Screw in Colours - Coloured Condoms Sampler - 30 Pcs

Screw in Colours - Coloured Condoms Sampler - 30 Pcs

Delay, Flavoured & KamaSutra Condoms Economic Sampler - 84 Pcs

Delay, Flavoured & KamaSutra Condoms Economic Sampler - 84 Pcs

Manforce Condoms Combo Pack - 20 Pieces

Manforce Condoms Combo Pack - 20 Pieces

Screw in Colours - Coloured Condoms Sampler - 30 Pcs

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Screw in Colours – Coloured Condoms Sampler

We know you want your physical intimacy to be as exciting as possible. Now you can make it as colourful as possible. Yes! You read it right. To make your love making session as colourful as possible, we have brought together an assortment of 30 coloured condoms from different brands to allow you to experiment with different colours every time. You can add a dash of colours to your love life and enjoy intimacy to its fullest.

The assortment may consists of the following condoms:

KamaSutra Purple Delight

KamaSutra Pink Passion

Skore Blue

Skore Shades

Kohinoor Pink

Carex Gold

Invigra Kool Blue

And many more...

Imagine how exciting it gets when you show her the 30 condom assorted bulk pack and allow her to choose the colour of her choice every time. She is sure to blush in delight and enjoy picking her choice of colour. By showing a bunch of condoms you are also indicating your intentions to her and how much her physical intimacy means to you. Giving her a bunch of condoms can also get downright sexy as she wouldn't have seen so many condoms at once.

It is an established fact that color and mood are inter connected. When you allow her to choose the color of her choice, you are allowing her to set her mood for the kind of physical intimacy that she is upto and you can play your cards accordingly. When you can see her choosing a dashing colour, you know she is expecting a wild one and you need to gear your senses for a robust action and fire from all your guns.

When she picks a soft and lighter shade, you tune your ammunition for a gentle encounter. The color can clearly set the tone for your action sequence and that can be really exciting. You can have loads of fun with coloured condom during foreplay by allowing her to play with the choice of her colour. You can ask her to explain her choice and that can be a real fun.

The assortment consists of high quality condoms from several well known brands and thus, you can be sure of an exciting encounter as condom can facilitate a highly pleasurable sex without compromising on the safety aspect. You get a delightful range of colours to choose. From purple to pink, blue, gold, exciting orange and much more.

You can order the pack online and get it delivered at your home in a discreet packaging. The assortment also helps you stock up a decent quantity and need not worry about buying a condom when you both are feeling for each other. The assortment can help you get back to action mode as and when you both feel horny as you will have sufficient stock to use and enjoy.

The pack consists of 30 colours (repacked) with long expiry dates. So, when you are planning a romantic trip or a honeymoon, then this pack can help you try different colour every time and enjoy unlimited fun. 

Product Description

  • Coloured Condoms of Different Brands
  • Assortment of following condoms

o    KamaSutra Purple Delight

o    KamaSutra Pink Passion

o    Skore Blue

o    Skore Shades

o    Kohinoor Pink

o    Carex Gold

o    Invigra Kool Blue

o    And many more...

  • Bulk pack of 30 condoms (Repacked)
  • Long Expiry Date
  • Image is for representation purpose only
More Information
Name of Commodity Latex Condom
Color Transparent
Country of Origin India
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