SKYN® Intense Feel Non Latex Condoms Pack of 10's

SKYN® Intense Feel Non Latex Condoms Pack of 10's

SKYN Original Condoms - 10's Pack

SKYN Original Condoms - 10's Pack

SKYN® Elite Non Latex Condoms Pack of 10

SKYN® Elite Non Latex Condoms Pack of 10

SKYN® Intense Feel Non Latex Condoms Pack of 10's

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SKYN® Intense Feel Non Latex Condoms - Product Description

Skyn Intense Feel is one of the premium non-latex condoms meant for couples to enjoy highly sensual lovemaking experience without any worries allergic reactions due to latex.

For those who are averse to latex condoms and hate the disgusting latex condom smell, they can now rejoice as SKYN Intense Feel Non Latex condom has emerged as a premium alternative to regular latex condoms. Yes, SKYN brand of condoms is the first premium condom made using POLYISOPRENE (natural rubber), a scientifically proven non-latex material that ensures ultimate sensitivity to users that is closest to wearing nothing.  

This Polyisoprene condom combines the strength of premium latex with the sensitivity of an ultrathin condom to provide a better skin-to-skin sensation for couples. Adding an extra smooth lubricant can help in enhancing the quality of lovemaking experience.

Special Features of SKYN Intense Feel Condoms

-          Made using SkynFeel, a revolutionary technology that feels so soft and comfortable, that you'll find it barely noticeable.

-          Couples can experience an incredibly natural feel, full of sensitivity, while being safe and suitable for people with latex allergy.

-          It comes with unique wave designed texture and intensely raised dots to maximize stimulation and pleasure for both partners.

-          This straight fitting condom comes with a non-spermicidal smooth lubricant to allow you both to enjoy a sensual lovemaking. It is naturally coloured and extremely soft.

-          Best suited not only for couple who are allergic to latex, but for normal couples as they can experience enhanced stimulation during lovemaking.

SKYN Intense Feel condoms are made by LifeStyles, a global leader in healthcare barrier protection, and the world's longest operating condom manufacturer - proudly making condoms since 1905.

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