Most Popular Bedroom Role Play Cosutmes for Erotic Seduction.. You must try tonight.

Most Popular Bedroom Role Play Cosutmes for Erotic Seduction.. You must try tonight.

Erotic Role Play Costumes – Why to Use?

Role Play costumes are those that are specially designed to rekindle those sexual fantasies that is deep rooted in the minds of men and women. These costumes play a significant role in allowing men and women to experience their fantasies in their real life. This will give extraordinary sexual urge leading to extreme arousal and power packed performance leading to heightened pleasure for both partners.

For instance, when you have a sexual fantasy of indulging in lovemaking with a school girl, and having a school girl in your bed with typical school costume is certainly a sure shot way to re-living that sexual fantasy in real life. Having your partner in bed wearing a specific role play costume will make you enjoy the lovemaking much more compared to usual lovemaking.

These costumes can also be used to spice up your sex life as this will help both partners to exert special energy and enjoy heightened pleasure during lovemaking. Acting out scenarios and using some role-specific dialogues can make the whole thing a great one.

What is a role play costume?

Role play costumes, also known as adult costumes, are the ones that are specifically created to add fun and excitement to your otherwise mundane sex life. These costumes allow men and women to experience a kind of sex that they had been dreaming for long. These costumes are known for making foreplay sessions lot more exciting leading to greater arousal for both partners.

The best part is, both partners not only live their dreams in role play costumes, but they are enjoying the heightened pleasure in real time. The outcomes have proven to be outstanding that couples could ever ask for. Imagine when you can make love with a submissive nurse or a naughty teacher or a sexy maid in real life, the kind of arousal that you can get is unimaginable, as everything will happen in real.

The same is the case of a woman who is keen to play a submissive role and love to get dominated by a doctor, master and a policeman in real life. Role play costumes will allow couples to enjoy lovemaking in its most exciting dimensions.

The costume helps couples feel the situation lot more as they are indulging in something with the kind of partner that they had dreamt of.

Couples who feel that their sexual energy is dipping or feel that their sex life has become too monotonous can try role play costumes to infuse fresh energy back into their bedroom. To reignite the passion and to set the tone for an exciting time again, couples across the world are choosing role play lingerie. This allows them to see each other in a fresh perspective and thus be able to attract each other for a passionate indulgence.

Role play costumes – men and women’s perspective

Let’s see how these costumes work for men and women, as each one’s perspective is different when it comes to lovemaking.

Bedroom Role play costumes for Men

Multiple secret sex surveys have proven beyond doubt that men get turned on looking at young, cute and submissive women in their uniforms or traditional attire. Men get aroused looking at women in different situations at different times. In general, men find school girls irresistible, particularly when they are in their uniforms.

Men are crazy about cheer girls. A helpful and kind nurse can also turn men on instantly. A submissive maid or a subordinate can make men go crazy as well. At different stages of life, men have different fantasies and role play costumes can kindle deep rooted fantasies instantly leading to a highly satisfying lovemaking for men.

Bedroom Role play costumes for Women

Women always crave for attention and they are known to prefer men who can dominate them in bed. Though women also love to take up dominant roles, but most women prefer to be dominated in bed by their partners. They want their men to fall for them consistently and indulge in lovemaking intensely.

Women prefer role play costume as it helps them present themselves in a new way and gain great attention. By presenting themselves in different costumes, women can drive their partner wild as they will become hot and unpredictable. Women too can live their fantasy by choosing the costume they love and play dominant or submissive role, as deem fit.

How Role Play Costumes can work as a great gift?

When you want to give your partner a memorable and enjoyable gift, it could be a role play costume. Many women may be little hesitant to buy a role play costume as they are not aware of the utilities. Whereas when you give this as a gift, she is going to try it in real life and enjoy exhilarating pleasure. And when she begins to enjoy guilty pleasure in bed, then she herself will push you to buy more role play costumes. The same can work for men as well. Women, who are particular about enjoying a dominant role in bed can buy role play costumes.

What are the different types of role play costumes available in India?

When you are keen to buy role play costumes, you can find a wide range of costumes in our platform. Whatever may be your fantasy and object of special arousal, you can find a costume that is best suited to your imagination. You will be spoilt for choices as you can get an endless variety of designs, styles, colours, fabric, style, size and fit.

