Crotchless Sexy Pink Window Thong


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Crotchless sexy pink window thong is a thong that is similar to male thong without the crotch. It comes with a white little lace which runs along the middle portion making it look all the more sexy. It is made of a silky soft material that can be extremely comfortable to the woman who wears it. It can be downright sexy and can enhance the sex appeal to a great extent.

It is different from a panty as it can expose a bit of the vaginal line through the connecting white lace, whereas a panty will cover the feminine asset completely. When it is worn, it can be extremely seductive and irresistibly sexy. Whoever gets an opportunity to see a woman in crotchless sexy window thong is likely to get excited and extremely aroused. When you are planning for a romantic date, this can set a wonderful mood for you and him. Order one online and see how exciting it gets. 

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