54 Types of Sexy Women Lingerie - Every Man should Know.

54 Types of Sexy Women Lingerie - Every Man should Know.

Lingerie in French means undergarments, a common meaning to denote both male and female undergarments.

As time rolled, the word came to be associated with female undergarments. In the Indian context, lingerie came to be associated with sexy, visually appealing inner wear or erotic under garment.

Currently, there are numerous types of lingerie available in India. While there are many imported models, there are quite a large number of Indian-made lingerie are also available.

The youthful and empowered Indian women have begun to use a range of sexy and sophisticated lingerie off late.

Let us see some of the popular lingerie types that are used by women world over.

We bet you will start using a sexy piece of lingerie after reading this blog.

And for your benift we have included Ultimate Guide to Sexy Lingerie in this post

1. Babydoll


Babydoll is typically a sleeveless and loose-fitting night wear for women. It is often paired with a panty of similar color or design for perfect match as babydolls cover from bosoms to thighs just below the pleasure hole.

Babydolls come with a lace and mesh that it can be adjusted to fit the size of the wearer and it is intended to present a woman sexy as the outfit is designed to cover what needs to be covered while revealing most part of the body. It comes with thin straps that allow the user to adjust the waist line to get the right fit.

Babydolls add to the natural power of seduction and are meant to enhance the sex appeal of the wearer.  Babydolls come in various sizes and shapes and usually have a cup to hold onto their bosoms and a loose fitting skirt.

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2. Basque

Basque is a long women's jacket, which is referred to as long lingerie. It is a tight fitting jacket that extends long below the waist line.

Basque lingerie was adopted from a French traditional dress. The lower part of the lingerie below the waist is usually decorative to give a strong feminine look and feel. It comes in rich satin finish in decorative colours and elegant designs.

Usually waist portion comes with an embroidery for elegance and style. It is somewhat similar to a bustier, but bustier is shorter compared to a basque.

3. Bikini

Bikini needs no explanation. It is a popular lingerie item that is made famous by models and cine actresses.

Bikini consists of a bra and a panty having similar design or matching pattern. Often bikinis are used as a swim wear or beach lingerie where women. Bikinis also come with bra and g-string or thong.

Bikini is widely used inner garments across the globe for its convenience and elegance. Bikini look is part of the fashion shows as it showcases the body shape of a woman. Bikinis come in various styles and finishes. This two-piece elegance can be worn to show off your flawless and tanned skin at the beach or pool or at a private bar.

4. Bloomers

It is a kind of a baggy underwear that extends below or just above the knee. Bloomers used to the favourite of women during the 20th century.

It used to be called as 'Cheerleader Briefs'. But bloomers are not widely used today.

5. Bodystocking

Body stockings are one-piece skin-tight garment that are worn by women to make themselves appear slimmer. It is worn over the torso or worn over the thighs and abdomen to show that portions appear slimmer.

As it uses the same sheer fabric that is used to make stockings or pantyhose, it received the name bodystocking. It is also made using fishnet, lace or opaque material or a combination of these materials. Bodystockings are worn by belly dancers and other exotic dancers as they reveal but don't reveal too much.

Bodystockings can enhance the sex appeal of a woman and can enhance the natural seduction power of a woman to a large extent. Bodystockings are worn with or without bra and panties.

6. Bodysuit

It is a close body fitting, one-piece stretch garment for women, worn for sporting activities. This undergarment is skin tight and covers the torso and crotch and is never used as a swim suit. Unlike swim suit, bodysuit comes with snaps, hooks or Velcro strap at the crotch for closing.

A bodysuit can be sleeveless or may have sleeves, varying shoulder strap and collar looks. It is made using number of fabrics including cotton, lace, nylon etc., In general bodysuits are made using expandable fiber such as spandex for a good fit to adjust to the shape of the wearer.

It is normally worn with trousers or a skirt. A bodysuit may also be worn by women as an underwear, active sportswear or as a foundation garment.

7. Bodice

Bodice is a type of undergarment that covers a woman's body from the neck to the waist. It comes as a low cut in the front portion and high in the back and often comes with laces or hooks to adjust to the required size.

