Amazing Condoms

Amazing Condoms

Condom has been around for years now helping people to prevent infections and STDs. It certainly adds value to their life and controls pregnancy. The history of condom is complicated and this one particular product has always managed to maintain curiosity among people.

The earliest examples of condom use occurred in the ancient Egypt where people used linen sheets to cover their penis and protect from STDs and also prevent pregnancy.

Condoms basically came to the rescue when people had no idea of what to do to prevent unwanted pregnancy and STDs. Some condoms were made using animal skin. Initially the condoms were generally used by the upper class as it costed almost a week’s wage to purchase a quality condom.

The big leap happened in the 19th century when condoms were being made using bicycle tyres. The birth control needed a solution and hence a lot of thought was put into it.

Then in the 20th century, the rise of automation and machines revolutionised many manufacturing sectors and condom wasn’t an exception. The production of condoms became a lot easier and even the numbers started to increase gradually. The thick and heavy condoms became a lot lighter, which obviously made sex more pleasurable than earlier.

When the law decided to label condom as a drug and therefore all the manufacturers had to meet certain requirements. However, it was identified that about 75% of them were not actually safe. Strict testing process were put in place and it was no longer available in bars and other places. The only place it was available for people was in drug stores.

By WWII, it was realized that condoms were necessary to prevent STDs. Condoms were widely promoted to soldiers and it helped to legitimise the product because it helped people stay away from infection.

Post WWII, condoms were widely accepted and became a part of couple’s love life. It was mainly used to prevent pregnancy and STDs. But condom took the centre stage in 1960s-70s when people were open to have sex with strangers. Condoms were a must to avoid pregnancy and STDs.

In the 1980s, HIV took the world by storm and condoms were important than ever before. Condoms became the difference between life and death. It was never seen the same way again as proper use of condoms could keep people away from HIV.

Today, people no longer hesitate to use condoms and they even have the option of choosing from different varieties and flavors.

Amazing Behind The Scenes Story Of Condoms

Condoms have come a long way and thanks to people’s acceptance, the demand and growth of condoms higher than ever. People actually want to use condoms to enhance their sexual experience and hence it is imperative to take extra care and precaution while making condoms. A big manufacturing company can easily produce over a million condoms each day.

Condoms are considered medical device and hence they have to meet certain requirements set irrespective of who is manufacturing it. Now, we will take you into the process of how these condoms are made.

Today condoms are made in many shapes, sizes, and styles, thanks to innovation and technology. There are strict government regulations that the makers should keep in mind, because these condoms are necessary to avoid unintended pregnancies and STDs.

They are called rubbers because majority of them are made from natural latex – a strong and flexible material that comes from rubber tree.

Custom made moulds are used to produce wide variety of condom types. The glass moulds are run on a dipping line containing latex a couple of times to make sure a strong thin film of latex is produced.

Then the condoms are removed from the moulds, which are washed and dried for another round of dipping. Next, the condoms are washed in a solution that gives silky and smooth feel. Each condom should go through electronic test prior to packaging. To do this condom, is loaded over stainless steel shaft and electrified.

If the circuit is completed then it is defected and doesn’t make the cut. Meanwhile, the condoms that get through electronic tests are placed in a final protective wrapper and simultaneously lubricated to maximise performance, pleasure, and protection.

Two opposing foils are heat sealed together forming a wrapper. The wrapper material is carefully selected to meet stringent quality standards. The next round of test involves opening of condom from wrapper and put under a test called the ‘air inflation test’. The condoms are inflated and tested for elasticity and strength.

The condoms are then filled with water to make sure they are free from defects. These condoms are vigorously worked by hands in what is called ‘roll and need’ process. In the next step, condoms are stretched to see how far it can enlarge and how strong it is. Most condoms are stretched over 750% of their original width.

Finally, the condoms enter the chemical lab where the in-house scientists check the products. Here the condoms are extensively tested for consistency and quality standards. Once the condoms are tested, they are packaged and sent across the world.

It’s pretty cool to know that you are getting such a safe and effective product, right? Sure, you will be more appreciative about the product the next time you grab them.

Amazing Things About Condom That You Should Be Aware Of

Many of you know things about condoms and why it is used. However, it is still considered taboo in many parts and people hesitate to discuss or get condom for themselves from local drug stores. It’s time to think in a broad way and to help you come out of the mentality, we have brought you some of the uses of condom that will make you understand the reality.

