Kamasutra Double Whammy Choco-Vanilla Flavoured Condoms - 12's Pack


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Double Whammy is an exciting variant introduced by Kamasutra which comes with a combination of two flavours to double your excitement during the love making. The double-whammy condoms are created to help you double-up your sexual pleasure allowing her to enjoy every bit of her intimate time with you. Double Whammy Choco-vanilla is a cool combination that is intended to give her unique taste when she holds your organ on her mouth.

The addictive bitterness of the chocolate and sweet taste of vanilla can combine to give a zingy taste during the oral sex. Don't be surprised if she enjoys oral sex as your manliness combined with an exciting flavor can make her indulge in oral for a longer duration.  If you are planning to surprise her and have an elaborate session tonight, then Doubly Whammy Choco-Vanilla is the best bet. Use it and see how she goes wild tonight.