Bodices were a popular undergarment used by women across Europe during the 16th and 18th century. It is an undergarment that is above the waist.

Bodice is now being used to refer to the upper part of a woman's dress.

8. Boy shorts

It is a style of panties that has direct resemblance to male shorts. This undergarment resembled very much the boxer shorts that are popular among men.

The female version of the boy shorts were designed to look more and more feminine and are shaped to look good in a female body. Boy shorts give coverage to the back and leg upto top of the thigh portion. Unlike a bikini, boy shorts cover the sides and leg.

Some of the boy shorts come with a button fly, large elastic waist band, leg openings etc., that are found in the traditional male underwear. It is often used as a sleep wear and for playing games in beach as bikinis may look too sexy. It offers a great style for sporty or athletic looks.


It is commonly referred to as a bra, is a close fitting garment that is worn around the breast to cover and lift a woman's breasts.

Brassieres are used by over 85% of the women across the world as a day-to-day undergarment. The term brassiere was used by Vogue magazine first in the year 1907 and soon the word made its way into the official Oxford English Dictionary.

Brassieres are known to have replaced corsets as the female undergarment soon after its introduction. Bras come in a variety of shapes and materials and women today can get an endless variety of bras in different finishes and styles.

10. Bustier

As the name indicates, it is a tight fitting garment that is used to push up the bust and to give a chic shape to the waist. A corsets and bustier will look similar and the only difference is that a corset will cinch while the bustier will boost.

Bustier is a more modern type of inner wear that will give a good shape to otherwise sagging breasts and will give an uplifted look to the breast area. Bustier generally pushes up the bust by tightening against the belly portion forcing the breasts a little up. Nowadays, women wear it as sort of a push-up bra under a dress with low-back.

Good thing about a bustier is that it is a bra with an inbuilt torso, so it can hold breasts securely in place without a strap. It can hold even the large breasts in shape. 

Often the bustier has cup-shapes built into the top part of the garment to facilitate the definition of the bust.

11. Camisole

Camisole is a sleeveless and loose-fitting undergarment worn for the upper body. It comes with light materials and has thin spaghetti straps to hold onto the shoulders. It used for everything from lounge wear to business wear. It is usually a short sleeveless shirt worn as underclothing by women and camisole covers the bust to waist and is used as a covering when a see through dress is worn.

Camisoles provide minimal bust support due to which modern camisole models come with built-in bras to hold the bust firmly. Camisoles are made using silk and polyester fabrics with thin spaghetti straps. Nowadays camisoles are also made using cotton knit, and a combination of lycra and cotton for convenience.

12. Camiknickers

When you join a camisole and knickers into a one garment you get a Camiknickers. Nowadays camiknickers are called asTeddy. It is a single garment that covers the torso and crotch. It is similar to a one-piece swimsuit or bodysuit.

But Camiknickers are typically looser and sheerer in nature.

13. Cheeky

It is a sexy undergarment that exposes the bottom part of the buttocks. It is considered a boldly rude and disrespectful inner wear that is usually chosen to make it a playful or appealing way.

Cheeky is not chosen by women for daily wear, rather it is used in shows and events or in places that people are open to reveal their undergarments.

14. Chemise

It is a single piece garment that is a straight hanging sleeveless outfit and it is fitted loosely around the waistline. Historically it is a simple undergarment worn below the dress.

This dress doesn’t allow women to show their curves and it is not a sexy outfit. It covers from top of the shoulder down to thighs just above the knees. It is most a sleeveless undergarment that is made of cotton or other comfortable fabric.

Chemise is more of a sleep wear as it is comfortable for a good night slip as it is a loose fitting outfit. Now chemise is made using a mesh or sexy fishnet with body-hugging and erotic design.

15. Corset

Corset used to be the most preferred undergarment of wealthier women in the western world from 16th century to 19th century. Corset was preferred as it shrunk the waistline and made women look chic with a narrow waistline.

Though it may seem old-fashioned, still many women in western countries love to wear a corset as they would like to see themselves in a smaller waist and the sleek silhouette of their image.

Nowadays many modern versions of the corsets are designed with a mesh design to look modern and stylish.

