Extra Pleasure Condoms Sampler - 40's Pack

Extra Pleasure Condoms Sampler - 40's Pack

 Multi Texture Condoms Sampler - 55's Pack

Multi Texture Condoms Sampler - 55's Pack

Moods Condoms Sampler - 50's Pack

Moods Condoms Sampler - 50's Pack

Extra Pleasure Condoms Sampler - 40's Pack

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If you have ever used extra pleasure condoms, you will know that these condoms can give you more pleasure than natural, skin on skin sexual encounters. Extra pleasure condoms are specially created to help you get maximum pleasure. It can make your encounters highly sensual and exhilarating Extra Pleasure Sampler pack consisting of 40 condoms from 2 brands Moods and Kamasutra is ideal for extra pleasure seekers. The pack comes with Blaze condoms; Aloevera lubricated condoms and absolute xtasy variants of Moods condoms and Wet N Wild, Chill Thrill, Warm Intimacy and Extra Smooth variants of Kamasutra.

When you begin to use the extra pleasure condom sampler pack, you can find her wanting more and you can surprise her with a new variant every time which can multiply the pleasure factor. Your love making can get exciting, intense, sensual and absolutely exciting with extra pleasure sampler - 70's pack. The condoms come with long expiry and the name of the variant can be found at the back of the condom sachet.

Product Description

  • Assortment of Warming, Cooling and double lubricated Condoms
  • Bulk Pack of 40 Extra Pleasure Condoms (Repacked)
  • Brands and Variants Included
    • Moods Silver Series
      • Silver 1500 dotted Condoms
      • Silver Electrify Condoms
      • Silver Joy Ride Condoms 
    • Kamasutra
      • Wet N Wild Condoms
      • Chill Thrill Condoms
      • Warm Intimacy Condoms
      • Extra Smooth Condoms
    • Carex Gold Condoms
  • Long Expiry
  • Image is for representation purpose only
  • You can find the variant name on the back of the condom Sachet
More Information
Name of Commodity Latex Condom
Color Transparent
Country of Origin India
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