Skore Pinacolada Flavoured Condoms 10's Pack


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Skore brings in an international flavor to its flavoured condom range. For the first time in India, Skore has introduced Pinacolada flavor, which is completely new to India. Pinacolada is a sweet tasting cocktail that is the national sensation of Puerto Rico, known as the Island of cheer. Made using the combination of rum, fresh coconut cream and pineapple, Pinacolada has a mesmerizing taste. It is consumed by people of all ages in Puerto Rico and neighbouring countries in the North American corridor.

When you want to surprise your girl friend and expose her to a completely new taste, then you buy Skore pinacolada flavoured condoms. The moment she has your organ in her mouth, she is going to go wild as the special taste is sure to excite her beyond belief. You may have to hold onto your nerves as she is sure to indulge longer than usual time in oral sex.  Experience mesmerizing sex tonight.