You just have to choose whichever you both think would work and we can assure you that you both will have great time in bed with these costumes. Many couple who are happy with a costume will tend to try another one and we could see that from the buying pattern of our distinguished customers.

These consumes are made by a professional team to help couples indulge in passionate lovemaking so as to spice up their sex life and thus enjoy a better relationship. These costumes are available in a variety of colours, textures and finish making it comfortable to wear as well.

Merely wearing role play costumes doesn’t mean that you can live your fantasies. That is why we have given below some fantasy ideas for each costume to make it work perfectly for you and her. As a couple, you both are free to use your imagination that you think can work and use it every time. You are most welcome to try many role play costumes and enjoy sensational sessions in bed every time.

With role play sex, you can be sure of enjoying phenomenal pleasure every time and your sex life will continue to be sensational.

The following are some of the highly preferred role play costumes among young Indian men and women.

Sexy School Girl Costume

It is natural for every men and women to develop sexual fantasies during school days as those were the periods in life when human body goes through rapid hormonal changes and sexual desire blooms in every one.

School girl costume is the most popular one across the world as it helps men and women to rekindle their school day sexual urge and satiating that fantasy in real life is something that can give extraordinary pleasure during lovemaking. You could be her loving boyfriend or her dominant teacher. You can have her fully as your partner will be on your side in sexy school girl costume.

In turn, girls can use this costume to give their partners a special treat as no male is going to say NO to a school girl. This special costume can be ideally bought and used during special occasions like anniversaries, honeymoon, special dates, second honeymoon, birthdays and other important days.

Fantasy Ideas

  1. Make her ‘stay late’ for a disciplining session and you begin to discipline her for disobedience and not scoring enough. You be a dominant teacher.  
  2. Teach your innocent classmate about feeling associated with each part of the body and touch her
  3. As a school girl, you go to your partner and beg him to put more marks to prevent you from failing in a sexy school girl costume and tell him that you are desperate and ready to do anything to get a pass grade.

Naughty Nurse Costume

Naughty nurse costume can work perfectly well to unleash your deep rooted fantasy about getting kinky with a sexy nurse while being attended by her as a patient or commanding her while being a doctor.

This fantasy works well for girls as well, as they too would like to get hooked with a sexy looking patient and same with a smart doctor as well. This costume helps you both relive those fantasies and makes you feel getting intimate with a nurse in real life. The costume is not only comfortable to wear, but will also designed in such a way to enhance her sex appeal and make her look irresistible.

Enjoy good time in bed with your partner. This costume is comfortable to wear and designed in such a way to enhance her sex appeal to a great extent. In this costume you can find her partner looking irresistible.

Fantasy Ideas

  1. Ask her to give you a powder bath and make her rub all your body and then seduce her with your movements and reactions
  2. Make her attend to you late in the night and tell her that you are having pain in your organ and ask her to relive your pain by rubbing it with a pain balm.
  3. Tell him that you need to do a deep analysis which might require him to undress completely and then do a thorough check all over his body with your finger.

Cheer Leader Costume

Cheer leaders always get rapt attention and it is no wonder that your partner would love to indulge with you more intensely when you show up in a chic cheer leader costume.

The sexy, chic and revealing cheer leader costume is sure to make your partner look at your shapely body in awe. This costume will help you move around in the bedroom in a high energy. This costume will help you showcase your body in the sexiest way possible. This costume can be used on special occasions and special dates when you want to give your partner a treat.

Fantasy Ideas

  1. Cheer leader costume works best when it is done in a surprise. Suddenly spring up in this sexy costume in your bedroom and cheer him up by removing your costumes one by one. Surprise factor can work wonders and your partner is going to be aroused intensely with your swift and energetic actions.
  2. Ask your partner to remove his dress one by one and make a loud cheer with each removal, which will further motivate him to remove faster.

French Maid Costume

French Maid is a globally popular role play costume and no wonder, young couples in India also buy it to enjoy sensual role play sessions in bed.

Many men have a deep rooted fantasy about dominating their maid as they can exercise control and dominate because of the psychological advantage. Women too would love to get dominated in bed and play a submissive role.

It is reported in secret surveys, that maids too develop a kind of liking towards their masters when they find impressive characters or looks as they see them on a daily basis.

As maids are seeing them every day, they too would have developed a familiarity and liking. Most men get turned on when they find a sexy maid attending to their house hold chores. Maid-master is a phenomenal role play concept that is used by young couples across the world. This role play costume is specially designed to show maid in a sexy outfit.

