Nottyboy SexOmetry Multi Textured Condoms - 10's Pack

Nottyboy SexOmetry Multi Textured Condoms - 10's Pack

Nottyboy JuicyLucy Strawberry Flavored and Dotted Condoms - 10's Pack

Nottyboy JuicyLucy Strawberry Flavored and Dotted Condoms - 10's Pack

Manforce Cocktail Strawberry-Vanilla Flavored and Dotted Condoms 10's Pack

Manforce Cocktail Strawberry-Vanilla Flavored and Dotted Condoms 10's Pack

Nottyboy SexOmetry Multi Textured Condoms - 10's Pack

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NottyBoy SexOmetry 3in1 Multi Textured Condoms - Product Description :

NottyBoy SexOmetry multi-textured affair offers you an all-round roaster that will give an intense session of drooling, kissing, and sensuous lovemaking. The perfectly designed pleasure seeker will make you cross all the boundaries of sexual pleasures. The combination of dots with ribbed and contour surface is all you need for the night to carry on your most loved fight. In fact, the 3 in 1 sexual ammunition is your desired weapon for winning the battle of seductive lovemaking.

Product Information – Condom Details (Specifications)

Flavour: Non-Flavoured

Texture: Dotted, Ribbed & contour

Lubrication: Yes

Material: Natural Rubber Latex

Disposable Bags: Included

Package: 10 Pcs

Size: Length 180mm (min) | Width 53 ± 2mm

Why NottyBoy Condoms?

NottyBoy condoms won’t just intensify your precious moments of lovemaking, but it will also give you an extra edge over your fantasies and drooling pleasures. Our condoms are for everyone who loves to get a bit naughty during their love session while acing safeness. They are made to stretch your moments for longer and hotter sessions. Whether you’re using dotted, extra dotted, flavoured, non-flavoured or our super slim affair, NottyBoy is sure to make you go on a roll.

Where to buy Nottyboy condoms?

NottyBoy condoms are available in all major e-commerce stores and online condom markets in India. If shyness or embarrassment is taking over you, then the simpler option would be to place an online order on our website, The order will be delivered to the respective customer in 1-2 business days in the form of discreet packaging.

How to properly use NottyBoy Condoms for extra pleasure?

1. Tear the NottyBoy Condom packaging from the side of the wrapper and make sure that you don’t damage the condom.

2. Avoid the use of nails, scissor, teeth or any sharp objects in opening the condom because you may end up damaging it this way.

3. Take out the condom and placed it on the head of your penis (The erect one).

4. Squeeze the tip of the condom very gently so that no air is trapped inside.

5. Roll it down to the base of the penis while holding the tip. If it doesn’t fit in place or it doesn’t unroll, then the chances are that either it’s too old or damaged or you’re putting it backwards.

How to dispose of NottyBoy Condoms after use?

Notty Boy condoms understand the concept of lovemaking. We know how it feels after you’re done with your sexual encounter of hotness. Finding a poly bag or a tissue is a big headache after the session. So, Notty Boy condoms come with disposable pouches so that when you’re done, you should dispose of the deed like a pro. After all, enjoying the moment is more important than thinking about throwing them.


For Single Use Only.

If used properly, condoms can help reduce the risk of HIV (AIDS) & many other Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI). However, no method of contraception can give you 100% protection against pregnancy, HIV or STDs. For optimal security, the product should be placed in a cool and dry place, i.e. away from the sunlight.

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