Dragun Dotted - Washable Condom

Dragun Dotted - Washable Condom

Climax Delay Crystal Condoms with Dragon Hood - Washable Condom

Climax Delay Crystal Condoms with Dragon Hood - Washable Condom

Dragun Dotted - Washable Condom

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Dragun Dotted - Washable Condom - Product Description :

Silicone Dragun Dotted Washable Penis Sleeve is an exciting product that promises to make your love making exciting, memorable and highly pleasurable.

The washable condom comes with dragon dots, which are sharp and rigid protrusions that run along the length of the condoms.

During love making, these dots can stroke her soft vaginal tissues while you move your organ inside out and give her exhilarating pleasure that she wouldn't have experienced otherwise.

The rigid, yet soft dots are specially created to stroke her sensual spots inside her moist vaginal walls and make her go wild in pleasure. This exciting condom can be paired with Cooling lubricants, which can give her cooling sensation and make your love making a silky smooth affair.

The Silicone Penis Sleeve and Cooling Gels can complement each other and ensure you both have a memorable love making session.

There is no limit to the amount of fun you both can have.

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    Can I use lubricants with condoms?

    Yes, you can use lubricants with condoms. Please be informed that condoms are lubricated during the manufacturing stage. So, the condom that you buy already has lubricant on the outside, inside or both. If you still want to use lubricants to make your a...
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