Pregakem Pregnancy Detection Kit

Pregakem Pregnancy Detection Kit

Preganews Pregnancy Test Card

Preganews Pregnancy Test Card

Garbha Rekha Pregnancy Test Kit

Garbha Rekha Pregnancy Test Kit

Pregakem Pregnancy Detection Kit

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Pregakem Pregnancy Detection Kit - Product Description

Are you waiting to announce the good news - share your joy by confirming your pregnancy at your end? Then Pregakem can come handy. You can cherish that best moment of your life with Pregakem as it can help you know your pregnancy status through some easy steps.

When you want to know or wanted a way to self-confirm your pregnancy status, then Pregakem offers you a quick, easy and convenient option to know your status accurately. Pregakem is a renowned pregnancy detection kit which allows you to self-confirm your pregnancy using a quick and easy method and you can know the result accurately in under 5 minutes.  Pregakem confirms your pregnancy by detecting the presence of hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) hormone in your urine, as this hormone is produced in your body only when you are pregnant.

Each Pregakem carton box contains

-              1 Pregakem Kit pouch containing 1 test device, 1 dropper and 1 silica gel puch

-              1 elegant urine collection tray

How to detect your pregnancy using a PregaKem kit?

We give below step-by-step testing procedure using Pregakem Pregnancy test kit.

Step 1 - Take the Pregakem mono carton and open it carefully. You can find Pregakem kit pouch and a urine collection tray inside the carton.

Step 2 - Collect urine in the urine collection tray, preferably first urine in the morning. Don't open Pregakem kit pouch at this stage.

Step 3 - Open the pouch and you can find 1 test device, 1 dropper and 1 silica gel pouch.

-              Test device is meant for detecting your pregnancy

-              Dropper is for collecting and dropping 3 drops of urine in the kit at portion marked 'S' in the device

-              Silica gel pouch has no role in pregnancy detection process but it is meant to keep the test device moisture free and protect it from degradation.

Step 4 - Place the test device on a flat surface. Please don't keep it open for a long period

Step 5 - Put three drops of urine into the portion marked 'S' on the device using the dropper and see the results within 3 to 5 minutes in the portions 'C' and 'T'.

Observe the appearance of lines on the device and you can interpret the result as:

A) Pregnant - If you can see two distinct pink/red lines appear in the result window marked 'T' & 'C', then you can confirm yourself that you are pregnant. The result is the same even if the lines appear thin or bold.

B) Not-Pregnant - If you get only one pink/red line in the result window marked 'C', that confirms you are not pregnant at the moment. You may try the test after few days using a fresh Pregakem kit if you don't get your periods.

Note: If you get a negative result (not-pregnant), chances are that you might have miscalculated your period dates. In that case, you can wait for a week and repeat the test.

C) Invalid - If no line appears in the result window or if only one pink line appears in the result window marked 'T'. It is recommended to repeat the test.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Pregakem Pregnancy Test Kit

What is PregaKem?

Pregakem is a quick and easy-to-use Pregnancy Detection Kit using which you can self-confirm your pregnancy in 5 minutes by following simple testing procedures. It can be used at home and doesn't require any external help.

Where can I buy Pregakem Pregnancy Detection Kit from?

Pregakem is an Over-the-counter product. You can buy Pregakem from any chemist/pharmacy shop near you. You can also buy it online from and get it delivered to your home.

How does Pregakem Pregnancy Test Kit work?

Pregakem detects the presence of hCG hormone (human chorionic gonadotropin) in the urine. This hormone, called as 'pregnancy hormone' is found in urine only when one is pregnant.

How accurate is Pregakem Pregnancy Test Card result?

Pregakem test result is 99% accurate. However, the accuracy depends on how diligently you follow the instructions and when do you take your urine sample.

When Can I perform the Pregnancy Test with Pregakem Test card for best results?

It is recommended to do your pregnancy test using Pregakam kit on the first day of your periods or later. It is better if you can do the test after one week of your missed periods to get best results as the hCG level increases rapidly during early pregnancy thus ensuring accurate detection.

Can I Perform the Pregakem Pregnancy Test before first day of expected Period?

