Cupid Female Condom Lubricated -EXPORT PACK - 2's Pack

Cupid Female Condom Lubricated -EXPORT PACK - 2's Pack

Cupid Female Condom Vanilla Flavoured - 2's Pack

Cupid Female Condom Vanilla Flavoured - 2's Pack

D'sire Female Condom

D'sire Female Condom

Cupid Female Condom Lubricated -EXPORT PACK - 2's Pack

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Cupid Female Condom Product Description:

Cupid Female Condom Lubricated Export Pack is a premium female condom that is meant to provide women an opportunity to enjoy every bit of her intimacy with their love interest without compromising on the protection from unwanted pregnancy and infections.

The female condom needs to be inserted properly into your vulva before vaginal sex. Those who are using it for the first time needs to see the videos to learn about correct ways of inserting female condoms. However, it is easy as anybody who can insert tampons can very well slide female condoms properly.

Cupid lubricated female condoms are meant to give you maximum pleasure during your intercourse as the condom is lubricated on both sides helping you have a smooth glide and there won't be any pain or discomfort during intercourse.  It is recommended to insert cupid female condoms during foreplay to avoid unnecessary interruption.

Try it tonight and see how comfortable it gets.

Female condoms are making its way into the sex life of young couples in India. Increasingly women like to use Cupid Female Condoms as it helps women take good control over the physical intimacy and they need not worry about unnecessary conception as they have total control.

Though it may be little awkward in the beginning, female condoms are equally comfortable when you get used to it.

The entire act of sex can be exciting for women with female condoms on as it can rub against her clitoris giving her intense pleasure. 

To make your love making exciting and tasteful Cupid Female Condom comes in exciting vanilla flavor and lubricated variants. Female Condoms have lubrication on both sides.

For first timers, they need to know how to insert female condoms and then they can go about repeating it. Female condoms are simple and easy to use. It can be used by almost every woman who can use a tampon. Female condoms can also be used for anal intercourse.

Cupid Female Condoms are freely available at drug stores across the country. Women love to have it as it gives them better control over and they can be sure about protection. Few women go for it as her partner refuses to wear condom or not used to wear condoms.

Only thing it requires bit of training during the first time to insert the female condoms on to the vagina correctly. There are countless demonstration videos available for woman to try female condoms on her own.

Though it might look little cocky in the beginning, it becomes normal after few times.

Cupid Female condoms are known to give more pleasure to woman as the outer ring of the condom rubs against the clitoris during the to-and-fro motion of penis.

Women empowerment is an overused term in our social circles. But if there is one thing that offers real empowerment to women in every sense, it is Cupid female condoms.

Cupid Female condoms are specially made for today’s educated, free-spirited and upwardly-mobile women who would like to take absolute control over their life. Clinically tested for side effects and allergic reactions, female condoms are ideal for every woman who wants to enjoy a healthy sex life without any worries.

Cupid Female Condoms Advantages

  • Offers uncompromising safety and convenient to use
  • Gives women the freedom to prevent infection and unwanted pregnancy.
  • Women can use female condoms when they know that their partners are allergic to latex condoms. This way they can take charge and make sex enjoyable to both of them without compromising on the safety aspect.
  • Can be used with water based or oil based lubricants.
  • Doesn't interfere with women’s natural hormones or menstrual cycle in any way.
  • Female condoms make way for a highly sensual sex as the external ring may rub against the clitoris during active vaginal intercourse. So, a woman can experience dual stimulation simultaneously.
  • Unlike male condoms where the risk of semen spilling over the vagina when the man loses erection, female condoms can ensure absolute safety even after ejaculation.


-             For few women, it may cause vaginal irritation and irritation to penis

-             Condoms might slip into the vagina during vaginal intercourse or into the anus during anal intercourse.

Cupid Female Condoms - Frequently Asked Questions

How can we use Cupid Lubricated Female Condom?

If you have not seen a female condom, then it is good to make an attempt with Cupid Female condom. It will look like a small pouch that can be inserted into vagina before intercourse.

The condom has two flexible rings, a bigger open ring and a small closed ring. The closed ring should be inserted into the vagina and open end should be left at the outside.

Then a male penis can be inserted from the open end and the closed end will hold the pre-cum and semen when the male ejaculates at the end of the intercourse.

How effective a female condom when it comes to protection?

Cupid Female condom Lubricated is very effective in preventing unwanted pregnancy. When inserted properly (which needs some practice), it can hold semen from entering vagina and thus protect the woman from unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

How safe it Is to use Cupid female condoms?

Cupid Female condoms are absolutely safe to use. The condoms are clinically proven to be safe for women. The condoms are also proven to be safe to use during anal sex.

How to use a Female Condom?

You may need little practice during the first few times. Then it becomes very easy and comfortable to use. A step-by-step method with images is given below for beginners.

Step 1 – Open the seal carefully and take out the female condom and see whether it is in good condition. Make sure sharp object like scissors, finger nails, sharp objects, bangle don't come near the condom while opening.

Step 2 – Hold the condom and using your index finger and thumb squeeze the sides of the inner ring so that it forms Number 8 like structure. See figure.

Step 3 – Close the inner ring and then insert it into the vagina slowly. The closed inner ring is meant to hold the semen inside after ejaculation while the outer ring will remain open at the opening of the vagina for intercourse.

Step 4 – Gently push and insert the condom on to your vagina. You can choose a position that is comfortable for you to insert – standing, squatting, raising one leg, sitting, or lying down.  

Step 5 – Slowly push the inner ring as deep as it can go into your vaginal opening. Use your middle finger to push the condom further in. When it is fully inserted, you are ready for an intercourse.

Step 6 – Now your partner can insert his penis onto the mouth of the condom. Make sure the penis is not going on the sides between the vaginal walls and the condoms. Stop the intercourse when you feel the condom is slipping. Adjust with your fingers and place it right so that you can continue the intercourse.

Step 7 – To remove the female condom safely after ejaculation, hold the outer ring and twist it at the top to arrest the seminal fluids in the middle and then pull it out carefully as shown in the figure.

Can it be used multiple times?

No. Female condoms are meant for single use only. After use, wrap the condom in a sachet or paper and throw it in dustbin. It should never be flushed into your toilet.

Where to buy Cupid female condoms? Do I need to taka prescription to buy it?

No. Cupid Female Condoms can be bought just over the counter in pharmacies and super markets. No prescription is required. You can also buy them from and get it delivered to your home in a discreet packaging.

What to do when semen enters vagina despite using a female condom?

If your partner has ejaculated into your vagina, use an emergency contraception pill immediately or visit your gynaec for a consultation. Emergency contraception pills are very effective in preventing conception if it is taken before 5 days from the date of unprotected sex.

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