16. Corselet

Corselet is a light weight female foundation garment that is a combination of bra and girdle. The modern version of the Corselet is also called as 'Shaping Slip' as it extends from shoulders through a strap down to the torso to stop around the top of the thighs.

It may come with a lace in front or in back. Corselet began to be used as an innerwear as it replaced the usage of two separate pieces (a bra and a girdle).

When introduced, Corselet had bust uplift cups but later discontinued. Remember, a short corselet without garters and shoulder straps and which ends above the waist is a bustier.

17. Drawers

It is a pant-like undergarment worn during the 19th century. Drawers are short in length that cover the genitals and buttocks.

18. French Maid

It is a form of a ladies fantasy wear and it is one of the many popular Bed room costumes used as lingerie. It is a stylish modification of servant's dress. This sexy outfit is used in cosplay, sexual role play and uniformed fetishism. Though it is called as French Maid worldwide, French people label it as 'Soubrette'.

During the 19th century, housemaids who served in wealthy families had to wear simple uniforms. During that period there were many theatrical productions, particularly inParis, where maid characters were often portrayed in plays.

And maid were shown having illicit relationship with wealthy men. As a consequence, the costume began to be linked to sexuality and foreplay.

More than a fantasy, French Maid became a symbol of fantasy wear. Even if the costume is used as recreational, it still bears the old-fashioned idea of sexual dominance.

As a consequence, the costume was linked to sexuality and foreplay. It became a fantasy, even a symbol. Despite variations in design and style, a typical French Maid still has several common traits:

  • A black with white trim one-piece costume with a full skirt above knee length.
  • A white half-apron and head piece with lace or ruffle
  • Long stockings or tights (white or black)
  • High heels
  • Feather-duster and white lace garter

19. G-string or Thong

G-string or thong, is a sexy panty that uses very minimal clothes to cover the reproductive organs. It has a narrow piece of cloth that runs between the buttocks and is attached to a band around the hips.

It is worn as a bikini bottom or as underwear by both men and women. It is intended to comply with minimal obscenity law that requires covering the genital region.

A thong is more popular in many countries as a swimsuit. It is worn by women to make sure there are no visible panty lines when a transparent outfit is worn. It is also worn to increase one's sex appeal.

Generally thong is worn only by women, while G-string is worn by both men and women.

20. Garter

It is a suspender belt that is used to keep stockings up. Garters are narrow fabric bands that are fastened to the leg just below the knee.

There is a western wedding tradition which requires bride to wear a garter below her wedding dress, which would be removed towards the end of the reception by the groom, often interpreted as symbolic of deflowering.

21. Girdle

Until 19th century, a Girdle was used to define an undergarment made using elastic fabric. It is a form-fitting foundation garment that covered the waist to the upper thigh.

Modern version of the girdle is similar to a body fitting athletic pair of shorts.

22. Granny Panties

True to the name, these panties are high-waist and cover the buttocks considerably. Granny Panties are often referred to as unsexy, unflattering, and outdated. It is a comfortable inner wear without any style quotient.

23. Hosiery

Hosiery is essentially a tight-fitting leg wear worn directly over the feet and legs. It is an elastic and stretchable garment made using knitting methods.

It comes as a knit or woven covering for the feet and legs. This is worn inside women's stockings and tights. We have historical references to indicate that Romans and even Egyptians used hosiery.

24. Jersey Nighshirt

It is a long, loose T-shirt made of cotton, polyester, nylon or chiffon. This is a soft women's night shirt that is worn as a sleepwear. After a long day at work, night shirt can provide the much needed relaxation as it is loose-fitting and made using soft material that can make it absolutely comfortable to wear and have a good sleep.

It is usually long sleeved night shirt made using soft viscose jersey with a collar and buttons down the front. It covers lower end of the thighs and stays little over the knees.

25. Kimono

The Kimono is a traditional Japanese garment which is a full-length robe. It is worn during important festivals or during formal occasions. This T-shaped garment has straight lined robes.

It is usually wrapped around the body, always with the left side over the right side. This garment is also worn as bathrobe in places such as hot springs.

26. Negligee

Negligee is a nightgown intended for wear at night and in the bedroom. Negligee has a French origin and it is a see-through long gown that is used as a sleep wear. It is made of very thin soft fabric and is a loose fitting garment.

