboy Play Long Jasmine Delay Spray?

-          Guaranteed results. You can last longer than your usual time and give her a mind blowing orgasm

-          The product is a blessing in disguise for men with premature ejaculation problem.

-          This spray lasts upto 300 sprays (when used recommended quantity), whereas other products in the market can last only upto 200 sprays. That means you can enjoy more times and more longer sessions with your partner.

What are the side effects of Beboy Play Long Jasmine Delay Spray?

-          The Beboy Play Long Delay Spray is generally safe and no contraindication is reported so far.

-          This is a very strong spray. Never try to overspray. Over spraying can make your organ numb and you may have to take medical treatment in such a case.

-          If you are on regular medication or have any chronic illness, you are recommended to use the spray after due consultation with your physician.           


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    How to use Delay Sprays?

    You should know that not all delay sprays or creaks work the same way. However, there are standard ways to apply a delay spray for desired results. Let us see one by one. Start Slow If you are going to use a delay spray for the first time, it is advisab...
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  • Admin
    How can Delay Sprays delay my ejaculation?

    Most of the delay sprays are formulated with a mild anesthetic chemical called Benzocaine. This gets absorbed into the penile tissues and in turn those tissues will control ejaculation. In simpler terms, benzocaine works as a relaxant for the nerves in ...
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  • Admin
    How long can I last in bed with a delay spray?

    There are a lot of factors that involve ejaculation. So, lasting long in bed largely depends on your physiology, penile sensitivity, stress, general stamina etc.,   In general, global sexual studies suggest that men in general ejaculate after five and ha...
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  • Admin
    Does Delay Spray needs to be washed off before sex?

    It is recommended to wash off or wipe your penis before oral sex. You don’t need to wipe if off before penetration. When you have applied little extra, you can wipe the excess with a damp cloth and get on with your penetration.
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  • Kadar
    Is it safe for oral sex

    No. we do not recommed Delay sprays for Oral act. This may have a awful taste and oral discomfort for your partner.
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