Of course, it is something personal and nobody would like to discuss it in open. But, that doesn’t mean you should be ashamed of speaking or knowing about condoms that are actually so useful.

Here are some of the major benefits that you must know about condoms:

They are effective against STDs.

Sexually transmitted diseases are something you could totally avoid with the help of common sense. All you need to do is slow down and take preventive measures before jumping onto the bed. Using condoms is a sure shot way of avoiding these diseases, which includes HIV. You can always use condoms, even if you are using other types of birth control methods.

They are convenient and doesn’t cost much.

Instead of regretting later and spending a fortune, you can enjoy your sexual encounters without any worries using condoms. You don’t even need a prescription to get one of these and if you are not comfortable to go to drug store, then you have the option ordering them online. The important thing here is to just use it. They are also inexpensive and in some places it is absolutely free. So, why not make the most of it for your own good.

Condoms can be sexy.

Apart from protecting you from deadly diseases it also helps you in deriving pleasure. After all, sex isn’t fun without the pleasure. Since condoms are available in different size, color, shape and textures, it spices up things and offer different kind of senses while you are active with your partner. And of course, letting your partner put it on you is just the beginning of what could be an amazing experience.

They enhance other methods of birth control to work even better.

If you are using other kinds of birth control, then condoms will only make it work better as it gives you an extra layer of protection. Nothing is 100% effective and hence condoms can be a good backup. They also have no side effects unlike some of the other methods.

Important ‘Condom Sense’ Every Adult Should Have

We all know that everybody should use a condom to stay away from unplanned pregnancies and deadly diseases. Condoms allow people to have safe and healthy sex. Of course, people do know how important these condoms are and most of them even use it. However, it is equally important to have some sense about condoms and do the needful.

You should develop a habit of environmentally-friendly condom disposal. Firstly, stop flushing condoms, it is not how you should be dealing with them. Flushing them can clog the plumbing and when that happens, it won’t just be an expensive affair, but also an embarrassing one.

Majority of the condoms are made of latex, which means they will biodegrade. But when it is under water, latex will not biodegrade and hence it is not a good idea to flush your used condoms. Some condoms, including all female condoms, are made of polyurethane, a type of plastic. These are not biodegradable and the best method is to put them in the garbage.

A few of the condoms are made of lambskin and these are completely biodegradable. But wait, don’t just decide to buy lambskin condoms right away. Lambskin do not guarantee protection against sexually transmitted diseases as the small pores in them are small enough to block sperm, but are large enough to let sexually transmitted diseases and infections through.

These condoms are suggested for people in monogamous relationship, who have been already tested for sexually transmitted diseases.

Irrespective of what kind of condom you use, most of them will have a wrapper to dispose of. These foil wrappers are not  biodegradable, nor can they be recycled and just has to be thrown away in to the garbage.

Avoid burying your condoms because animals might smell the human scent and try to dig up what you have buried.

The best method to deal with the used condoms is to wrap them in toilet paper or paper towel (or any other biodegradable material) and only then put it in the garbage. Never wrap the condoms in plastic as they are non-biodegradable.

And the most important thing is that you should never reuse a condom. On the larger scale, using condoms is environmentally friendly because it prevents the spread of communicable disease. Hope you guys take it seriously and act maturely. All it takes is a bit of common sense and a responsible attitude towards protecting the environment.

Characteristics Of Condom That Every Adult Should Know Before Using Them

Some of you might be surprised to just check the different kinds of condom available for mature women today. Gone are the days when condoms used to be plain and boring. Today, you get different kinds with various shapes, sizes and flavors.

Condoms are not just used to prevent unintended pregnancy and STDs, but also to enhance sexual experiences of people.


Condoms are actually designed keeping women in mind. Case in point, textured, ribbed and studded condoms. These condoms provide the extra stimulation that many women need.


An ill-fitting condom can have an effect on the performance. If it’s too large then it can slip, while the tighter ones might break. However, today there are various sized to choose from and hence it shouldn’t really matter.


Latex is the common material that has traditionally been used for condoms because it works quite well. But it was later realized that some people were allergic to latex. Thanks to innovation and technology, the issue was addressed and condoms were produced using different materials.


