Super Dragon 9000 Delay Spray


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About the Product

·         Super Dragon 9000 Delay Spray delivers 10% Lidocaine (Maximum allowed Strong dose of the desensitizing drug) per spray and one canister delivers over 300 sprays.

·         Super Dragon 9000 Delay Spray will be your trusted partner in Premature Ejaculation.

·         Premature Ejaculation is the condition where the man climaxes well before his partner.

·         Almost 70% Men suffer from Premature Ejaculation around the world at any point of time in their life.

·         Since a Man cannot satisfy his partner, Not only his partner is dejected, the man also loses his Self Esteem

·         Super Dragon 9000 Delay Spray will reduce the sensitivity and will delay your Climax

How to use Super Dragon 9000 Delay Spray?

1.       The first step is to locate the sensitive area on your Penis. This is very important to get the best results.

2.       Usually this area is located in the lower side of your Penis and will be just below the Head of Penis.

3.       Spray two to three times in this sensitive area and rub till the liquid disappears.

4.       Wait for 5 to 10 minutes. Now you are ready for the NOT OUT game.