Embrace of the Calf - Sex Position 3

Embrace of the Calf - Sex Position

Leg massage can be really fun. It adds great value to the erotic journey when it is done passionately by your girl friend when you are lying over your bed. You lie down on your chest and make her sit close to your legs. Make her hold your legs comfortably by folding it.

Let her massage your calf muscles gently by running her fingers one by one along the length and breadth of your calf muscles. When she runs her fingers along the thigh to the tip of your butt, revel in the tingling sensation and allow her to plant a cheeky kiss on the back of your legs to any length as she wants.

Leg massage can work perfectly well for a sensual foreplay and you should try it now if you haven't tried it before. The same can be repeated using your lips, which can make the whole exercise all the more sensual and exciting.

Divine Moment: Try massaging the leg with your lips.

Pure nirvana: Run your fingers from toe to the top of the butt.