Fantasy Ideas

  1. Make her sweep the floor and you hold the mop and show her how to sweep properly. Touch her body while holding the mop stick and gently make her understand your motives.
  2. You seduce your master by wearing this sexy outfit and serve him coffee. Intentionally spill it on his trousers and make an attempt to rub it off using your hand and say ‘sorry’. Tell him that he can punish you for the mistake.
  3. Ask her to give you a gentle massage and slowly remove your dress while she massages your upper body.
  4. As a woman, you can seduce him by unbuttoning your blouse and ensuring your bulging cleavages are visible to your master. Ask him for some extra money to meet some urgent need. Tell him that you are desperate and ready to do any sort of favour to get the money.  

Sultry Sailor Costume

The sexy sailor costume allows you and your partner to enjoy highly pleasurable lovemaking as a sailor and a caption or a sailor and a passenger, whichever way works best for you. This costume can be used during your honeymoon or during a special date when you both are in an exciting mood to enjoy sensational lovemaking. This costume is specially designed to allow her to look sexy and to add tremendous value to her seduction capabilities. This is best suited for couples who are familiar with sea travel or familiar with sailing as they can enjoy tremendous pleasure as they would have seen and fantasized during their routine.

Fantasy Ideas

  1. Ask her to come to deck and tell her that you can show surprising scenes over the ocean. When she comes near you, slowly begin to touch her and tell her that nothing can be more beautiful than herself.
  2. You order him to follow you and tell him that he needs to come closer to you as they have to go through a turbulent sail for a while. Then hug him tight and you make your intentions known to him by making initiatives to end the game on a high and happy note.

Lovely Princess Costume

This is a sensational costume as it is the right costume for women to choose as men are naturally going to be attracted to a princess and who is going to say no to have a princess in his bed? This sexy and elegantly designed costume is meant for honeymoon or for those special occasions when you both want to enjoy great time together.  This costume will make your sweet heart look like a princess and it is nicely designed to allow her to showcase her assets in the most elegant and captivating way possible. This costume will make her look irresistibly attractive and add great value to her natural seduction abilities.

Fantasy Ideas

  1. Enter the room and punish him for not being responsible enough to come and hold your hands, by asking him to start kissing you from your toe.
  2. You can teach dance steps or martial arts to the princess by holding her close to your body and slowly you can play with her privates and move on further until she enjoys a sensational orgasm.  

Fireman Costume

This costume exudes strength and confidence to a great degree and it would be a perfect treat to appear in this costume before your sweet heart. This costume can make your time special as you can play a different role of a savior and lift her up to help her evacuate during an emergency situation. You both can use fireman costume in many creative ways to explore your sexual fantasies and finally enjoy a great time together. This can be ideally worn during your anniversary or birthdays or other important dates that mark the important days of your relationship.

Fantasy Ideas

  1. Lift her up and run around your bedroom telling that she needs to be evacuated immediately. Then throw her on the bed and lie down completely over her telling that you are doing this to protect as something is expected to fall from the ceiling. When you know that she is aroused, then you can begin your play.
  2. As a woman, you can run around the bedroom in start naked shouting, ‘fire’ ‘fire’… please save me. Then, you he can appear in full uniform, hold you up and take you to a safe place…. You can thank him for his swift action by planting a kiss, he can kiss back and thus you both can start your game of love.

Naughty Teacher

Every man is sure to have a crush with atleast one of his teachers in school days and using naughty teacher costume is the best one to surprise him and please him on special days or during a special date. As a woman, nothing can be a greater treat that giving yourself to him in a sexy naughty teacher costume as he is going to enjoy extraordinary pleasure. This specially designed costume is sure to make her look elegantly irresistible. As a woman, you need not teach him anything, but you can learn about his sexual preferences and deep seated sexual fantasies. This costume can be ideally used during honeymoon or special days like anniversaries, birthdays etc.,

Fantasy Ideas

  1. Make him write his assignments and go closer to him, hold his hand and ensure he writes his assignments properly by leaning closer to him ensuring your body touches his hands and shoulders. You can whisper in his ears about correct ways to write.
  2. You can hug him saying that he is the best student you have ever come across and kiss him as a mark of appreciation. Move on further when you know that he is aroused.

