Signs that show you had Great Sex

Signs that show you had Great Sex

Sex can make you immensely happy. But the quality of sex varies from time to time and with the mood and participation levels of your partner. Not every sex can be great, but there are those special when you both can enjoy amazing sex. There are signs that are typically associated with great sex. Let us see some of them.

Hearty Smile - You both cannot stop smiling for a while. The secretion of endorphins, happy hormones, can make you smile genuinely. The feeling may be so good that you both would share a hearty smile after climax. This is the first and foremost indication that you both had a mind blowing sex.

One body part twitching uncontrollably - Your body may still be lingering on the intensity of your action in bed. Your private part or your thigh my still be twitching involuntarily indicating that you had an action-packed sex. The intensity of your sex may be too overwhelming for your body part that it may take a while for it to come down to normaly.

You realize how hungry you are - When you realize that you hungrily you acted with your partner, after a long time, it is a clear indication that you both had a wonderful sex. You wouldn't have acted with such hunger in the last few occasions that you would feel the difference in the hunger level. When erotic juices begin to overflow, the need for sex may be too much that you would indulge with greater intensity and that makes the whole session very special.

Want to do it again - When you feel like jumping back into bed for an action-packed session again, it is a clear indication that you had a great sex. When you had the best time, it is natural for your body to crave for that same experience again.

If you can't find your underwear - If you are not sure where you threw your underwear and had difficulty in finding it after your session, no doubt, that you had an exciting time in bed. When passion overrides your emotions, you both can't wait to get into the action too quickly that you would do anything to get into bed and indulge in action.

Neighbor complaints - When your neighbor knocks your door and asks you to reduce the disturbing noise of screeching bed, then you both can be sure of having mind blowing sex.

You suddenly recollect - In the middle of the meeting in your office or sipping a coffee or in the middle of some activity, when your mind begins to feel those special moments you had last night in bed with your partner, then it is sure that you both had exciting time in bed. The happiness you experienced will be so deeply ingrained in your bed that it comes out suddenly and fills your mind.