Fanny Bomb: Flogger whip - Black

Fanny Bomb: Flogger whip - Black

Fanny Bomb: Flogger whip - Red

Fanny Bomb: Flogger whip - Red

Fanny Bomb: Flogger whip - Black

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Fanny Bomb: Flogger Whip - Black - Product Description

Fanny bomb has brought out an exciting flogger whip to allow couples to enjoy intense sexual pleasure.

Have you ever tried to give or receive gentle pain during lovemaking?

If you haven’t done, then it is worth trying as inflicting pain is part of sex according to world’s leading sexual almanac, Kamasutra.

It is noted that many women would love to receive pain during lovemaking and the pain gives them an erotic high, which allows them to enjoy guilty pleasure. Fanny bomb flogger whip is designed to allow couples enjoy giving or receiving little pain during lovemaking.

The flogger is made of tiny strands which can give gentle pain without leaving any mark on your skin, yet allow the receiver to feel little pain. This can make your lovemaking intense, fun and enjoyable.

Couples can change roles and thus both partners can share the experiences of flogging and how it intensifies the pleasure during their time in bed.

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