27. Nightgown

This is a popularly known and widely used sleep wear by women across the globe. It is a loosely hanging night wear that may either be hip length or full length. A night gown is made using cotton, silk, satin or nylon and may either have a plain design or decorated with lace or embroidery work in the bust portion.

It may have neckline or may also come in sleeveless or with a shoulder strap. Depending on the style, a short night gown may also be called a babydoll. It is a comfy dress worn by women for sleeping.

28. Night Shirt

It is a sleep wear. A Night shirt is longer than regular shirts and reach down to thighs or just above the knees leaving some portion of the legs remains uncovered. It is a loose-fitting garment that is made to be comfortable for women while sleeping.

29. Panties or Knickers

A Panty is popular underwear used by women to cover their genitals. In fact panties have become a generic term for underwear covering genitals and buttocks. Panties come in various shapes, styles, fabrics and colours offering different level of comfort and coverage. Panties are usually tight-fitting lingerie, but loose ones are also available.

Panties usually have an elastic waist portion, a tapering crotch panel lined with soft cotton or other absorbent materials for covering the genitals comfortably and a pair of stretchable portions (made of elastic) for wearing it through the legs. Some panties have small leg portions covering upto the upper thigh from hips.

The sizes of the panties are coming down over time. We now have strapless panties, stick-on panties, disposable panties, panties for pregnant women and special panties to accommodate sanitary napkins. Thongs are an evolution of short panties. Thongs are used by women when they don't want to show visible panty lines when worn under tight jeans, leggings or transparent pants.

30. Peignoir

A Peignoir is a fancy, light weight, loose fitting and old fashioned night gown that comes with robes to adjust to the body size. It originally was made as a dressing gown where wealthy women used it while brushing hair or doing make up. It was also used as a bathrobe.

In olden days, Peignoir was sold with long gloves and stockings with gloves and stockings made of the same materials as peignoirs. Modern day peignoirs are sold with matching panties.

31. Petticoat

Petticoat is an underskirt and was widely used by women throughout the 16th to 20th centuries. It is an undergarment that is worn under a skirt or a dress to add fullness to skirts or dresses. In modern day contexts, petticoat is a soft undergarment worn for warmth and to give a fashionable look to a skirt or a shirt. In general, it refers to a light and loose undergarment that hangs from the shoulders or waist.

In India, a petticoat refers to a long skirt worn beneath a saree so that one can drape and tuck the saree in it. In India, a petticoat is also referred to as 'In Skirt'. Petticoats are made using cotton or silk.

32. Pettipants

Pettipants are a type of women's lingerie that is similar to long shorts made from cotton and lace. It usually comes with ruffles on each leg and is available in different lengths from thigh upto knees.

Petipants are worn under skirts, dresses and culottes for modesty and comfort. Currently pettypants are won most by dancers and actors in historical movies.

33. Robe

A Robe is a garment that is worn to cover the body. It is worn as an outer garment or as lingerie. It is a loose fitting garment that may be floor length or knee length. Robe comes in various sizes and shapes. A bathrobe is a loose piece of garment that is worn before or after a bath.

34. Romper

A romper is a loose fitting, one-piece garment combining a shirt (or blouse) and shorts, usually a bloomer-like pants. It is worn by girls and women for sports and leisure activities.  Rompers were used by women as leisure and beach wear. Their popularity peaked from 1950s to 70s.

35. Teddy

A Teddy combines the sexy look of a camisole and panty into one irresistible piece. It is a single piece garment similar to a one-piece swimsuit or body suit. But teddy is a loose fitting one. This can make woman instantly sexier and are sure to excite her man. It is comfortable fitting sexy lingerie that is neither too loose nor too tight.

The lacy overlay allows women to adjust to their body shape and get the right fit. As an undergarment it combines the functions of a camisole and panties. Many women use a teddy to avoid a visible panty line while wearing a transparent or tight fitting dress.

Teddies fall into the category of sexy lingerie or seductive clothing. Modern teddies are designed to enhance the sex appeal of the wearer and few women use it for looking sexy while few others use it as comfortable and practical lingerie.