Majority of the condoms are pre-lubricated but some are more appealing than the rest like the ones with aloe enriched lubricant, condoms that have warming lubricant, and the new Fire and Ice condoms. These condoms have lubricant on the inside of the condom as well as the outside, which is interesting.


If you are looking for some fun, then you can go for condoms that actually glow in the dark. Sounds funny right? There are vanilla condoms too, along with a bunch of other flavors, including cherry, strawberry, spearmint, banana and so on.


There are female condoms too. These condoms are worn internally by women and can be equally effective as male condoms if used properly.

Things You Should Be Wary Of Before Using A Condom

Considering the importance of condom, it becomes an understatement to tell you that you must be using them to avoid STDs. However, there are certain things that you should look into before using them.

These simple steps are necessary for your safety and can avoid problems in the long run:

Check the expiry date.

It is the first thing you should be checking when you get a condom and make sure its worthy of using.  A simple step can keep you going for a while, else you should be paying more visits to hospital than your bedroom.

Feel for the air bubble.

It is another way to make out whether the condom is fresh or not. Gently squeeze the package between your thumb and first finger, and if the air bubble is there then it indicates that the package is good to use.

Open the condom carefully.

Avoid using finger nails or scissors while opening a condom package. Since they come in foil packets it is easy to tear. Just tear them along the corner or edge.

Make sure the condom is right side out.

The condom is right side up if you can roll it down easily. You shouldn’t have to stick your fingers inside the condom to unroll it. If the condom has come into contact with the head of the penis, it may be contaminated with secretions. This is also why you should wash your hands before putting on a condom if you've been touching yourself or your partner intimately.

Make a little room.

The tip of a condom doesn’t have enough space to hold the amount of semen contained in an ejaculation. Hence, you need unroll it a bit before putting it on. If there is no space at the tip when you place it on, then there can be a breakage.

Unroll the condom all the way.

Make sure you roll it up all the way and by this you will avoid the risk of transmission of any STDs that are transferred from skin to skin. Also, it makes the condom less slippery.

Hold onto it while withdrawing.

Hold onto the condom before you withdraw. This should be done while the penis is still erect. It is necessary to do this as there are chances of condom sliding off.  In case it remains inside your partner, twist the end of the condom shut before removing it. That will help contain any secretions.

Throw it after usage.

After using the condom, it should then stay in a dust bin. Wrapping them in toilet before getting rid of them is advisable to prevent it from leaking.

Things You Should Not Be Doing While Using A Condom

Before using a condom, you should know some basic stuff and all it takes is a few moments. These guidelines will help you get rid of worries and let you enjoy the sex.

Never use a condom without checking its expiration date. Majority of them have a shelf life of five years, less if incorporated with spermicides. In case you don’t find the expiration date, then read the manufacturing date and count its years of existence.

Stop using condoms stored in your wallet or dashboard for long time. Heat, whether from your body or from the high temperatures degrades the latex structure, making it prone to breakage.

Do not put on condoms with spermicide nonoxynol-9 if you are not aware of your partners STI history. Recent studies have shown this substance to fail to decrease the users chances of containing HIV and other STDs.

Find the perfect size and avoid using condom that are too large or too small for you. Tight condoms cut off blood circulation, while the larger ones may slip slip off during sex.

Do not put on a condom without telling your partner, as some may be allergic to latex. If your partner is one of those, then switch to polyurethane ones.

Do not put on condom inside out. While it may seem obvious, it will take a second or two of concentration to make sure the fold of the condom is rolling on the outside.

Avoid using two condoms at a time. It will not only irritate your skin, but is also ineffective as the two latex surfaces will rub against each other and make the contraceptives prone to breakage.

Never put on condom without leaving at about half an inch of space, meant for semen storage. Also, do not put on condom halfway and make sure the condom is rolled all the way to the base of the penis.

Stop using condom that feels brittle, looks faded, or smells more than usual. A little quality control goes a long way in protecting you from unnecessary anxieties and sufferings.

A Look At Different Type Of Condoms Available For Users Today

Condoms are essential to keep people away from sexually transmitted diseases (STD) and unplanned pregnancies and we all know this. However, since people expect variety and options today in whatever they do, the condom manufacturers had to come up with something new to please their customers. As a result, there are different kinds of condom available to users.

Let’s take a look at some of the popular types of condom:


Majority of the condoms are lubricated. It is necessary because men won’t be able to use their own lubrication to make the passage easier. Heavily lubricated condoms are good for women who find it difficult to produce their own lubrication.


