Kissutra: The ultimate guide for Kissing

Kissutra: The ultimate guide for Kissing

Kissing is an amazing experience, and it triggers positive emotions both on part of the giver and the receiver. It establishes an instant connect and soothes body and mind alike instantly for both parties involved.

Kissing can be a real fun and start of a passionate relationship between couples. Kissing is a form of expression of love and liking, but the intensity and pressure varies with person to person.

A mother kissing her son or daughter can have loads of love, but what she gives to her husband can be entirely different in form and fashion. The same woman will give a different kiss to her mother or granny.

So kissing can take many forms depending on the person and situation. There are many types of kisses each of us will involve in our day-to-day life. 

Scientifically kissing helps in lose calories and release happy hormones that make us strong internally.

Kissing can be fun and an act of intimacy as it involves pulling someone closer, brushing our lips with theirs and get immersed in the act.

1. Cheeky Knock - Cheek Kiss

Cheek Kiss is a show of affection and it is a good way to start with your girl friend. But cheek kiss can happen even with a friend to say hello or giving your grandma to show how much you like her or it could be a good night kiss to your mother.

If you want to make your cheek kiss into a erotic one with your partner, then there are ways.

You can choose the part of cheek that is soft and then brush your lips gently at first and then try to suck her cheek, a gentle sucking will do.

Then you can move from cheek to her ear, which is considered as one of the erogenous zones to ignite her erotic sensibilities. Remember, ears are highly sensitive to the touch of lips, breath and tongue.

In addition to kissing her on her ear, you can run your tongue along the ear lobe and you can see her gasping for breath in stimulation.

Teeth have no role to play in kissing, so play it with your lips and tongue while kissing her cheek and ear lobe.

2. Tender Touch - Eye Kiss

Kissing on eyes is a gentle method to show how much you love her. Move your lips closer to her eyes and ask her to close her eyes and you kiss softly on her eyes.

Eye kiss is always considered a special one as you are not likely to kiss someone on their eyes unless he or she is very special to you.

When you are overflowing love towards your girl friend, it is good to kiss her on her eyes and you can expect her to reciprocate with a strong lip kiss.

3. Affection Kindler - Forehead Kiss

A kiss on forehead happens between a son and a father or a daughter and a father or between any two people who care and protect the other one.

This is a sweet kiss that indicates the affection shared between two people. So, plant a kiss on the forehead to someone you really care.

4. Gentle Start - Hand Kiss

Kissing on the back of the hand is a sweet and sensitive kiss that could be a beginning of a romantic relationship.

Though it may or may not be sexual, it could always be regarded as the triggering point of a healthy relationship.

When someone is accepting to be kissed on her hand is a sign that she likes the kisser. Though kissing on hand happens in some customary welcoming or other part of rituals, we need not take that into account.

Kissing on hand can happen only between two lovable souls and it has been serving as the starting point of a romantic relationship between couples since ages.

5. Fetish Fun - Finger Kiss

Finger Kiss can happen only between two loving souls. Kiss your partner's fingers and see how happy she becomes. Fingers have nerve endings and when you kiss or gently lick fingers, it creates certain amount of euphoria and she will begin to enjoy those tender touches.

Be as gently as possible while dealing with her finger and she is sure to enjoy thoroughly.

6. Naughty Peck - Nose Kiss

Kiss on the nose can happen only between two people who share a good rapport and strong liking towards each other. Nose kiss is always regarded as romantic and cute.

Pull her close and give her a gentle peck on the tip of her nose and see how she blushes. Nose kiss is sure to bring smiles on both partners.

7. Back Burner - Back or Back-of-the-Neck Kisses

Kissing your partner on her back or on the back of her neck can lead to more pleasurable twists and turns.

Neck is a very sensitive zone and stroking her neckline with your lips and tongue can trigger her erotic juices and she would be instantly aroused. She could return the favour in more vigorous ways with her lips and tongue.

Enjoy the fun there after.