Sexy Air-hostess

Air hostesses are the cynosure of all eyes in the airport. Usually air hostess are young, attractive, have a chic and shapely body and pleasing manners. It is natural for men to fantasize about having a good time with air hostess. Their skimpy and elegant costume adds great value to their elegance and natural seduction abilities. You can either buy this costume to surprise your man, and as a man, you can gift this costume to your girlfriend and enjoy extreme pleasure in bed. This sexy costume is sure to make her look irresistible. Not many will get an opportunity to have some good time in bed with an air hostess and trying this costume is sure to give tremendous satisfaction to every man.

Fantasy Ideas

  1. Have something in one hand and ask her for a cup of water. When she hands over water, ask her to remove your pant zip as both of your hands are engaged. She will do the rest.
  2. Say that you need to strip search her as you suspect her to be carrying something inside her dress.

Stunning Santa Costume

Santa is known for his gifts and this stunning santa costume allows you to give yourself as a gift to your partner allowing him to indulge in passionate lovemaking with you in bed. This single piece costume in red colour allows you to showcase your sexy body in the most elegant and surprising way possible. With a large central opening, it allows you to showcase your cleavage and sexy navel area including your hips and thighs. This costume can be used during special occasions as he is sure to go on floors looking at your sexy body.

Fantasy Ideas

  1. Wear this sexy santa costume underneath your dress or a large gown. Blind fold him and ask him to pray to Santa to give him some special gift. Then remove your outer dress and stand before him in this sexy outfit. Open the blindfold and allow him to take a good look at the special gift from Santa that is you.
  2. Wear this Santa costume underneath and surprise him in the bedroom by removing your outer clothing. He is sure to get surprised looking at your sexy body in a highly seductive costume.

Wild Bunny Costume

This costume is meant for extra fun in bed as it allows both partners to unleash their deep seated sexual fantasy in real life. This sexy costume is made using laced fabric and it comes with harness belts and a head liner to resemble the shape of a bunny ears. This all-revealing costume allows you to showcase your shapely and sexy body in the most tempting way possible leading to instant arousal for him. This is sure to turn him wild instantly and he would be thoroughly pleased to have passionate indulged in bed with you.

Fantasy Ideas

  1. Hold her by her ears and bring her closer to you. Then you caress her tight with your power and begin to make love harshly without giving her any scope for resistance.
  2. Surprise him during important occasions. First blindfold him with a cloth and then show up in this sexy costume. Make a noise like a bunny and see if he can recognize it. Then remove his blindfold and let him take a good look at you. He is sure to go awe looking at your sexy body and then could pounce on you literally.

Erotic Bride Costume

This specially designed bridal costume is meant for young couple who would like to play bride-groom role play in real life. This costume will allow you to experience your first night with real emotions of a married couple even before your marriage. The costume is perfectly designed for a bride allows you to showcase your sexy body and seductive looks to your partner in the most tempting ways possible. You can experience an intense encounter in bed as your partner is sure to get thoroughly aroused as he couldn’t have imagined you to turn into such a sexy bride.

Fantasy Ideas

  1. Dim down the lights and make her sit next to you. Start the game slowly and treat her the way you would treat your bride in the first night. Remove her clothes slowly and indulge in the game with great love and passion.
  2. Make the night special by appearing in the erotic bridal costume. This can be done to spice up your sex life and make him turn nostalgic. This will also make him indulge in lovemaking with you in a renewed spirit as he can literally relive his first night thoroughly without any anxiety.

Police Costume

This is yet another role play costume that will allow you to enjoy a dominant performance in bed. As a cop, you can dominate him as he will take up the role of a thief. You can handcuff him and make him plead for a release. You tell him whatever you want him to do to avoid going to prison. Push him down, and beat him with a small stick and ensure he screams in pain. Give him a time to do whatever he wants as an act of retaliation. In this way, you both can enjoy guilty pleasure and enjoy your sexual fantasies in real life.

Fantasy Ideas

  1. Handcuff him and blind fold him. Tell him that he is going to receive harsh punishment for not hugging you or kissing you the moment you entered the bedroom. Punish him by inflicting pain and ask him to repeat when you undress yourself complete.  
  2. When you show up in a police costume, ask him to be like a naughty thief. Place your loaded gun on his temple and ask him to comply with your demands to avoid an arrest. Tell him what he need to do and enjoy great time in bed.
  3. Enter the room and punish him for not being responsible enough to come and hold your hands, by asking him to start kissing you from your toe.
  4. You can ask him to undress quickly by saying that you wanted to do a strip search as you are suspecting that he is hiding something big inside his body. Then you can run your finger across the length and breadth of his body, including his privates.  

