Skore Pheromone Activating Deodorant Spray for Men -150 ml

Skore Pheromone Activating Deodorant Spray for Men -150 ml

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Skore Pheromone Activating Deodorant Spray for Men -150 ml

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Skore Pheromone activating deodorant spray for men - Product Description

Ever dreamt of women chasing you! Ever thought that could be a possibility? Now, thank your stars. You can actually attract women and make them look at you with increasing arousal. Yes, it is true and the trick lies in Pheromone.

What is pheromone and how it works?

Skore Pheromone activating deodorant spray for men 150ml is a special spray meant for men. The pheromone present in the spray is known to boost your sex appeal as it contains an active ingredient ‘Sensfeel’, the fragrance of which is proven to arouse women sexually and make them feel attracted to you. 

Pheromones are natural chemical compounds that our body produces to pass on certain information about us. Animals emit pheromones to induce sexual arousal in opposite sex. SensFeel activates the production of male pheromones from the body and the pheromones thus released sends out a highly sensory statement to the opposite sex through a unique fragrance. Pheromones are naturally occurring biochemical compound which can send out signals through body scent that attracts opposite sex quite strongly.

Is Pheromone spray is available in India?

Skore is the first brand to launch Pheromone activating spray in India. So, you can be the ladies’ man you always wanted to be by just using that spray and go near a group of young women.

How long the fragrance will last?

It is noted that pheromones can have strong effect on women standing or coming near 3 to 4 meters and it can influence human senses for 7 seconds strongly. Pheromone can have lasting influence over 30 to 60 seconds. One pheromone spray can last upto 6 to 12 hours. That means, you can attract women and make heads turn towards you on the go, for a good 6 to 12 hours.

Who can use this spray?

For those men who are shy or feel less confident about going and speaking to a girl or group of girls, this spray can work wonders. Skore Pheromone activating spray can make you smell good and can see women coming to you with a big smile.

For those confident men, who can go and strike a conversation with any girl, the spray can enhance their charm and such men can find more girls coming towards them as they would be smelling great and women happily will come around.

Where it can be sprayed?

Advisable to apply on the parts which sweat the most and also where the pheromone producing glands are present viz. Neck, armpits, wrists, elbow joint, knee joint and chest.

How it can enhance scoring opportunities?

On the whole Skore Pheromone Activating spray can enhance your chances to skoring opportunities and the spray will give a tremendous boost to your confidence. It makes the user highly desirable. Pheromone’s impact is proven and known to arouse the opposite sex due to the special fragrance.

The spray is touted to work for men who are keen to attract any particular girl or group of women towards them. Nicknamed as ‘dating to mating’ facilitator, the spray is ideal for men who wants to impress opposite sex in parties, get-togethers, college or school reunions etc.,

The spray will help men to increase their scoring opportunities in the most subtle and effective way possible.

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MRP (inclusive of all taxes) ₹ 300.00
Net Quantity 150 mL
Brand Skore
Mfg by Sai Corporation , 353/196/186/I-2, Village Johron, Trilokpur, Kala-Amb, Sirmour 173 030
Marketed By TTK Healthcare Limited-Protective Devices Division, No.6 Cathedral Road, Chennai - 600 086
Customer Care 044-28115800
Customer Care Email
Country of Origin India
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