36. Slips

A slip is an undergarment that is worn under a dress or skirt to prevent visible panty line from showing up or to prevent one's legs showing through thin fabric. Slips come in both full and half styles and are made of a smooth, slippery fabric like satin.

A full slip hangs from the shoulders by means of narrow straps while a half slips hangs from the waist. Slips serve various purposes. They help a dress or skirt hang properly and protect skin from getting bruised against coarse fabrics such as wool.

Slips protect the skin from perspiration of the outer garment is made of fine fabric that doesn't allow the skin to breathe. A slip may be used for warmth in cold environments, in warm and/or humid environments; slips made using cotton can be used to make skin comfortable. Slips are worn to prevent show through of panties or bra.

37. Spanky-Pants

Spanky-Pants or Spankies is a type of shapewear that is commonly worn by cheerleaders. Spanks help in creating an illusion of a slimmer body shape. Spankies are often worn as shorts or tanks over the top of tight panties. Spankies are color coordinated and designed to be seen under their skirts as a matching outfit to their uniform.

38. Stockings

Stockings are similar to hosiery. Stockings are close-fitting elastic garments covering the leg from the foot up to the knee and the entire thigh. Stockings come in various colours, design and transparency.

Today, stockings are primarily worn for fashion and aesthetics. Stockings are made famous by movie actresses. Stockings are categorized under sexy undergarments and are meant to show shapely legs of the wearer in the sexiest way possible.

39. Stringbody

It is a full body garment having a tail consisting of a narrow piece that covers the buttocks. Stringbody has been developed from the older version of bodysuits.

40. Tanga

Tanga is a stylish type of panty that gives full coverage to back and front areas, but comes with string-like sides that are thicker than those found on a normal bikini. It can also be described as a pair of briefs with small panels connected by strings on the side portion.

Tanga briefs are available for both men and women. Tanga has originated from Brazil and is used world over for its comfort and unique style.

41. Tap Pants

It is a form of lingerie designed for women that are similar to French Knickers in look and feel. It is a short made using silk or satin materials with a lace. As the name suggests, Tap Pants cover pelvic area and upper part of the thighs.

Though it is essentially underwear, it can also be worn as an outer garment as it allows for lot of freedom of movement. It can also be used as a leisurewear with nothing underneath ideally in a resort or beach house. Tap pants are made using silk, satin, polyester, rayon and cotton voile.

42. Torsolette

A Torsolette is similar to a Bustier. Torsolette comes with side boning to allow for better shaping and waist cinching. Torsolette is ideal for figure control and look sexy as it curves the hips and flattens the stomach.

It comes with adjustable and removable suspender straps. It is intended to give the body a perfect shape when a formal dress or gown is worn.

43. Trunks

Trunks are briefs that are body fitting or loose fitting, worn for sports such as boxing, swimming and track events. It is worn by gymnasts under their leotards. When worn as a swimsuit, trunks are referred to as swimming trunks or bathing trunks.

44. Unitard

Unitard is a skin-tight single piece garment that comes with long legs and sometimes with long sleeves. Though it is typically not worn as lingerie, but it is worn by acrobats, dancers, equestrian vaulters, gymnasts, athletes, circus performance, wrestlers and others.

Though it is not a lingerie by default, it can be added among lingerie based on its utility.

45. Merry Widow

Merry Widow was introduced in 1953 named after the film ‘Merry Widow’. Merry widow is usually a strapless one with a buster and narrowed-down portion to hold onto your hips tightly. It usually comes with garter belt.

This is a body-hugging and elegantly structured lingerie that will help women get highly seductress look as this dress will help women showcase their shapely body in the most elegant way possible. It comes with a built-in suspender straps flowing down from the hemline. When it is paired with stocking and heels, it will give you a classic look adding tremendous value to your natural power of seduction.

For all those who are not familiar about Merry Widow, it is a type of lingerie that is similar to a basque. It is commonly used by women in UK and United States. It is designed similar to a basque in UK, while it is stitched similar to a corset in USA.

46. Catsuit

When you want to wear something very sleek, something that is a full-bodies and tight-fitting suit and move around like a cat, then Catsuit is suitable for you. Though it is a lingerie type, it is not meant for using it in bedroom for a good night sleep. This can be used as a role play or for any intense physical activity.