8. Fantastic Lip Lock - French Kiss

One of the most popular kisses around the world, the French kiss comes naturally when you have deep liking for someone.

When you both long for each other and when you meet, the first thing that could happen is a deep French kiss. Yes, French Kiss involves locking lips together and getting the tongue in action. It needs to be enjoyed thoroughly.

Experts advice couples to start slow and then thrust the tongue when you both have some amount of warming up. Explore her tongue with yours and ensure you have your mouth clean and odour free.

French kiss requires you to close your eyes and immerse in the exploration and its aftermath.

9. Begin the Fun - Keep-Away Kiss

This kind of kiss can happen when you want to drive your partner crazy and have some real fun.

When she leans in to kiss you, move away a little and then lean in and kiss her skin around her mouth and slowly move along her upper and lower lips, without kissing on her lips.

Allow her to move her lips closer to yours and you still move away and make her wait for your hard lip kiss. Don't drag it too much time as it could frustrate her.

When you know the limit it reached, you hold her head and thrust your tongue for a deep lip lock.

10. First to Fast - Single-Lip Kiss

This is a gentle but sexy kiss that can be used as a trigger to go further steps to your intimacy.

Part your lips slights and pull her upper or lower lip, any one lip and then suck on it for some time and nibble it gently.

Now move to the other lip and play with it. This can ignite her beyond your belief and she would return the favour hardly.

11. Cool and Mesmerizing - Melt Kiss

This works better for couples who are so used to lip locks and want something more and want to have more fun out of kissing.

This can be done better while you are drinking together or having something together. You can place an ice cube or a fruit or even a cake in your mouth and hold it on the tip of your tongue.

Give her a French kiss, lock her lip and make her taste what you have on your tongue. You may either make her take it all herself or pass it on to her tongue. You both can play with it as long as it melts away.

12. Blow it up - Hot and Cold Kiss

Sharing your breath can be a good fun. Just pull her closer and give her a deep French kiss. Then gently blow cool air and this could be a sensual experience. Just try it with your girl friend and see how she reacts. Use a mouth freshener before indulging in this kiss for best results.

13. Sip First - Lower Lip Sucking Kiss

Start with a French kiss and hold her lower lip gently. Then suck only the lower lip for a while and run your tongue along her lower lip and hold it in your mouth as long as you could.

Kiss and gently suck your partner's lower lip. Run your tongue along their lip as you hold it in your mouth.

14. Tonguey Tang - Tongue Sucking Kiss

This kiss is possible only between two loving souls. This starts with a French kiss and advances further. While you hold her lip completely, open your mouth and gently suck her tongue.

Do it gently to the extent that you both love. Then you can allow her to return the favour.

15. Snap it - Butterfly Kiss

This kiss is rated among romantic kisses. It is actually kissing with your eyes. This may look little weird, but can lead to some good fun.

When you both are close, move your eyes over her cheeks, nose, lips, chin and to other places. The soft touch of your eyelashes can make her feel very sensual.

16. Nosy Naughty - Eskimo Kiss

This is a very famous type of kiss that is often mentioned in romantic novels.

It is about rubbing your nose against hers gently, up and down and side to side.

17. Heckle Neck - Hickey Kiss

Kissing a woman on her neckline can set her on fire. It can arouse her instantly and make her go wild.

This kiss is all about gently sucking a woman's neck to show your love.

18. Smooch Hanger - Spiderman Kiss

When you are an adventurous type, you can try this kiss. You can get a cue for this type of iconic kiss from the movie Spiderman, kissing while one person's face is upside down.

Wait, we are not asking you to hang like a Spiderman from the top and risk your life. You could try this while lying in bed or over the edge of your bed.

This kiss would turn out to be a real fun if you both can try in your bedroom.

19. Share a Sip - Sip Kiss

When you want to share your drink, there could be no better way than to try 'Sip Kiss'. You can take a sip of your favourite drink and leave the quantity on your mouth.

