Kamasutra Double Whammy Strawberry-Blueberry Flavoured Condoms - 12's Pack


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There is more to Kamasutra Double Whammy condom series. As women have special preference for taste and sensitive to certain flavor, there is always a need for more exciting flavours. Kamasutra Double Whammy Strawberry-blueberry flavor is created for those women who are particular about the choice of their flavor even when they go down their knees. 

Strawberry has a strong and exciting aroma that is sure to kindle her senses and extend the time of her indulgence with your organ. Blueberry is yet another pleasant smell. When both strawberry and blueberry are mixed in your condom, you can be sure of an outstanding sex tonight. You can see her experiencing heightened pleasure as she begins to enjoy the sweet aroma and your passionate manhood. Place an order for a 12's pack and be sure of an exhilarating indulgence. Chances are more that she would insist on the same condom over and over again.