Being body-hugging outfit, Cat suit can help you showcase your shapely body in the most elegant way possible without having to expose your skin. This single piece garment gives a perfect cover to your torso, legs and even arms. These are usually made from stretchable material to facilitate seamless movement of your arms and legs.  

47. Mini Dress

As the name indicates, it is an outfit that is shorter than normal hemline. This can be worn for a night club or in your bedroom. Mini dress will give you a comfortable fit and allow you to use it at your convenience. Many dress comes in variety of sizes and shapes allowing you to choose the one that best suits your body including sleeved and sleeve-less ones.

48. Flyaway

When you want to wear a more flirtatious and less restrictive lingerie, then flyaway can be the best choice. As the name indicates flyaway is a flowy, beautiful and comfortable lingerie that will allow you to roll around the bed (alone or with your partner, lol) without any hassle.

In common terms, a flyaway is a babydoll with little bit more exposing with a split front or back or both. Unlike the babydoll, flyaway allows you to show off your navel button and your flat stomach making you look sexy and irresistibly beautiful. Flyaway lingerie usually comes with a G-string panty as a pairing to make you look hot and horny. This can be ideally worn during your honeymoon or romantic date to add great value to your natural powers of seduction.

49. Body

According to users, this is similar to a teddy but a tight-fitting one. Though this may kind of look like a swimsuit, but it is certainly not intended to use as a swimsuit.  This should not be used as a swimsuit. This is ideal for those women who want to showcase their shapely and curvier body by wearing something that is body-fitting. When you are gifted with a slim and shapely body, then this lingerie can make you look like a sexy angel for sure.

This single-piece and skin-tight outfit covers the torso, crotch, legs, hands and feet. This can be paired with any bottoms of your choice as this body-fitting outfit will provide a nice support allowing you to get a prim and proper and tucked-in look. This will give you a sporty look.

50. Cut-out Body

When you want to show off your skin in the most sexy and elegant way, then Cut-out body will be the ideal choice. Cut-out body is a slinkier, skimpier version of the body lingerie. This has proven to be a smart alternative to your bra and panty set.

If you have a shapely and athletic features, then this outfit will help you create jaw-dropping look as your curves will be elegantly exposed and make you look gorgeous. This comes with a  special cut-out waist and bosom portion. Your partner is sure to go awe and look at you in total disbelief as you would look hot and sexy.

51. G-String

This is a stylish, thin and back revealing panty that is intended to make you look sexy. This is worn for two reasons. One is to get that sexy look and the second reason for comfort.

Many women choose a G-string over regular panty as it is very comfortable to wear. This is particularly worn under tight fitting garment and heavy clothing like jeans. When you require to wear this under your garment for long hours, then g-string can be your right choice as it would be really comfortable. How would you feel wearing a thick and tight fitting underwear for long hours? It is going to be uncomfortable, irritable and itchy after sometime.

G-string has a tiny strip of clothing that passes between the buttocks, giving you almost a bare feeling. This make your buttocks even more revealing allowing your partner to gaze at your shapely bums in awe.

52. Garter Belt

It is an underwear that is worn around a woman’s waist. This comes with a small pieces of material that hang down, kind of a suspender belt, that can be used to hold up a stocking and keep it in position. A garter belt is usually worn to hold the stockings on to the woman’s lets. Garter belts can be worn either on your left or right leg based on the personal preference. It can also be wear on both the legs.

A garter belt, sometimes called a suspender belt, is a strip of fabric that fastens around the waist with straps that attach to suspender stockings to hold them up. They usually have 4 straps but some retro-styled belts have more straps.

53. Tights

This is similar to the garment designed for athletic use, usually worn by athelets, acrobats, dancers, gymnasts. This is a stretchable garment covering the body from waist down. This is a body-fitting garment that will make you look extremely sexy. This is also worn as an everyday outfit, rather than a lingerie set. 

54. Hold Ups

Thigh-high stockings and hold-ups are designed with elasticated bands or silicone grips, allowing them to remain securely in position without the aid of a suspender belt.

In contrast to tights, their upper portions are often accentuated with embellishments like lace, ribbons, or PVC.

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