These condoms have tiny ridges or bumps worked into design. It is developed to give women more pleasure. Ribbed condoms are a matter of personal preference. While some just love them, a few feel it is very uncomfortable. A Ribbed condom is what you should be choosing if your partner likes it a bit rough.


As the name itself tells you, these condoms have flavours in them and they are mostly used during oral play. They are usually thinner and mainly acts to protect against oral STDs rather than vaginal sex. It is available in different flavours, with popular among them being the fruit, berry, and the chocolate ones. However, some might not prefer these condoms during vaginal sex as it produces an odd smell by the end.


Most of the condoms are made of latex. However, there are people who are allergic to latex and hence non-latex condoms came into existence. The non-latex condoms are made from polyurethane. They are very thin and doesn’t have any sort of strange smell attached to it.

Female condoms.

These are female oriented and they go into the vagina instead of over the penis. They are well lubricated and thin. It can be inserted well in advance before having sex, which means you don’t have to stop in between to put on a condom, which can be a mood-killer at times. Even these are usually made of polyurethane instead of latex.

It’s interesting to see different varieties of condom for people to use. Condoms are no longer used just to prevent STDs and unplanned pregnancies. Apart from performing the obvious functions, the latest condoms look to enhance the sexual experience of users and take things to a whole new level.

Important Usage Tips Of A Condom For Beginners

Condom has become an essential part of people’s life and does much more than just preventing unintended pregnancies and STDs. Condoms are now used to enhance sexual experiences of people, apart from safeguarding them.

However, it is still an uncomfortable topic to discuss to many, and hence they don’t get to know much about condoms and how they are used. But you need not worry as we are going to give you some important tips regarding how to use a condom.

It is necessary to know the correct way to use a condom because if you do not do it properly, then it could become ineffective. Condom should be put on an erected penis, and then the pouch of the condom should be placed over the glands.

Once you put it on, it must be slowly rolled over the length of the penis, as far as it can reach. After putting on a condom, it must not be moved much and should directly be used for penetrative sexual intercourse.

When there is an ejaculation, the pouch gets filled with the seminal discharge. Proper care should be taken while removing the condom too, to make sure the semen doesn’t fall on the vagina, which could lead to pregnancy.  The used condom should be disposed and never be used again, even after washing it.

Sometimes people complain about the failure of condoms. But the fact is in majority of such cases, it is not the condom that fails, the failure happens because of the way it is used. Few people do not roll the condom all the way to the base of the penis shaft, due to which there is a risk of the condom coming off in the vagina and spilling the contents in it.

Tips To Make Your Condom Experience Way More Fun

Of course, people do have condoms to have a lot of fun and there is nothing much to tell. However, there are some ways that can make using condoms way more fun. So, let’s not waste much time and jump into action right away.

Here’s how you can make the most of condom:

Use the right condom size.

It is not just about how big it is. You just have to get the right size and fit to get the maximum out of condom. The right fit lets you have fun without having to worry about the condom and hence you will get the maximum pleasure.

Experiment with different types of lubrication.

Never underestimate what a few drops of lube can do for your sexual well-being, especially while using condoms. Try applying lube both inside and outside the condom and see sensitive it can be for both of you. It also reduces the friction that can cause breakage of condom.

Make sure you are set before things get hot and heavy.

Always keep your sexy safety kit that includes condoms and lube along with other products at a dedicated place so that you don’t have to let the moment go away in search of these materials. Make sure it is not stored under extreme temperatures, moisture, sunlight and fluorescent light. In case you find it difficult to carry around the stuff, then you can opt condoms that are specially packaged that can fit in your wallet.

Be creative with your condoms.

With the right choice, condoms can actually elevate the whole experience. Be creative with condom and find interesting methods to put it on. You can also involve your partner that will make it crazy.

Laugh through the awkwardness.

Have a laugh when things get awkward and spicy. Just racing to get a condom can be a turn off, so keep the fun during such times and keep things moving.

Communicate and tell what you want.

Never shy away from letting your partner what you want and also know what your partner expects. Open communication will help you have a great time while you are intimate.

Here’s Why Buying Small Sized Condom Shouldn’t Really Matter

Apart from love and affection, sexual wellness is equally important to build a solid relationship. In order to have a healthy sexual encounters certain precautionary measures are necessary and major among them is using condoms.