Rowdee Referee Costume

This costume is best suited for women who would like to indulge in some form of femdom and also for men who are keen to receive some dominant pleasure from their partners. If you are a girl and you are serious about playing a dominating role in bed with your partner, then this costume is meant for you. Wearing this referee costume, you can be strict and set performance rules. You are free to punish when he under performs or tries to deviate from expected performance levels. This costume not only gives a chic and tough look, but allows you to play a rough game in bed with your partner. You can order your partner to do whatever you want and punish him when he tries to violate the rule.

Fantasy Ideas

  1. Enter the room and blow a whistle. Ask him to come and hug you. When he hugs you, spank him for not kissing you. Ask him to be responsible and play the game as expected. Tell him that he would be punished when he doesn’t do what is expected of him.
  2. Punish him at the slightest mistake of him. Create opportunities for him to make mistakes and then handcuff him and then do whatever you wanted to do.  This way, both you and him can enjoy sensational time in bed.

Cheetah Costume

This is a special role play costume that is way above the usual stuff. This special costume allows you to experience animalistic pleasure while allowing her to exert some real pleasure on your body through biting and scratching. When you want to allow her to have some real fun and indulge in something that she loves, then cheetah costume can be the best choice. She is going to love every bit of her time as she can threaten you, over power you and bite you the way she wants. All that you can do to enjoy more fun is to scream in pain and allow her to do whatever she wants.

Fantasy Ideas

  1. You can play more of oral in this costume and bite him to discipline him whenever you feel that he was not performing to your expectations or to expected pressure and intensity.
  2. Sport a jaguar costume and hunt him down in bed. You play the dominant role and eat him out completely in that costume. Bite him as much as possible in places that you have not bitten him. Enjoy his screams. This way, you can bring in more fun into your bedroom.
  3. When she wants to play a submissive role, you can hunt her down and play with her body parts to ensure she remains completely grounded without any fight.

Military Costume

This sexy costume in camaflouge design allows you to look ultra sexy and thus you can make your partner fall for you instantly. This sleeveless design with a deep central ‘V’ cut allows you to showcase your bulging cleavage in the most attractive way. The body-fitting costume with harness to hold onto your thigh and pelvic region is going to make him look at your groin area and thighs in awe. This costume allows you to dominate your partner and best suited for lovemaking involving femdom. You can punish him for not doing what is expected of him and inflict mild pain, which he is sure going to enjoy. This costume can be used on special occasions and for reasons to spice up your sex life.

Fantasy Ideas

  1. Pin him down with your hands and place your leg over his organ for his inaction. Ask him to stand up and kiss you hard without touching you with his hands. Then you take up the action and ask him not to use his hands. When he tries to touch you or hug you, punish him with a hard slap or spank.
  2. Tie his hands and legs and discipline him with your force. Undress him and ask him to move over your body with his hands tied back. This will ensure good body contact for both you and him.
  3. Arrest him for illegal entry into unauthorized portion and handcuff his hands. Then check his body thoroughly to know whether he is hiding anything inside his clothes. Then carry out your investigation by strip searching him completely.

Sexy CEO Costume

Men prefer to work with a sexy girl and more so when she is going to be their boss. A sexy CEO is sure to attract eye balls and men are more than willing to do what is asked for as they would be keen to impress her with their performance. The sexy CEO costume allows you and him to experience work place related fantasies in real life. You can dominate him in bed and ask him to do whatever you want in a bossie-tone. He is sure going to enjoy your domination as he too would like to receive pleasure. This sexy CEO costume can be ideal for special occasions and can also be used on regular days to spice up your sex life.

Fantasy Ideas

  1. Ask him to come to your cabin and make him come closer to take a look at the plan. Touch his privates taking advantage of the closeness and ask him to remain in the same position when he tries to move around. Then make him aware of your intentions and proceed with the game.
  2. Tell him that you are going to fire him for non-performance and he has to do few things to remain in the job. He has no other option but to accept your advances and carry out all that you want him to do in bed.

Goddess Costume

Who doesn’t want a goddess to appear in real life and enjoy being with her. Goddess costume is best suited when you want to worship the beauty of your sexy partner and praise her for her looks, flawless and shapely body. This specially designed costume using a soft cloth with robes and long flowing design allows you to cover your body in the most elegant way possible and sure to get a goddess look. He is sure going to get impressed with your divinely look. This costume can be used on special occasions and use it to bless him with a pleasurable lovemaking.

