Turning Away - Sex Position 360

Turning Away - Sex Position 360

This is a unique position that involves using a double-ended dildo. When a double ended dildo is used, it can help both partners enjoy a hardcore stimulation a skinny dipping. This position is ideal for couples who want to experiment in bed and are open to give and receive pleasure.

You can lie on your back and lift your feet and place it on her shoulders. She can kneel and position her bums over your bums. She can insert a double-ended dildo with one end on her pleasure hole and the other end on your butt hole.

As dildo is hard enough, she can ride over it and experience the pleasure of stimulation. Simultaneously you too can enjoy a harder stimulation as she goes to and fro. Generously use a Personal lubricant of your choice.

You can hold her hand for grip and support and ensure you both get a snug fit. She can also bend your organ and get it going inside through her hip movements.

Divine moment: Listen to her moans and feel aroused

Pure nirvana: Get her wet pond explode in pleasure by spraying your juice

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