Condoms are must to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and also unwanted pregnancies. Also, it is the best way to stay away from AIDS. However, the subject of condom is still considered taboo in many areas and people feel uncomfortable to get it from local drugstores or to even discuss them.

You could still see people sweating while grabbing one of those as they don’t want people to see them getting a condom. This is why some of the western countries have installed vending machine to protect the privacy of people. Having said that, these machines eliminates the valuable suggestion of small condoms that you get from store clerk.

The size of the condom totally depends on an individual and it has nothing to do with one’s performance during sexual encounters. The users of condoms must be aware of the size of condoms they should be buying and should know which size fits them the best.

According to a study, around 60% of men find the standard size condoms too big. This shows that there is certainly a lack of knowledge when it comes to the size of condoms. Naturally, men with small penis require small size, but majority of them feel embarrassed to buy the small ones. Such mentality should be eradicated. It’s high time to understand that it is important to get the correct size.

Those who are not sure about the sizes can always refer a guide to pick the right fit. Standard sizes available in Western countries include small, medium, large and extra large. So, if you need a small size, then just go for it and never be ashamed.

How Tight Should A Condom Actually Be During The Sexual Intercourse?

Of course, people know the uses of condom and use them to protect themselves and their partners from sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies. However, some people might be wondering how tight should a condom actually be?

There are many men who have this question in mind and don’t worry if you are one of them as we will now be clearing your doubt.

Condom should be rolled over an erect penis during sexual intercourse. Earlier, there were standard size condoms that ignored the various sizes of a man’s organ. As a result, a few men had to use condom that was too tight, while some had to deal with the big ones.

However, according to experts, a condom should fit snugly. It means it should fit in just right. If the condom is too tight or loose, it may result in breakage or can slip off. Luckily, the manufacturers have realized the importance and have started to produce condoms of different size.

All you have to do now is just pick the right condom for you from the available sizes. Make sure that it’s not too tight. Some men have complained that few condoms are difficult to put on, and was a painful experience. A condom should never cause any sort of pain and if you observe any sort of discomfort then you should get rid of it right away.

Another concern for men is that it makes them loose their erection. It is a fact that not many actually want to wear a condom as it can be a mood-killer. But experts believe that it as all in the brain. Men who grapple with how tight a condom should be, find it difficult to get into the mood when a condom is in question.

Therefore, just make sure you get the right size in order to enjoy the sex. Lubrication is another thing that makes the process a lot easier. Stop using Vaseline or petroleum products, these things are not supposed to be lubricants. There are chances of these products causing vaginal infection to women and will also destroy latex, from which most of the condoms are made. Go for water soluble lubricants like Glide and Aqua lube.

So, now you know that just getting a condom is not enough, but getting the right size and fit is the key for great sexual encounters. If you are not sure about the size then you can buy different sizes and find out what’s perfect for you.

Thin Condoms Have Become The Preferred Choice Of People, And Rightly So

People today expect variety and options in literally everything and the same applies to the condoms as well. As a result, the manufacturers have responded by providing with various flavors of condoms that allows people to experiment.

Initially, people just used a condom and there was no option to choose from. However, you get variety of condoms these days which are tailor-made to individuals. Among many changes, the introduction of thin condoms stands apart because of the success it has seen.

Thin condom is one of the latest development that has been appreciated by people. These condoms are really comfortable and lets people to carry on with their act without any interruptions. In fact, some condoms are so thin that it feels like it’s not even there. Now, that has to be really comfortable and pleasing.

Thin condoms give more natural feeling to the users, even to women, who do not have to experience weird sensations during intercourse. Since these thin condoms provide more naturality, there’s an increased stimulation during sex, which is great.

Companies have taken steps to reduce the thickness of condoms as much as possible in a bid to enhance the experience. While some might have doubt regarding its effectiveness, it should be noted that these condoms should get through a series of tests before being released into the market. Therefore, you need not worry about the functionality of thin condoms.

Only after meeting the set standards and making sure that they are leak-free, the companies send them out of their unit.

Normally, the condoms are made of natural rubber latex. But, when it comes to thin condoms, the natural rubber latex is combined with polyurethane latex (PUL). With this mixture, it is possible to make thin condoms that are less stiff. Even studies have showed that thin condoms made from this blend have a higher burst pressure compared to the pure natural rubber latex condoms.