Fantasy Ideas

  1. Blindfold him for a while and ask him to pray for good time and you appear in this specially designed costume. With your glowing skin and cheerful face, you are going to look special and make him look at you in awe. You then grant him good time by removing your costume at one go and present yourself to him.
  2. Ask him to act like sleeping and you slowly touch him on his head. Go near to him and hug him tight asking him not to worry about life as you are there to take good care. You slowly begin to kiss and proceed with other things that you want to do, while making him feel comfortable throughout. Ensure your lovemaking is as passionate and as emotional as possible.

Mermaid Costume

Mermaids have a special place in our society, whether it is true or not, we all believe the existence of mermaids. Mermaids are regarded as innocents and love men who treat her well. This specially designed costume allows you to indulge in an intense lovemaking with a sexy mermaid. Though this costume restricts her leg movements, you can make use of it by holding her closer and explore her hot body at your will. This two-piece costume is designed in such a way to make your girlfriend look innocently sexy allowing her to showcase her flat abs, navel button and her cleavage in the most natural seductive way possible.

Fantasy Ideas

  1. Use a net and catch her with it. Then slowly bring her out of the net, lift her up and place her over the bed carefully. Then rub her hands, legs and face with your fingers to help her gain some body heat as her skin would be too cold because of being in the water.
  2. Remove her dress and tell her that you wanted to see her completely. Start the game when she is start naked and enjoy good time with a hot mermaid.

Sexy Secretary Costume

Boss-secretary relationship is the famous gossip that is doing the round across the world from a very long time and it is prevalent even today as the chances of being impressed and drawn towards each other are immense as they interact on a daily basis. This sexy costume is sure to make him look at you differently as you will look irresistibly sexy. The costume is designed in such a way so as to expose your assets in the most elegant way possible. Many secret surveys have proved that bosses have secret fantasies about indulging with their secretaries as they feel that they can dominate through the psychological advantage. Women can use this to seduce their partners on important days and special occasions to enjoy extraordinary pleasure.

Fantasy Ideas

  1. Make her do some correction work in computer and point out mistakes by leaning closer to her, to the extent of touching her face and shoulder with your face. Then slowly touch her boobs with your fingers and then stroke it gently till you feel that she is aroused and allows you to play with her.
  2. Threaten her that you will fire her if she doesn’t comply with your demands and also promise her a raise if she accepts your advances.

Cow Girl Costume

Cow girls are known for their sexy body and sharp physical abilities. They are physically strong and always quick to react. They are gifted with a sculpted body, which is sure to make men fall for them instantly. It is good to indulge in a fantasy sex with a cow girl right inside your bedroom by making your girlfriend wear the sex cowgirl costume. This specially designed costume is so revealing that you can take a good look at her bosoms, abs and her pleasure hole, though it is covered with a sexy panty. Cow girl costume can be used on important occasions as men are tend to get quickly aroused and indulge in an intensely pleasurable lovemaking.

Fantasy Ideas

  1. Threaten her using a toy gun and ask her to remove all her clothes one by one. Hold the gun near her temple unless she turns start naked. Then drop the gun and start your play.
  2. Act like an injured man with gun wounds on your legs and seek her help to move to a safe place. Allow her to pull you or lift you with all her strength. While she makes an attempt, fall over her body and act as if you are fainted. Make her lie down in bed and then lie over her completely.

Cave Girl Costume

This is yet another costume that is worth trying as this is sure to give unbelievable pleasure. Exploiting an innocent girl and seeing her react to each touch is something that can give immense pleasure in bed. This cave girl costume is sure to give tremendous arousal to a man. It is generally believed that a cave girl has not been exposed to many finer aspects of life including elaborate sexual act and making use of her innocence and lack of exposure can add tremendous experience in bed being with her. This costume is designed in such a way that it will be revealing allowing you to take a good look at her physical assets. You can cajole her into accepting your physical touches by making use of her innocence.

Fantasy Ideas

  1. Touch her boobs and ask her why it looks bigger. Undress your shirt and ask her to touch your chest to feel the difference. Slowly remove her dress to take a good look at the differences in physical attributes and when she is fully naked, begin to play your game and arouse slowly.
  2. Touch each part of her body and ask her to tell how she feels. You can start from the head and run your finger all along her body. Extend your touching time in erroneous zones of her body.

