The Virtuous Husband - Sex Position 8

The Virtuous Husband Sex Position

Make her rest on her knees. You kneel behind her and give her a firm massage along her shoulders beginning from the bottom of her neck. Hold her shoulders firmly and press along the back and move on to the other shoulder.

Her slender shoulder and soft back can be wonderful to touch and you can rub it gently it firmly. While pressing her shoulders, you move forward and whisper something that can sweep her off completely.

It could be something, "you look so beautiful from up close and I could do this to you whole night". Compliment her skin tone and how flawless she looks in her bare skin and how wonderful you feel touching it and feeling it all over her back.

Plant kisses on her bare back while continuing your sensual massage. You can try the massage using a warm oil and see how she reacts to it.

Divine Moment:  Rub your ribs along her shoulder line and make it as much sensual as it gets.

Pure Nirvana: Move your hand further more and press her bulging assets gently.