JELQING : Everything you need to know about.

JELQING : Everything you need to know about.

Before going further about Jelqing, let us see what the dictionary definition of jelqing is: "a penis enlargement technique in which the thumb and index finger are wrapped around the penis and repeatedly drawn away from the body in order to force blood into the glands and encourage vascularity"

Most young men across the world are obsessed with the size of their organ. According to secret surveys, men in general consider that their organ is not big enough and is inclined to increase it using proven methods. Penis enlargement is a booming industry across the world and particularly in America. Penis enlargement surgery is still one of the most desired cosmetic surgeries performed across the world next only to liposuction.

Anyone would be tempted to try Jelqing as it doesn’t require any external tools, pills, injections or special products. It just involves using your fingers and stretching the organ physically, many times a day. It simply involves stretching the semi-erect penis from base to head using fingers repeatedly. It should be done many times a day and increasing the number of Jelqings every day may to achieve desired results.

Though there is not even one single authentic published result of Jelqing exists as a scientific proof, but Jelqing is widely popular because of anecdotal claims made about the benefits are often taken as fact as it is often promoted as non-invasive method and doesn't involve the usage of any product / chemical / tool etc., Jelqing practice involves a series of stretching exercises designed to all length and girth to your penis.

In short, Jelqing is bodybuilding equivalent for your penis. 

  1. Start to stroke your penis to get it 70% erect - The essential aspect of Jelqing is that it should not be fully erect. Your organ should be relaxed enough to let you push blood through it stroking it
  2. Use lubrication - Apply some lubrication along the length of your penis before starting to Jelq it. The lubrication can be anything like Vaseline, Lotions, Baby oil or anything that you are comfortable with. If you don't use lubricant, you may feel irritation, skin chafing, discomfort and mild pain. Using lubrication can allow you to stroke your penis faster and without any interruption.
  3. Make 'O' grip - Hold your penis using your index finger and thumb in such a way that you get a 'O' shape. If you are not happy with 'O' grip, you can change the way you hold your penis, then change the position of thumb and index finger. Now, you can keep the thumb on the underside of the penis while the index finger on top. Both the fingers are curved and pointed towards each other, which will look like you are trying to pick up something.
  4. Start from the base - Start your grip at the base of your penis and slowly move the fingers up the penis. Use mild pressure which shouldn't cause any pain, but you should feel the pressure.
  5. Release at the top - Release the grip as you reach the tip of your organ. This is one cycle of Jelq.
  6. Repeat - Repeat Jelqing using one hand or using hands interchangeably. Each Jelq will take about 2-4 seconds. You can continue doing upto 20 minutes every day.
  7. Never over stimulate - It can happen quiet often to over ambitious men. You need to be careful about not putting so much pressure and strain on your penis.
  8. Using Penis Pump - Instead of using your hands, if you want to try some device, then you can try 'penis pump' from reliable sources.

Most online sources suggest that you have to wait unless you're almost erect. Then you should lube your organ and then grab the base of your penis with thumb and index finger. Applying pressure, you should slide your hand up and down as if you are 'milking' your organ. You have to release and repeat. Most Jelqing guides recommend 20 minutes of practice every day.

What is the purported science behind Jelging?

There are two theories supporting Jelging.

Theory 1 - Some sources claim that the exercises can help increase the amount of blood the penis can hold during an erection, leading to an increase in its size during erection.

Theory 2 - Some believe that the force administered through jelqing creates micro tears in the penile tissue. New cells then grow to repair the tears, leading to an increase in size. The idea essentially boils down to 'body building for penis'

What is the effectiveness of Jelqing? Does it actually work?

Most members of the medical community say a big NO to Jelqing. There is no proof of any scientific study to confirm the increase in size as a result of Jelqing. The Jelqing actually results in squeezing blood into the erectile chambers and plumping the penis. It results in soft penis going into semi-erection state giving an impression that it has grown.

Jelqing may potentially do more harm than good. Jelqing is all about giving too much force in too little time to produce desired change. This may lead to vascular damage leading to erectile dysfunction. Some urologists suggest that aggressive jelqing might even lead to the curvature of the penis.

What are the results like with Jelqing?