Pilot Costume

How about having some fun time in bed with a pilot? Yes, this specially designed costume is meant for young men and women who are keen to explore some high-flying sexual fantasizes in real life. This sexy costume allows you to look like a seductress pilot in skimpy costume. Men in general have developed a special liking towards air hostess and pilots as they look elegant, sexy and charming. Having a good time in bed with a pilot is something that every man will dream about. You can use this costume to give a treat to your partner on important occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, honeymoon etc., You can indulge in a passenger-pilot role play and he is sure to enjoy great pleasure indulging with a sexy pilot.

Fantasy Ideas

  1. Tell him that you want to check his identity card and insert your finger on his pocket to check for his card. Run your fingers over his chest pocket and continue to check across length and breadth of his body.
  2. Act as a terrorist and put a gun (toy) on her neck and threaten her to do what you as for. Then ask her to follow your instructions and then make her remove her dress one by one.

Pirate Costume

This sexy costume is best suited to showcase your sexy body and your steely nature when it comes to enjoying pleasure. This costume allows you to take pleasure from him forcibly and enjoy every bit of your time in bed. You can invade his bedroom in this sexy costume and handcuff him even before he attempts to flee. Then you can take the lead and run your hands all along his body and ensure you get what you want. This costume can be used for all occasions including on special days of your togetherness.

Fantasy Ideas

  1. Tell him to keep his mouth shut and place a large knife (play knife) on his neck and tell him to behave. Then handcuff him and blindfold him too, if possible. Then run your fingers all along the body and undress him. Get whatever you want and enjoy the pleasure being a dominant player.
  2. Show him the plunders that you have made and ask him if he wants a share of it. When he says that he wants, then tell him that he has to fulfill your favours and make him do it the way you want. Get it done and enjoy great time in bed.

Wild Cat Costume

When you intend to enjoy a wild encounter in bed with your partner, then this costume is ideal for it. The wild cat costume is designed in such a way to showcase your sexy features in the most elegant way possible. He is sure to get wild when he happens to see you in this sexy costume. This single-piece design barely covers your bosoms and pleasure hole leaving all other body parts exposed. Whenever you want to have a wild encounter, you can use this costume and enjoy good time in bed. This can also be used on special occasions like honeymoon, birthday, anniversaries etc., to enjoy a wild and fulfilling lovemaking.  This costume comes with a special design supported by harness belts to help you retain a chic and sexy looks.

Fantasy Ideas

  1. Wear this costume underneath a gown or a loose-fitting outfit. Then blindfold him and then remove your outer dress. Just pounce on him in this sexy costume and indulge in a wild act. That is sure to turn him on and arouse him enough to indulge in a wild encounter.
  2. Appear in this sexy outfit and tell him that you are feeling pain. Make him rub that portion and then slowly change the spot in your body and make him touch all along your body. This is sure to induce him to act quickly and get on with a wild indulgence.  

Devil Costume

How devilish can you get in bed? Yes, when you are keen to act as a devil and play a hard game using your teeth and nails with your partner in bed, then this costume is best suited for you. When you want to have an intense encounter in bed and wanted to be hard on him for a while, then this costume is best suited for such occasions in bed. This sexy costume with harness straps and a head gear that reflects devil’s appearance is best suited to enjoy some ‘painful pleasure’ with him. You can bite him and make him scream in pain and enjoy guilty pleasure thoroughly. He is sure going to enjoy receiving pleasure as you take the dominant role. This costume is special in many ways and thus can be used on special occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, special dates etc.,.

Fantasy Ideas

  1. Blind fold him and appear in this sexy costume. Without he even realizing what is going to happen, you bite him hard near his neck and hold his crotch hard using your fingers. Ensure he screams in pain and enjoy your pressure.
  2. Fix a time for punishments in your bedroom and appear in this sexy costume at the pre-determined time and begin to punish him. Ensure the punishing session has a happy ending.   


This site features a wide range of role play costumes that are increasingly used across the world by young couples to enjoy fulfilling sex and experience heightened pleasure. Make sure you both discuss about these costumes before indulging and buy the ones that you both think are best suited based on your sexual appetite and physical features. Both partners should be aware of limits to ensure you both enjoy safe sex without any permanent bruise or injury.

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