Making an Advance - Sex Position 4

Making an Advance - Sex Position

We have heard that women love to be embraced from behind. Though they like cuddling facing each other, embracing from the back is something that gets them hooked from the very moment you wrap your arms around her waist.

As women love surprises, embracing from behind adds that 'surprise' factor into your intimacy. The first step to initiate a sensual sex is to plant a passionate kiss and cuddle her from behind.

Embracing from the behind also allows you to have a great control over body as you are in an absolute position to explore every inch of our frontal portions. Further, you can ignite her passion by rubbing your lips down along her neckline, which is sure to push her high in ecstasy.

She could feel much better when your stiffened organ rubs against her butt and chances are very bright that she could guide your hands to her bliss button.

Divine moment: Close her from behind when she is least expecting it.

Pure Nirvana: Gliding your hands into her bliss button.