Don't consume it. Keep it on your mouth.

Ask your partner to kiss you and take it from your mouth. Try sharing the whole bottle and she is sure to get excited.

20. Fetish Frenzy - Foot Kiss

You wouldn't believe that kissing on her foot can make her highly sensual. As you both are accustomed to kissing and both are comfortable with each other, you can try kissing her foot. Bend down and gently suck your partner's toes, try sucking each finger one by one.

She would find your moves ticklish and exciting at the same time. Then slowly kiss her foot and brush your lips against the sole and toes of her legs.

Then move on to the other leg and repeat the same. She would find it exciting.

21. Stick it out - Lizard Kiss

This is a fun kiss and can make both partners happy. Take your tongue out and try touching the tip of her tongue with your tongue. This can lead to an exciting and fun sensation.

This is just a playful kiss that can be done when you both are involved in doing something together like cleaning the house or fixing your doors or watering your garden etc., and suddenly you can give her a lizard kiss to make it interesting.

You both can make this a regular affair to show your liking in a funny way.

22. Naughty Bite - Nibble Kiss

Giving a gentle nibble with your teeth can be a real fun, as long as it doesn't cause her any pain or discomfort.

You can grab your partner's lips, earlobe, cheek, shoulder or any other place that you used to kiss regularly.

While kissing give her gentle nibble with your teeth. Add a mild pressure and make sure sshe enjoys the little pain.

23. Knee Jerk Reaction - Back of the Knee Kiss

This is a very unusual place to kiss, but a very sensitive portion to be kissed for sure.

When your sweet heart is lying down and busy doing something or reading something, it's time for you to plant a kiss on the back of her knee.

She would be excited would even jolt at the surprise. You can work your way up and start a new session from there.

24. Kiss Track - Trace-a-Shape Kiss

This can be categorized among romantic kisses. Choose your partner's body that you really like and trace the outline of that portion of the body with your tongue. Or you can choose to write letters like LOVE or something else with your tongue.

Run it along her body and kiss along the contours of that body portion as if you are drawing an outline using your tongue.  

25. Classic Collar - Collarbone Kiss

The collarbone is one of the sensitive portions of every woman's body. Kiss her gently on her collar bone and run your tongue along her shoulder as well.

When you know that she enjoys your sex, go down and explore her bosoms and down the stomach or move up to her shoulder and then to her beautiful face for an intimate lip lock.

26. Navel Exploration - Bellybutton Kiss (Two Versions)

Bellybutton is a soft, nice and exciting place to kiss.

When you want to get playful with her, plant a gentle kiss on your sweetie's bellybutton and see how she beautifully reacts.

Alternatively you can sit on your knees and allow her to stand and then lift her shirt slightly and plant a long kiss on her bellybutton by holding her closer to you.

27. Shoulder Slip - Shoulder Kiss

Shoulder Kiss happens as a natural extension when you begin to kiss her on her cheek, ear and then come below.

When you know that she enjoys her shoulder kiss that is an invitation for you to go further down along her breasts and plant a kiss on her navel.

Then move up and then head for her rosy lips.

28. Blow a Bubble - Gum Kiss

This is regarded as a sexy kiss. Chew a bubble gum and after a while, blow a bubble and ask your partner to burst the bubble with her teeth and then ask her to take the gum from your mouth.

And then you can do the same. Passing the bubble gum from mouth to mouth can be a real fun.

This can actually be used as foreplay and then you both can move on to other aspects quickly.

29. A Quickie - The Peck

A peck is a short, closed lips kiss on the lips or cheeks which is used to greet people and is usually an expression of friendship.

Couples can greet each other in the morning coffee table with a peck on their lip or after seeing each other after a while.

A peck is a soft and sweet kiss without involving tongue and it is no way associated with sensuality.

30. Noisy Kiss - The Smooch

The smooch involves playful kissing without using your tongue. A smooch is also a noisy kiss on her lips or cheek.