The process of using the thin condom is necessary to that of the normal condom, but the different lies in the experience you will be getting. You will never have to worry about its existence and all you have to do is just enjoy the quality time with your partner.

If you have not tried the thin condom yet, do it right away. You will like the feel of it and even your partner will be a lot happier.

Latex Condoms And The Allergic Issues Associated With Them

Most of the condoms are made from latex, or at least it used to be. However, condoms from different materials started to appear as individuals complained about allergic reactions with the latex condoms. Not all can use the latex condoms and hence condoms of different types had to make its way.

According to a study, the latex allergies affect up to one person in every thirteen users. The allergic reaction can range from mild skin irritation to more severe issues like fever-like symptoms, conjunctivitis (pink eye), cramps, hives, and severe itching. The symptoms may progress to cause rapid heartbeat, tremors, chest pain, difficult breathing, low blood pressure, anaphylactic shock among others.

In case you observe any of the symptoms and have doubts regarding the latex allergy, then you have to consult a doctor right away and get it clarified.

Fortunately, for people who suffer from latex allergy, the condom manufacturers have found ways to produce non-latex condoms. These condoms are made from non-rubber substances which will be ideal for people who have the allergic reactions with latex.

There are plenty of options for people to choose from in order to stay safe. You don’t have to worry about the quality as they are tested and approved before they are brought into the market. Even the flavors and types are available from which the users can choose the best for them.

Some of the non-latex condoms are made from polyisoprene. These condoms require the water-based lubricants to avoid damage.

Apart from polyisoprene, strong, ultra-thin micro sheer polyurethane can also be used to produce non-latex condoms. These condoms too provide the high degree of comfort to users.

Nevertheless, the point that everybody should keep in mind is, to use a condom whenever necessary and never ignore it. Since you have the options and a condom available for every type of user, it is a must. Just a little bit of common sense can really be huge in protecting you and your partner from sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancies.

It is great to see manufacturers catering to all the different people and addressing the issues of users. However, unless people become more responsible, condoms will have no role to play in the larger scheme of things. So, always use and urge others to use the condoms to stay safe and contribute to STI-free society.

Non-Latex Condoms Are Slowly Catching Up With The Latex Ones

We all know that majority of the condoms are made from latex rubber. However, since a few are allergic to latex, other forms of condoms have started to enter the market. It was also necessary as people always expect change and variety.

The non-latex condoms have slowly started to get positive feedback from users and manufacturers are now confident to increase the number of non-latex condoms. Some of these are made from polyurethane, which is a type of plastic or the so-called synthetic thermoplastic elastometers, while a few are made from polyisoprene.


The condoms made from polyurethane are thinner than the latex ones. It gives heightened sensitivity and preferred by people who like to have the natural feeling of the act. However, it requires a bit more lubrication as the material isn’t very flexible. Luckily, any kind of lubricant works with polyurethane condoms, unlike the latex ones, which specifically needs water-based lubricants.

In some pre-marketing studies, it was found that the consumers preferred the polyurethane condoms over the latex in terms of appearance, lack of rubber smell, likelihood of slippage, comfort, sensitivity, natural look and feel.


LifeStyles introduced the polyisoprene in its Skyn condoms. This is the latex-free pure form of rubber but LifeStyles made a synthetic version. It can offer thinner condoms. LifeStyles’ Skyn condoms are the first polyisoprene condoms to be tested clinically. It is thinner and smoother when there is skin to skin contact. It is as strong as the latex condom, but provides more sensitivity because of its ultra-thin quality.

Since it is stretchy, it fits in well. It is also soft and comfortable to use, while giving both the partners a heightened sexual experience.

Natural skin.

The natural skin condoms are made from the cecum or intestines of lambs. Lambs are said to be the only domestic animals with ceca that has the right shape and size for a condom. These condoms are loose fitting but without the reservoir tips. It can be more sensitive during the sexual encounters between partners. Oil-based lubricants are preferred with these condoms because they are made of natural membranes.

Irrespective of these types, the one thing you should always make sure is, to use the condom first when it’s needed. With so many varieties coming up, your sexual experience will only get enhanced. it should be your responsibility and priority to use them without fail in order stay safe.

People Should Be Using More Female Condoms Than They Are Doing Now

Though, people use female condoms, it is comparatively less than the usage of male condoms. However, there are some advantages of female condoms that might make people reconsider and encourage them to use female condom every now and then.

