Veet Instant Waxing Kit for Dry Skin, 20 strips

Veet Instant Waxing Kit for Dry Skin, 20 strips

Veet Hair Removal Cream for Men, Sensitive Skin - 50 g

Veet Hair Removal Cream for Men, Sensitive Skin - 50 g

Veet Instant Waxing Kit for Normal Skin, 8 strips

Veet Instant Waxing Kit for Normal Skin, 8 strips

Veet Instant Waxing Kit for Dry Skin, 20 strips

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VEET WAXING KIT FOR DRY SKIN - Product Description

When getting salon-like smoothness at home is your priority, then Veet waxing Kit provides an easy solution, even if you have dry skin.

The ready-to-use Veet wax strips are a perfect solution when you don’t want to go to the salon. The strips can effectively remove hair strands as short as 1.5mm from your skin and give you upto 28 days of lasting smoothness. The strips can be used anywhere instantly.

All you have to do is to apply the strip over the skin and pull it gently. There is no need to heat and no pain or irritation. With regular use, you can get finer and softer hair growing back.

With a salon-smooth skin, you get the freedom to wear any dress and look smarter.

Veet Waxing Kit is safe for women of all skin types, including DRY SKIN.

How to Use Veet Waxing Kit for Dry Skin?

Before using the strip, wash your skin thoroughly and keep it clean and dry.

Step 1 – Peel the Strip

As it is created using a new gel formula, you don’t need to rub the strips with your hands. Gently peel the strip apart using the rounded easy-grip flap.

Step 2 – Apply on it your skin

Apply the strip with the rounded side of the flap in the direction of hair growth. Then apply it over to make sure the wax sticks well over the skin

Step 3 – Pull the Strip

Hold your skin firmly and grab the flap with the other hand. Pull the strip gently in the opposite direction of hair growth as quickly as you can. 

Step 4 – Clean

After waxing clean your skin using the Veet Perfect Finish wipes included in the pack.

Salient Features of Veet Waking Kit for Dry Skin


  1.  Long-lasting Smoothness – Get salon-smooth skin for upto 28 days from the comfort of your home
  2. Easy to use – As the strips are pre-coated you don’t have to heat. It is as simple as Peel – Apply – Pull and you can get a salon-smooth skin instantly
  3. Removes the Shortest hair – It can effectively allow you to pull out hair as short as 1.5mm from your skin
  4. Non-sticky – There is no worry about stickiness post your hair removal. Veet comes with perfectly finished wipes.
  5. Suitable for multi-area use – The strip can be used to remove hair on your underarms, arms, legs and bikini line
  6. Best for even first timers – Veet wax strips doesn’t require any experience and those who haven’t used it before can use it comfortably and get great results.

Benefits of Veet Waking Kit for Dry Skin

Feel good – Veet Wax Strips come with a unique gel texture that it will allow the user to enjoy pleasant gel texture on the skin, delightful aroma and beautiful colour

Removes even smallest hair – The gel flows around the skin and actively holds even the shortest hair (1.5mm) and not the skin. Hair is gently removed from the root in just one go.

Upto 28 days of smoothness – Veet wax strip ensures long lasting smoothness much better than most depilation methods leaving you enjoy smooth skin for upto 28 days.

Quick and easy – Hair removal can be done absolutely quick and easy

No experience required – It is simple to use. Even the first time users can remove hair using wax strip without any trouble.

Frequently Asked Questions on Veet Waking Kit for Dry Skin

I have received only half the number of strips mentioned on the pack? Am I cheated?

No. Two strips may be stuck together because of the gel. Please pull them apart before using it.

Which are all the body parts can I use Veet wax strips?

You can use it on your arms, legs, underarms and bikini line.

Which are all the body parts I should not use Veet wax strips?

Don’t use on your face, genitals and nipples. It is advisable to take a patch test to be sure of your skin’s reaction to the wax strip before using it on your body parts.

Is Veet wax strips are better than razors?

Veet wax strips remove hair from the roots, while razors cut the hair from the surface of the skin. Veet provides long lasting smoothness upto 28 days. Further, with razor there is always a risk of cuts and bruises.

Precautions while using Veet Waking Kit for Dry Skin

The following are some of the post-use care that you need to follow after the use of Veet wax strip.

-          Don’t use anti-perspirant for atleast 24 hours

-          Don’t use perfumes, anti-tanning reagent for 24 hours

-          Don’t go for swimming or sun bathing atleast for 24 hours

-          To remove the stickiness, use the wipes provides in the pack or baby oil. Don’t use water or other rough clothes.

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