Erectile Dysfunction - Is it a problem of the body or the brain?

Erectile Dysfunction - Is it a problem of the body or the brain?

Many men across the globe are facing erectile dysfunction and many women are silently suffering due to this. But it is still not widely known whether it is the body or the brain to blame for impotence. In many cases, it becomes the cause of the brain and erection takes a beating when a male goes through stress and depression.

But there are some simple home diagnoses that can help you understand the origins ofED, if at all you experience it. 

Early Morning Bulge - It is perfectly normal for men to experience bulge in the boxer shorts upon waking. It is because testosterone gets stored up throughout the night and results in the bulge. It is a perfect indicator that your erectile tissues in your penis are in working condition. Erection during morning is also an indicator that your reproductive system is in order. If you have any adverse medical condition, such as low testosterone levels, erections will not occur in the morning. 

Paper ring over penis - An olden day method involves rolling a strip of paper around the flaccid penis of an impotent man by using mild glue. If the paper ring stays intact throughout the night, the cause of the impotence is physical. If the paper rips off from the shaft due to swelling, the impotence is psychological. This simple method can either be tried by men themselves or may do it with the help of their partner. Just tie the paper lightly and it shouldn't be uncomfortable.

Of course, this home test is just a guideline and cannot be taken as a full scale medical diagnosis. A complete physical examination by a doctor is the best and only means to determine underlying factors toED.

Let us see some of the common mental and physical contributors of Erectile Dysfunction:

Mental Contributors

Depression and Antidepressants - If you are going through depression, you are more likely to find it difficult to get an erection. Depression affects your testosterone production leading to flaccid penis. When you take antidepressants, it can also affect your erection, as it will work on the entire nervous system.

There are other factors such as Fear of STDs, low self confidence, feeling low about your penis size, low self esteem, relationship issues, first time jittery can also affect your ability to get a full blown erection.

Physical Contributors

Whiskey Dick- If you are under the heavy influence of alcohol, you may not be able to achieve an erection.

Obesity - If you are overweight, your penile tissues may not get sufficient blood flow leading to poor erections

Jelqing - Harmful effects of Jelqing can affect your ability to get an erection permanently.

Wrong condom size - When you have an improper sized condom, it can also affect your ability to get and retain an erection.

Medicines - Certain medications can impact your erection capabilities. Your physician can help you regulate it.

Prostate Problems - if you are going through prostate problems, you may not get proper erection.

What are the safe and natural solutions to overcome erectile dysfunction?

Healthy diet - Eat proper nutrition and diet. Use herbal supplements to enhance your sexual health

Avoid alcohol - Staying away from heavy drinking can help you enhance your erection levels

Yoga - Doing regular yoga can help you enhance your sexual health

Kegels - Doing kegels is a proven method to improve your erections

Scheduling Sex times - Make it a habit to have sex at a regular time, this may trigger your penile tissues to act accordingly

Other Solutions

There are other solutions such as using Viagra, Erection Rings, Penis pumps etc to enhance your ability to get and retain erections.