Though you can perform the test as early as 6th day of your unprotected sex, chances of getting accurate results are very less. Same is the case with your test before first day of expected periods. As the hCG levels won't be sufficient enough so early, Pregakem test kit may not be able to give you a positive result. To self-confirm your pregnancy, you should do the test only after the first day of your missed periods.

Where to drop the urine on the Pregakem Pregnancy Test card?

Take the first urine sample of the day and using the dropper put 3 drops of urine in the kit at the place marked 'S' on the device. That's enough. You can wait for 5 minutes to know your result.

Can I perform two tests at a time with Pregakem Pregnancy Test kit to double confirm my Pregnancy status?

Yes. You can perform two tests one after the other with the same urine sample. But you should use fresh for the second time.  Please know that Pregakem pregnancy detection kit is a single use kit. So, buy 2 kits and perform the test twice to reconfirm your result.

Why it is recommended to do Home base Pregnancy Test early morning?

The first urine in the morning contains the highest level of pregnancy hormone (hCG - human chorionic gonadotropin) in it. That’s why it is always recommended to take pregnancy test early morning and that too with first urine in the morning.

Why there is a urine collection tray in the Pregakem Pregnancy Test Kit carton?

What is its exact use?

The unique urine collection tray helps you collect your urine conveniently and in a hygienic way. It also helps you use urine properly without wastage to get better test result.

How long it takes for the results to appear after adding urine drips in Pregakem Pregnancy Test Card?

Test result will appear within 5 minutes after adding urine drops in marked in area ‘S’.

What needs to be done if Pregakem Pregnancy Test is Positive?

Positive result is a confirmation that you are pregnant. Next step is to consult your doctor.

What needs to be done if Pregakem Pregnancy test is negative?

A negative result means the following

-              You may not be pregnant

-              You must have miscalculated your period cycle and hence you can redo the test after a week if you don't get your periods

-              Your urine sample may not have enough hCG to be detected.

You can repeat the test if you don't get periods in the next few days. Consult your doctor if your next test is still negative and your periods have still not started.

Pregakem Pregnancy Test Card show negative; Is there any possibility for me being pregnant still?

Sometimes the production of hCG may not be sufficient enough to be detected. So, you can repeat the test after a couple of days if you don't get your periods. It can happen to few people of they do the test too early to identify hCG presence.

What should I do when I get an invalid result with Pregakem Pregnancy Test Kit?

You can conduct the test once again with a new pack of Pregakem pregnancy detection kit and see results.

I get two faint lines at the end of the Pregakem Pregnancy test kit, what should I do?

You can repeat the test after a week to get a more accurate result. In the sense, you can get two clear, bold lines if you are pregnant. As the detection kit detects the presence of hCG hormone, it will be more as your pregnancy progresses. So, your chances of detection of hCG is high if you do the test a week later.

What is the indication if I don't get any lines even after waiting for 5 minutes after conducting the Pregakem Pregnancy test?

The result will show within 5 minutes in 99% of cases. However, if you don't find appearance of any lines, then you can repeat the test with a new pack of Pregakem Pregnancy Kit.

Will the results of Pregakem Pregnancy Test kit remain valid, if the device is kept in an open are for longer time?

Within 5 minutes after adding urine sample, results will appear. Past 10 minutes, the result is no longer valid.

What are the precautions to be followed while using Pregakem Pregnancy Test Kit?

- Read the instructions carefully given in the Pregakem kit before performing the test

- The test should ideally be done on the first day of your missed period. If the test is conducted before the first day, chances of getting negative results are high due to low hCG levels

- Do not consume excessive liquids before the test, as this may dilute the hCG hormones in your urine leading to inaccurate results.

- Use a clean and dry container for urine collection

- You should not touch the absorbent area marked with 'T' and 'C' as the foreign particles in your hand may disturb the chemical which can detect hCG

- Pregakem kit needs to be kept in a dry place

- Pregakem kit should be placed on a flat surface while performing the test

- Open the Pregakem kit only 5 minutes before the test. The kit should not be kept open for longer time

- Breeze may alter the results. Thus the area where test is performed needs to be non-breezy. Do not perform the test near a fan, air cooler, or near a window.

- Certain drugs may cause inaccurate results. If you are on drugs for infertility treatment, it is better to consult your doctor before performing the test.

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