Manforce Green Apple Flavoured Condom 10's pack


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Manforce has wide range of flavoured condoms and the latest to join its bandwagon of flavoured condoms is green apple. Manforce Green Apple Flavoured Condom is made to make your love making sessions all the more enjoyable and pleasurable. It can make your oral sex particularly exciting with green apple being an intense flavor with intriguing taste. 

Green apple generally has both sweet and sour taste and the condom with green apple flavor is sure to ignite her taste buds and her passion, making her to take your male organ in her mouth as long as possible. Open the 10's pack and you can see the excitement writ large on her eyes. The flavor is sure to excite her as soon as you wear the condom and she would love to handle it all herself. She is sure to get completely aroused and the love making session is sure to turn into a memorable one.