Manforce Butter Scotch Flavoured Condom 10's pack


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One thing that we all should remember is that women enjoy oral sex as much as men enjoy cunnilingus. It gets all the more better when she can feel an exotic flavor while holding your manliness on her mouth. Butterscotch is an exciting flavor that is liked by women world over for its buttery and distinctive taste. For those who are not familiar, butterscotch is derived out of brown sugar and butter. Manforce Butter Scotch flavoured condoms are made to make your oral sex delightful, exciting and intensely passionate. 

In addition to tasting your manhood the flavor will make her wanting more and the whole affair will turn into passionate indulgence. She would love to taste your manhood as long as possible due to the intense butterscotch flavor and this will make her feel completely aroused making it easy for you to move your organ inside out. Try Manforce butter scotch flavoured condoms next time and see how intense your love making session gets into.