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When you are on this page, it must be clear that you are curious to experience anal pleasure and are looking for some safe options.  Anal pleasure is not new to India and we have references of it in our Kamasutra, a great sex almanac. Anal pleasures offers couples a variety and it is quite common among couples who are keen to go overboard and experience something new in bed.

Anatomically, there is a dense amount of nerve endings near the anus and anal exit. It is scientifically proven that when those nerve endings are stroked, it provides a unique and enjoyable sensation. Anus is considered as one of the erogenous zones of our body.

Anal massagers are gentle sex toys designed to give you superior anal pleasure without having to worry about any sort of pain, micro tear, discomfort or infections later on. If you haven’t tried anal massagers yet, then it is worth trying and the kind of pleasure that you get with your anal stimulation is unimaginable. When you have already experienced anal pleasure before, we have an array of high quality anal massagers that can be safely tried to experience the kind of pleasure that you wanted to experience.

When anal muscles are subjected to rhythmic vibration, it provides a different level of pleasure. Anal massagers are vibrating toys specially created for stimulating anal muscles and allow the user to experience thorough anal pleasure. Anal vibrators come in many shapes and structure with different functional features for pleasure seekers of various types. Anal massagers come in different vibrating modes for users to experience varied pleasure as they prefer.

Anal massagers can gently stroke and massage your highly sensitive anal opening before penetrating it. The massager loosens up the nerves around your anal opening to facilitate a painless insertion of the toy for experiencing heightened pleasure. Anal massagers can be tried alone for self-pleasure or can be used with your partner to enjoy thorough anal pleasure. Anal massagers are of very high quality and can be tried without any hesitation.

Caution while using Anal Massager

Users may experience pain or discomfort when they don’t follow the following instructions

1.       Use plenty of lube

Users are advised to use plenty of quality lubricants over the anus opening before penetrating anal opening. As anus doesn’t produce any self-lubrication, an external lubrication is a must for smooth and enjoyable experience. Avoiding the usage of lube can lead to pain, micro tear in anal tissues leading to infection and treatment thereafter

2.       Be slow and gentle

You need to be slow and give yourself sometime for muscles around the anus opening to relax for smoother penetration. You cannot rush, which otherwise may lead to pain and / or micro tear of anal tissues.

3.       Read instructions properly

Before using anal massagers, read the instructions carefully and ensure you follow all the instructions carefully. Skipping or over-looking instructions can lead to painful experience. Anal massagers are meant for users to experience anal pleasure, but users are advised to follow instructions thoroughly for an enjoyable experience.