Okamoto SKIN LESS SKIN CONDOMS - Vanilla Flavor 10's pack


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Okamoto Skin Less Skin contoured and dotted condoms are tailor made for those who are keen about having a highly sensual time with their partner in bed. While dots can take her to a new high in her erotic journey, contours can make her mourn loudly in excitement when it rubs across her soft vaginal muscles during the act.  If you haven't experience it yet, it's time that you try it right away. Sexual encounters always boil down to giving and taking pleasure.

Okamoto condoms are made to help you both get heightened pleasure and unmatched excitement. You can see her go gaga over every push. Go full steam and see how exciting she finds with every move. To add vitality to your whole experience Okamoto skin less skin with contoured and dotted condoms come in exciting Vanilla Flavor. Vanilla is simple, exciting and one of the widely loved flavours among others. 

Okamoto Skin Less Skin Vanilla – Product Info

Colour & Lubrication: Pink and Lubricated

Texture: Dotted

Flavour: Vanilla

Shape: Anatomically Shaped & Teat ended

Condom Size: Width: 53 ±2 mm