The foot clasp - Sex Position 6

The Foot Clasp Sex Position

Ever tried giving your girl a sensual feet massage?

Ask her to lie down on her stomach and you begin your slow and sensual massage from her feet. Make it slow and touch every bit of your feet from the tip of her fingers and run down to heel and then work on her calf muscles.

If required, you can massage using warm oil, which can make the session all the more interesting and sensual. Oil can give you a nice feeling to rub her soft and smooth skin. After spending sometime on her calf muscles take it up and rub her thigh muscles gently.

Give sufficient pressure that is soothing for her and over doing can spoil her mood and she will begin to feel pain. Play it gentle. While massaging, compliment her body by saying something like 'You are beautiful from your head to toe and every inch in between' something that can make her feel good. 

Divine Moment:  Run your lips and set her on fire.   

Pure Nirvana: Lie over her and rub your lips on her neck. She would love to have you all over her.