KamaSutra WonderMAX XL Condoms

KamaSutra WonderMAX XL Condoms

Manforce XXL condoms - Musk Flavoured

Manforce XXL condoms - Musk Flavoured

KamaSutra WonderMAX XL Condoms

97% of 100

KamaSutra XL condoms are exclusively made for those who need a little extra something. With an increased length and a dotted texture, this condomprovides a comfortable fit and added sensation.

Pack - 12's

Length: 200 mm min

Lay flat width: 53 +/- 2 mm

Availability: Out of stock

KamaSutra WonderMAX XL Condoms - Product Description

When you want something more from your physical intimacy, when you want to experience more sensation, more excitement and more pleasure during your intimate time with your partner without having to compromise on your safety, then Kamasutra WonderMAX XL condoms can help you achieve all that and more.

As the name indicates, this XL condom are a bit longer than the usual condoms and has more dots on its texture to help you give your partner a quivering sensation and an exploding orgasm as the protruding dots can stroke sensual points inside her vaginal walls giving her extraordinary pleasure, which may not be possible under normal circumstances.

When you want to make your next intimate session truly special, you can buy a pack of Kamasutra WonderMAX XL Condoms and give her an exploding orgasm that she should remember it forever, as the pleasure she experiences with this condom on can be truly exhilarating and that it is hard to get otherwise.

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   Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

  • kadar
    What are the condom sizes available in India?

    In India, there are two condom sizes available as per Drugs and Cosmetic Act.   Standard Size Length - 180 mm (minimum)  Flat width - 53 ± 2 mm  Smaller Size Length - 170 mm (minimum)  Flat width - 49 ± 2 mm More on How to determine your condom size? ...
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