A smooch indicates that you are in a playful mood and your partner is always going to love you when you give her a smooch before laying her down in your bed.

31. Say it Sweet - The Muah Kiss

This is a spoken word and has lot of emotion in it. While you are on the phone, just say 'muah' which in itself can make her happy.

You can also do it while you are distant away, may be standing either side of the road or just about starting the car and saying 'muah' ensures enduring bonding between you and her.

32. Touch a Bone - Shoulder Blade Kiss

This is one kiss that will drive her crazy and can happen when you cuddle her from behind. Women love being cuddled from behind.

When you have her in your arms, plant a kiss on her shoulder blade.

It is also recommended to run your tongue over her neckline.

Shoulder blade is also sometimes called Angel Wing.

33. Flying Kiss - Superman Kiss

This kiss suits athletic, adventurous couples who want to try something exciting.

Make her lie down and lift her leg and you can lie over her leg, kind of flying posture and then bent down a little and kiss her. Or you both can try famous superman pose and then go in for a sweet kiss.

Couples can indulge in this type of kiss only when they are in a playful mood and are eager to try something new.

34. Fun Ride - Stoplight Kiss

This is something that you can try when you are driving her around both during weekdays and weekends.

Fix a game with her. When there is a green light, she has to kiss you on your mouth. And when it is red light, you will kiss on her lip. And when there is a yellow, she will kiss you on your cheek and during the next yellow, you will give her a peck on her cheek.

You can continue doing this as you go past multiple signals and every signal creates a kissing opportunity.

This can be a real fun during long drives particularly during a date or honeymoon.

35. Plot a Twist - Twister Kiss

This is a very passionate and intense kind of kiss.

While you and your sweet heart is in bed, cuddle her hard and twist her into a shape that you have never seen her before and then kiss her on the part of her body whichever is near to your mouth.

Similarly ask her to repeat by giving you a nice twist.

36. Share it Sweet - Sweet Kiss

Give her a sweet saliva treat. Load your mouth with a candy, chocolate, cream or peanut butter or whatever that is sweet and enjoyable.

Then share it to her over your mouth and make her have her share from your mouth.

Continue the game till you finish the sweet stuff. If required you can take turns and continue till you both exhaust the stuff.

37. Rock n Roll - French Roll Kiss

This is essentially a French kiss but with a nice twist. Give her a nice French kiss and gently roll your tongue inside her mouth.

Experiment it by moving across or in and out.

Try different techniques and roll in your tongue as much as you can. She would enjoy your rolls as it would produce an unusual sensation that she wouldn't have experienced before.

38. The Wiper - Ghost Kiss (The Teaser)

This kiss involves gently teasing your partner with your tongue when she was expecting a hard kiss from you.

Just go near her and instead of kissing, use your tongue to brush along the lines of her lips and cheeks and keep doing it while she would expect you to land a hard kiss.

Do it for a while and then plant a nice one when you know that it she has reached the tipping point and dragging it any more would make it frustrating for her.

39. Paste it up - Mail Kiss

This is ideal for long distance lovers or between partners who are living apart. Just put on some lipstick and plant a kiss on a piece of paper with a loving note.

She can use this to hang up on her wall or to feel your lips when she misses you. This can help her rekindle some of the intimate moments you both shared.

40. Post a Kiss - Text Kiss

When you and your honey are connected only through a phone, you can send her a sweet virtual kiss through a text message.

Send her a kiss with a sweet message like 'remembering your wet lips and the way you kiss' or 'this message is redeemable for a nice kiss' etc.,

You can keep her in kissing mood even when you are not around physically.

As it is an expression of love, there is no limit to kisses. Kissing truly knows no bounds and can happen at anytime whenever your love hormones begin to overflow.

You can explore your own ways and invent new ways to kissing and thus make your partner happy.

Kissing also can help in the secretion of 'oxytocin' a hormone considered as happy hormones as it can make us happy and keep our body health.

So, keep kissing often and enjoy your time with your partner.

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