Does Jelqing actually work? - There is no proof of increased penis size due to Jelqing. There is no scientific study to support the theory of Jelqing. So, Jelqing has nothing to do with the way your erection actually happens. It is not known whether it actually works.

Would a doctor recommend it? - So far, no doctor has been proven to recommend Jelqing. If it is a medically safe method, you can find doctors recommending it. If someone is not able to achieve a full erection, doctors resort to treatments which don't involve Jelqing. Therefore it is proven that professional medical body has stayed away from Jelqing so far.

So there’s no harm in trying? - Jelqing is a natural method and doesn't involve application of any internal or external medicine. As long as it’s done correctly there isn’t any harm in trying and seeing if you get anything out of the technique. However, there is always a risk of harming yourself permanently if you do it wrong.

What are the signs that you are doing Jelqing wrongly and you should stop?

-          If you are doing it too rough and fast

-          If you are obsessed with it and do it too often

-          If you feel pain or irritation

-          If you get bruises on your organ

-          If you are not able to get full blown erection

What are the Alternatives to Jelqing?

-          Change your mind and understand that Jelqing has nothing to do with your sexual performance, even if you are able to get yourself bigger

-          Make sure you are keeping your penis in superior working condition, which involves keeping your physical and mental health in good condition. If you are able to get a good erection, that is an indication that your overall sexual health is in sound condition.

-          Just like other indicators of good genes such as proper body proportions and intelligence, the ability to get and maintain an erection is a sign of good health and the ability to reproduce your own genes.

-          Don't allow insecurity and frustration cloud your mind over a few measly centimeters affect your romantic relationships or reproductive capabilities. You deserve to enjoy a stimulating sex life with your god given, natural, sexual apparatus.

-          There are many ways to sexually fulfill your partner without even using your organ. If you know to use your organ wisely, you can give her a mindblowing orgasm irrespective of its length and firth.

-          Think about women who have sex with women-- they are perfectly satisfied and aren't complaining about a too small penis inhibiting their ability to experience pleasure.

-          Furthermore, using toys is always an option whether there is a size or erection issue, or both.

-          Finally, there is no need to try Jelqing. No need to damage your delicate tissues, take pills that don't work and build up plaque that prevents erections. Avoid falling prey to the consequences of ineffective and sometimes permanently damaging penis enlargement products.

Jelqing is also marketed as a means to straighten your bent or curved penis. Vaginas, mouths and anuses are also curved. So, having a curved penis is totally normal and can actually create a larger variety of sensations for your partner.

So, what to do to increase penis size naturally and safely?

The only good thing you can do to your penis is to leave the way it is. As long as you are able to get full blown erection, there is nothing wrong with your sexual apparatus. It is a proven fact that women care a lot less about the penis size that you are obsessed with. Irrespective of knowing very well that size doesn’t matter with women, men are obsessed with having a larger  pipe down below.

-          Of course, there are safer methods to increasing your penis size. Losing weight is one of them. If you reduce the fat around your pubic area, your penis will look larger.

-          Manscaping or shaving your pubic hair completely can also help in making your shaft appear more visible and bigger.

-          Further, in the context of orgasm, the size of your organ has very little to role to play. Women reach climax by when their partners perform other sexual acts, like foreplay, oral sex, clitoral stimulation than by plumping up their penis. So, being impressive in bed involves mastering the abilities to handle a woman better in bed and not just playing with a bigger bat.

-          Male enhancement products offer some natural remedy to increasing your penis size without harming your system

-          Herbal supplements makes your stronger inside out

-          Diet and lifestyle (If you are obese and not exercising, it can affect the normal blood supply to your penis leading to poor erections. Regular exercise and healthy diet can help you improve the strength and duration of your erections.

-          Tissue remodeling is an approved medical procedure involving organic penile enhancement. Probably this is the only legitimate medical concept towards penis enlargement.

In conclusion, there are plenty of ways to please a partner which don’t involve a personal risk due to enlargement. There are many ways to have a healthy and enjoyable sex life without resorting to penis enlargement techniques like jelqing. If your partner doesn't like you the way you are, it is up to you to either move on to someone who appreciate your anatomy, or to learn to please them by alternate means.