Female condoms look different than the male condoms and come in the form of pouch. Female condoms provide more coverage than the male condoms.

Unlike, male condoms, female condoms can be worn before the intercourse. One of the issues in male condoms is that, it breaks the flow of the action. In order to use it, a man has to stop and roll it on his erect penis, which can be frustrating at times.

Always make sure that male and female condoms are not used together as it may lead to breakage. Female condoms are worn inside the vagina during intercourse to prevent pregnancy. The fact that female condom doesn’t need an erection makes it easier to use and is more cooperative. Make sure you don’t use the condom again after having sex.

They are a good option during anal sex and provides more coverage than the male ones. Check the expiry date and throw away the condoms that have holes in them. Do use lubricant to prevent condom from tearing. If used correctly, female condoms are 95% effective, which is slightly lower than the effectiveness of male condoms.

Female condoms can be used by almost all women. But it might not be suitable for those who are sensitive to the genital area and do not like any sort of contact there. Female condoms protect both the partners and are free from serious side effects. It is generally available without a prescription. One of the major advantages of female condoms is that it can be inserted up to eight hours before sex.

Even the allergic reactions are very rare in female condoms. Female condoms are usually made of polyurethane and synthetic latex, which is safe for people who are allergic to natural rubber latex. These condoms are not affected by dampness or changes in the temperatures. Additionally, some women find the female condom’s external ring stimulates the clitoris.

Female condoms are a bit expensive and are not easily available like the male condoms because not many prefer them. But if you are looking for something new and different, then you can just give it a try.

Shocking Condom Facts That Will Surprise You To The Core

Most of the adults know why condom is used and why it is so important for people. However, there are certain facts of condom that will surely surprise you and make you wonder about things. So, fasten your seat belts and get ready for a ride.

Here are some of the condom facts that you should know:

  1. According to an estimate, over 5 billion condoms are used every year around the world. In some places it is available for free to encourage people to use it. Looks like people are finally getting the real facts right.
  2. Did you know that during WWII, soldiers used condoms…., to cover their rifle barrels? The motive behind this was to prevent salt water from getting in.
  3. Women are slowly catching up with men, as 40% of all condoms sold are purchased by women.
  4. The Danish word for condom is SVANGERSKABSFOREBYGGENDEMIDDEL (now that’s a mouthful).
  5. And in Nigeria, OKPUAMU is the word for condom which translates to Penis Hat. A sensible one indeed.
  6. Reports show that during the 2014 Olympic games, a staggering 100,000 condoms were distributed to the athletes, which averaged to 35 condoms per athlete. The condoms were made of linen, leather, silk, and fish skin.
  7. The ancient Egyptians used dried crocodile dung as a contraceptive, as it contained spermicidal properties.
  8. The average condom can hold a gallon of liquid. That’s interesting right?
  9. The German military was the first large-scale institution to promote condom use among its members. Soon, the American armed forces followed suit and as a result, there was a considerable rate of reduction in STDs.
  10. Condoms don’t actually desensitize men. There are condoms available today that taste delicious and are actually made with the same kind of flavorings that go in to food.

Creative Uses Of Condom That You Probably Didn’t Know Before

We all know that condom is a product that helps people to stay away from deadly diseases and protects them from unwanted pregnancies. It is something that every individual should know about and use whenever necessary.

However, there are some amazing uses of condoms that will take you by surprise. You will never the see the condom the same way again after reading this.

A single piece of condom has the capacity to store up to 2 litres of water. This option has in fact been used where other options are lacking. Isn’t it amazing to know how useful a small condom can indeed be at desperate times!

Condoms can also be used as a waterproof solution for your watches. All you have to do is just wrap the watch in it. It is also equally effective in protecting your phone as nothing can get through the latex shield of condom.

Now, this might surprise a few, to know that condoms can actually act as emergency socks. It might be uncomfortable at first, but you will be fine in a few minutes. Especially in the flooded places, it can be quite handy.

Some people use condoms to make toys for children. By the way, how many of you have come across an idea of making a balloon using a condom? If you haven’t, then you will be glad to know that it’s pretty simple. All one needs to do is just pump air into it, you can also do it using your mouth.

