Kamasutra Longlast Spray


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Kamasutra is a sensational sexual wellness brand in India. The brand is known for its exotic range of condoms, sprays, and other sexual wellness products. Kamasutra condoms are a sensation among young men and loved by young women in India for its quality and range of condoms. Knowing well that intimate lover would love to indulge in intimacy for an extended period, Kamasutra has introduced LONG LAST SPRAY, an exclusive spray that can allow men to indulge in the act of a longer duration and experience extended intimacy.

The spray needs to be used at least 10 minutes before the act. The skin-friendly spray will desensitize the tip of the penis and allow men to continue in the act for a longer time than the normal duration. The spray can work amazingly well for men suffering from premature ejaculation as they can use the spray to please their lady love without any worry and can subsequently build confidence with the regular use of Kamasutra long last spray.