Condoms are good enough to replace gloves in its absence. It can perform all the duties of a glove. Also, it can be used as a rubber band which can put into various uses. For instance, you can use a condom rubber band as a bag sealer to keep things inside the bag safe.

Did you know that you can make a waterproof bandage out of condom? Yes, that’s right. In case you are wearing a bandage and have to take bath, a condom may be useful to keep the bandage dry. A condom can be used as a swim cap as well. Just wear the condom gently on your head and ensure that all your hair fits inside.

Surely, not many would have seen condom in such creative ways. So, you have more reasons to store condoms now, right?

Condom And It’s Flirtation With Different Names

We all know the importance and the work of condoms. It is a significant invention that has helped mankind to stay away from sexually transmitted diseases and unplanned pregnancies. But, now let us keep all that serious stuff aside and talk about different stuff, in particular different names of condom.

So, let’s get started without wasting much time.

English nicknames.

One of the most known nicknames for condom is rubber. Of course, in some of the countries you might get an eraser in your hand when you ask for ‘rubber’. Well, that could be an awkward moment. There are other English nicknames like jimmy, hat, raincoat, or hazmut suit. The term “love glove” led to the famous safe sex slogan “No Glove, No Love.”

International nicknames.

Now let us Move on to the international stage, In Denmark, condoms are called gummimand, which means “rubberman”. In Germany, they are called lummeltute, or “naughty bags.” The Hungarians call them “safety tool”, while people in Hong Kong also highlight the protective value by calling it a “bulletproof vest.” In Portugal, they call condoms as “Venus shirts” or camisa de Venus. The Greeks call it Kapota or an overcoat and in Spain, it’s globo or a balloon.

National tensions.

You might be shocked to know that some nicknames can demonstrate international tensions. In Germany, a slang term for a condom is a “Pariser”, or a Parisian. In English, the condoms are sometimes called as French Letters. Such names can attract unwanted problems at times and create unrest among people.

Condom, France.

Sticking with France, there is an actual town called Condom. Though, it has nothing to do with the etymology of the word condom, it surely gets all the attention for obvious reasons. There is a folktale that the English got their word condom from this location.

The real origins of the word Condom.

There has always been a debate whenever the topic of origin of condom comes up. While, some claim it was named after Dr. Condom, or a Dr. Quondam, there are a few, who believe it is named after a Britsh army officer, Cundum. There are also stories of it being named after the Italian court adviser Gondi (A “gondon” or “Goldoni” is another word for condom in Italy).

Nevertheless, whatever the origin is, and call it by any name you want, the only thing you should make sure is to use a condom always and stay safe.

This Is Why Perception About Condom Needs To Be Changed

For some reason, people still hesitate to talk or discuss stuff about condoms. Despite being in the modern world, we can still find that condom is kind of an untouchable topic. Of course, there is a change, but that’s not enough. The fact that the condom is something that protects us from deadly diseases makes it look more ridiculous.

So, what might be the reason that people reserve their statements when it comes to condom? And how can we change the perception?

There might be many reasons, but one that stands out is that many still believe that it is very personal and talking about it might make impact their reputation. In fact, many of us are still not comfortable to get into a medical store and buy a condom.

However, such mentality needs to be changed and condom should be seen as something that’s helping us. The change should start from an individual. Don’t be shocked when you see a person discussing about condom, just see it as any other medicine people take.

In case you feel uncomfortable about condom, then be assured that there is absolutely nothing wrong in it. You are using it for the safety and that is what people with common sense do. Moreover, you are not alone in this as all the adults use it. Hence, there is nothing to be guilty about. It’s a common practice that has been blown out of proportion and it’s time to set it right.

Don’t be in a shell and restrict yourself. You can see condom ads all day long on TV, which shows that the world has moved on and it’s time for you to be cool about it. Once you do it, surely you will realize the importance of condoms and be more appreciative towards them.

Young people should be educated about condoms so that they take precautions and stay safe. People will be exposed to it only when the society is positive towards it and that is why it is necessary for everybody to be open and honest about condoms.

It’s important to change the negativity surrounding condom and contribute to towards making the society sexually safe and healthy. HIV is still one of the deadliest diseases, and it’s heart-breaking to see people suffering from it. Some people attract this for simply not using the condom. It might be because of ignorance or because of the hesitancy we talked about.

So, it’s high time to see things differently. A simple change in perception can really be massive in the larger scheme of things.